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Chapter 1006 Heavenly Sun Stage

Sitting on a mountain peak, Zhou Yuan carefully felt the dazzling Heavenly Sun floating in his Divine Dwelling. A look of shock suddenly crossed his face.

“There’s that many!?”

Zhou Yuan could feel 720 million Genesis Qi stars contained in the gla.s.s Heavenly Sun marked with ancient runes!

Seven hundred and twenty million!

In the face of such a tremendous amount, even Zhou Yuan, who was psychologically prepared, froze for a good while. His Heavenly Sun had 320 million more Genesis Qi stars than a normal gla.s.s Heavenly Sun!

What is this? The number of Genesis Qi stars is double than that of a normal gla.s.s Heavenly Sun!

Zhou Yuan's heart trembled. He originally thought that his Genesis Qi foundation would reach 500 million, which he would already be very satisfied with, but it never crossed his mind that the ancient runes brought by the mysterious substance could improve his gla.s.s Heavenly Sun to this extent!

It could crush all the other gla.s.s Heavenly Suns!

“The Heavenly Sun stage is indeed terrifying,” Zhou Yuan marveled.

It was only after truly stepping into the Heavenly Sun stage that he realized the huge gap between the Divine Dwelling stage and the Heavenly Sun stage. It should be said that every 10 million increase in Genesis Qi stars was incredibly difficult at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage, but that little increase wasn’t even worth mentioning in the Heavenly Sun stage.

In the Heavenly Sun stage, Genesis Qi foundation was measured by the hundred million.

It was no wonder that even the most ordinary Heavenly Sun stage experts could easily beat a top Divine Dwelling expert. Even without bringing out any Genesis arts, Heavenly Sun experts could crush Divine Dwelling experts by relying purely on their Genesis Qi foundation.

Zhou Yuan closed his eyes, feeling the powerful Genesis Qi roaming endlessly like a giant dragon within his body. The power it brought caused his body to quiver constantly. It was a power that a Divine Dwelling expert could never reach.

The current him could easily crush his pre-breakthrough self with just a fist.

Zhou Yuan stamped his foot on the mountain peak, and platinum Genesis Qi surged out from his feet and bombarded the giant mountain.


The dragon-like platinum Genesis Qi rushed into the mountain, and seconds later, the towering mountain collapsed. Countless beams of platinum light shot out, and the tremendous mountain peak broke apart in just a few breaths. Moreover, the powerful yang qi wrapping the platinum Genesis Qi turned countless stone fragments into nothing instantly. It was the pure yang qi that could turn ordinary Genesis Qi even more domineering.

Having crushed a mountain with the stamp of his foot, Zhou Yuan stood in the void and couldn’t help roaring skywards. This kind of power made him incomparably happy.

“I have finally stepped into the Heavenly Sun stage!’

An uncontrollable smile lit Zhou Yuan's face. Now that he possessed the strength of the Heavenly Sun stage, he could be considered an elder-level expert in the Cangxuan Sect. Moreover, he believed that when he returned to the Cangxuan Sect, he would indeed be one of the strongest experts there.

“That old dog Sheng Yuan!”

Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed coldly. He would never forget the culprit who forced him out of Cangxuan Heaven and caused Yaoyao to lose consciousness. He vowed to make Sheng Yuan pay with blood when he returned to Cangxuan Heaven.

While Zhou Yuan was immersed in the strength of the Genesis Qi in his body, the void suddenly rippled, and a slender figure stepped out.

“Did you have a successful breakthrough? Congratulations,” Chi Jing said with a smile as she looked Zhou Yuan up and down, her burgundy hair gently fluttering in the wind.

“Is it a gla.s.s Heavenly Sun?”

Chi Jing had already received news that Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao, Su Youwei and the others had broken through to the Heavenly Sun stage and had each refined a top gla.s.s Heavenly Sun. So, she knew that countless people in Hunyuan Heaven were waiting in antic.i.p.ation for Zhou Yuan’s breakthrough.

