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Chapter 1305: About The Second Child (3)

Ruan Zeyan felt really upset, but upon facing his mother-in-law’s reprimands, he couldn’t defend himself.

At that moment, little rice dumpling was still lying on Lina’s shoulder while sticking his tongue out at Ruan Zeyan. His eyes looked smug, as if he had a backer and was no longer afraid of his father.

Raising his eyebrows to look at Ling Tianya beside him, Ruan Zeyan suddenly became distressed.

Ling Tianya pursed her lips and smiled. She tiptoed and kissed the man’s cheek lightly. “I can’t help it. He’s your your son!”

With that said, Ling Tianya hopped towards Lina. Little Rice dumpling was in Lina’s arms, reaching out his hand towards Ling Tianya. “Mommy, come ~ ”

“Mommy Is Coming ~ ”

Little rice dumpling looked at Ling Tianya with a grin, then reaching out his little hand again, he started seeking out w.a.n.g Yazhi again. “Grandmother, come… ”

w.a.n.g Yazhi was totally smitten with little rice dumpling’s cute face. She had wanted to comfort her son, but now she was immediately fanned by her grandson. She walked over happily. “My sweet baby, grandmother is here.”

After little rice dumpling summoned his mother and grandmother, he pouted at his father, Ruan Zeyan, and then ignored him. He turned around and started acting cute in Lina’s arms.

None of them paying attention to Ruan Zeyan, the three women walked around little rice dumpling in front.

Ruan Zeyan walked behind them with a sulky eexpression on his face. Each of them keeping quiet out of fear, Du Gang, Big One and Small One followed behind Ruan Zeyan.

Was their boss being ignored by his own son?

Their boss’s facial expression was very ugly, but why did they want to laugh so much…

With Lina here, little rice dumpling finally had someone to rely on. When he got home, he started to do whatever he wanted to do.

Running back and forth in the manor, Lina didn’t find it tiring to follow behind him.

Usually, the elders in the family doted on little rice dumpling and let little rice dumpling have his way. The only person who could be mean to him was his father, Ruan Zeyan. Usually, when Ruan Zeyan was teaching little rice dumpling a lesson, the other elders in the family chose to turn a blind eye. After all, they still had to establish the authority of Ruan Zeyan as a father.

Now that Lina was here, little rice dumpling was no longer afraid of anything, because his nice grandmother was here.

In the evening, Ling Tianya was writing her new book in her study room. The book had been prepared not long after she returned to China. For this, she and Zhang Ke went to A City specifically to look for material, but in the end, they encountered an attempt on Ruan Zeyan’s life.

Ling Tianya had put in a lot of effort for this book, but every time she tried to focus on writing, there would always be all kinds of things happening, which led to the book never being completed.

So this time, Ling Tianya decided to complete the book no matter what.

Ling Tianya was focused on typing in the study room, but not long after, a slim figure walked in.

Ruan Zeyan looked at Ling Tianya who was focused on the computer in front of her. At that moment, the little woman was wearing a simple halter dress. Since she had already showered and she was going to sleep in a while, Ling Tianya didn’t wear a bra.

Even without a bra on, Ling Tianya’s chest was in the perfect shape of a water droplet. With the low-cut collar of the halter dress, it made Ruan Zeyan’s heart skip a beat.

As soon as the man walked in and blocked the light, Ling Tianya knew that he was there. “Why aren’t you sleeping? Didn’t I say not to wait for me? I’ll go to sleep after I finish this paragraph. You still have to work tomorrow, so go to sleep early.”

Ruan Zeyan turned a deaf ear to Ling Tianya’s words. Instead, he walked forward and sat on the sofa in the study nonchalantly.

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Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive Chapter 1305 - About The Second Child (3) summary

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