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On Earth.

Hong Dali felt more and more uneasy. To be honest, no matter how he racked his brains, he could not figure out what went wrong.

This mistake was very important. It had a big impact.

"What exactly went wrong?" Hong Dali thought for two hours but could not figure out what went wrong. "Xinxin," Hong Dali asked Tang Muxin using the communication device softly. "I think something is wrong. But I cannot figure out what it is. Help me think and a.n.a.lyze it."

"En, I felt it too," Tang Muxin said. "Things are a little different from what we antic.i.p.ated."

"But what is different?" Hong Dali said in a low voice. "Xinxin, it is possible for our little Bai Hechou and Sister Xiao Yi to be inducements. But there are only two of them, and the volume of Zergs that appeared is sufficient for five Zerg Kings. This is clearly not right—how does the math add up?"

"I realized too." Tang Muxin sounded worried. "I think we inferred wrongly!"

"En, help me a.n.a.lyze this. Let's start all over." Hong Dali frowned. "We initially thought the Zergs came for little Bai Hechou. They landed on Earth and the Zerg Knights followed behind them, right? Then came the negotiation talks. They did not look anxious at all…"

"Yes, logically, it is impossible that they're not anxious about the inducement of the King Zergs. They said their leader is coming, but when?" Tang Muxin said softly, "Flying here slowly, how long will it take? I think we missed out on something very important."

"Something important, something important…" Hong Dali mumbled to himself and suddenly asked, "Xinxin, what if little Bai Hechou and Sister Xiao Yi are not the inducements of the King Zergs?"

"They are not?" Tang Muxin thought carefully and suddenly exclaimed, "That means, the inducement of King Zergs is still on Earth. But they needed to get Sister Xiao Yi and little Bai Hechou first. The real inducement is somewhere else on Earth! Where can it be? What is it?"

If this mystery was not solved, the truth would be far beyond what anyone had imagined.

Hong Dali had cold sweat all over his head. He was someone that had seen a lot of the world. He soon put his attention on Zerg Knight Carter.

"Mr. Carter," Hong Dali said. "to be honest, it seems your strategy is better this time. I shall not beat around the bush. Tell me honestly, the inducement of King Zerg is not my little Bai Hechou, right?"

Hearing that, everyone was shocked. The inducement of King Zerg was not little Bai Hechou? Didn't that mean everything they did before was in vain?

"You're very smart, Mister." Carter's voice was as cold as ice. "Everything was planned perfectly by our leader. I didn't think you would find out so soon. En, the inducement of King Zergs is not the child you mentioned, little Bai Hechou. Neither is it the lady who could fuse our genes. Of course, I need to confirm this…"

He closed his eyes and soon stood up. This time, he looked relieved—

"Alright, I have confirmed." Carter smiled and stabbed the Zerg Knight exclusive bone armor giant sword into the sand. "Our leader should arrive in another hour. I'm sure there will be a surprise for you. An expected surprise. The mystery will then be unraveled."

"One hour?" Hong Dali looked at Carter. "Alright, we will trust you once more. If your answer is not satisfactory, I will turn this into dust so it is not recoverable!"

"En, no problem." Carter nodded. "Our leader's reputation is not bad."

Everyone waited for another twenty minutes. Suddenly, there was a commotion in the sky. Countless combat s.p.a.cecraft and mechas barged through the atmosphere and crashed toward the ground.

"This…" Hong Dali looked up and his expression changed! He looked at Carter and yelled, "You cut off our communication with the universe!" So many s.p.a.cecraft had entered Earth's atmosphere but he did not realize. Clearly, a big problem existed!

"En, this is part of our leader's plan." Carter did not deny but nodded his head and smiled. "Don't worry. Our leader is very sincere. You will understand when she comes. En, there aren't many deaths on your side. If she had the intention to be ruthless, do you think they would appear before your eyes?"

That was true. If the Zergs meant to kill, it would not be enough even if they died ten times.

"Zerg King has appeared?" Hong Dali asked in a deep voice.

"You are really good, you can infer it so quickly." Carter nodded. "It has appeared, indeed. But at the moment, Earth is not their target. It will take a while for them to arrive."

"Okay!" At this stage, Hong Dali no longer had any burdens. "I want to see what you're up to!" He gritted his teeth. "Everyone, wait here. At most, we'll die together!"

Everyone agreed in unison. "Yes!"

At the same time, Heavenly State, East Ocean.

The target of the four King Zergs was the Second Fish carrier in Heavenly State East Ocean!

What was here that they needed?!

Four young Zerg Kings stopped in the airs.p.a.ce around the Second Fish. About one hundred Zerg Knights followed beside them. These Zerg Knights flew toward the aircraft carrier base and spent nearly five minutes turning the place inside out. Later, they retrieved a special object.

It looked like an ordinary jade, nothing special. If Hong Dali was here, he would definitely be shocked.

Who would have guessed, the inducement of King Zergs were these pieces of jade that increased Health!


Seeing the jade that represented Health, four young King Zergs let out a terrifying roar. Then, they started to kill each other!

Young King Zergs, each 30,000-meters tall, started to kill each other over the airs.p.a.ce in Heavenly State. Green blood stained the sea and the base. When their blood touched the base, the metal structures started to corrode with a sizzling sound. The sea began to boil and countless sea creatures died!

Heavenly State and the Sahara Desert were on opposite sides of the Earth. The racket on Heavenly State could not be heard in the Sahara Desert at all.

After all, it was simply too far away…

Time pa.s.sed slowly. This time, after nearly an hour, a black silhouette descended from the sky.

It was a giant Zerg fifty-thousand meters in length. It had a s.h.i.+ny golden bone armor on its body. On its head was three giant horns that looked like it could pierce through the sky. On the horns were complicated black patterns! It had six silvery-white wings which measured forty thousand meters when spread out. Each flap caused crazy winds!

It had six legs, each over a thousand meters thick. Giant joints, giant barbs. Just by looking at it, one could sense its alarming strength!

It flew directly towards Hong Dali and slowly descended in front of him.


A dense sound could be heard when it stepped on the ground. The earth trembled and the mountains swayed! The entire desert shook.

"This… this is… Zerg King?!" Hong Dali and the other stared with their eyes wide open.

A Stellar-Level s.p.a.ce Carrier measured over one thousand meters in length and looked humongous. Interstellar fortress looked normal. But these were inanimate objects. The thing before their eyes was alive!

Before it spoke, they heard a clear and cold female's voice.

"Wrong. It is more advanced than King Zerg. This is our strongest living being, Golden Emperor Beetle! Only one will be left out of Four Zerg Kings, and it will become a Golden Emperor Beetle, which is this guy here."

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