Zhou Yuan hesitated for a moment before he answered because he didn’t know whether his rune-marked Heavenly Sun was considered a gla.s.s Heavenly Sun.

When Chi Jing noticed Zhou Yuan’s hesitation to answer, her expression tensed. Could it be that he didn’t refine a gla.s.s Heavenly Sun? It was possible. n.o.body has said that one could successfully refine a gla.s.s Heavenly Sun after breaking the Divine Dwelling stage’s limit. Anything could happen, and an unexpected failure was also common.

But Zhou Yuan was considered the strongest Divine Dwelling expert in Hunyuan Heaven after he had defeated Zhao Mushen. Therefore, he would undoubtedly be ridiculed if he failed to refine a gla.s.s Heavenly Sun.

Seeing Chi Jing’s nervous look, Zhou Yuan knew she had mistaken what he meant, and hurriedly explained, “There is a gla.s.s Heavenly Sun, but...”

He didn’t say much and instead, with one thought, released a sweeping torrent of platinum Genesis Qi. A Heavenly Sun was faintly visible within the qi, and inside were countless stars flickering brightly, causing the void to quake violently.

Chi Jing simply swept a glance over the Heavenly Sun and could already distinguish how strong his Genesis Qi foundation had become. A stunned look flashed across her usually calm face.

“Seven hundred million?” She inhaled sharply, staring at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “To be precise, it's 720 million.”

Even though Chi Jing was a Law Domain expert, the corners of her eyes still twitched rapidly when she heard his words. Although a foundation of 720 million Genesis Qi stars wasn’t considered a big deal to people of her level, it was simply unimaginable for someone at the initial Heavenly Sun stage.

She had never heard of such a thing from all her knowledge.

Even top Heavenly Sun experts possessed a foundation of 400 to 500 million Genesis Qi stars at most. She had never heard of anyone with more than 700 million Genesis Qi stars in the initial Heavenly Sun stage!

What kind of abnormal Heavenly Sun had Zhou Yuan refined?

Chi Jing stared at Zhou Yuan with a strange expression as she rubbed her temples. She really couldn’t understand him. He had created a primal chaos Divine Dwelling when he was at the Divine Dwelling stage, and now he refined a gla.s.s Heavenly Sun with a foundation of 700 million Genesis Qi stars at the Heavenly Sun stage. He really was a monster.

“I'm really curious what would happen when you reach the Nascent Source stage,” Chi Jing teased.

Zhou Yuan gave an embarra.s.sed smile. In truth, the peculiar change of his Heavenly Sun had little to do with him and was mainly due to Yaoyao’s mysterious substance.

“Zhao Mushen has refined a gla.s.s Heavenly Sun, but if he knew that your gla.s.s Heavenly Sun contained more than 700 million Genesis Qi stars, he wouldn’t want to meet you ever again,” Chi Jing said, her eyes turning to crescents as she smiled. It was obvious that Zhou Yuan's changes made her very happy and glad.

“Zhao Mushen also refined a gla.s.s Heavenly Sun?” When Zhou Yuan ruined Zhao Mushen’s breakthrough in the nine regions tournament, he thought he had delayed it, but unexpectedly, Zhao Mushen had also successfully reached the Heavenly Sun stage and refined a top gla.s.s Heavenly Sun.

This guy really is tough.

“Not only him, Wu Yao, Su Youwei, and w.a.n.g Xi all made successful breakthroughs and refined gla.s.s Heavenly Suns.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. These four were the strongest among all Divine Dwelling experts in Hunyuan Heaven, so it wasn’t surprising they had such achievements.

Chi Jing stared at Zhou Yuan for a moment, hesitating, and finally gave a helpless smile.

“But your closed-door cultivation is finally over. Otherwise, it would be a little troublesome.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression tensed.

“What happened?”

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