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Chapter 1161: Hurricane’s Core Figure

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Hurricane Group was a family-based firearms organization. Its three chief commanders—Gong Jie, Li Yanxi, and Yi Lan—were legendary figures, especially Gong Jie.

Being a top bra.s.s and a tyc.o.o.n of that international group, he controlled North American and European firearms markets and was fully in charge of the affairs of the European market. In short, he was pretty much a rigorous person.

While he was the rumored crown prince of the group, his father, Gong Shaoying, was said to have single-handedly founded it. The former smuggling giant was now the firearms king, who controlled half of the firearms market in the world.

He was only twelve years old when he first started out in this trade. His father, for the sake of training him, tasked him with the North American market. It took him only three years to become a formidable figure, who could undertake the task alone.

Now, in his twenties, he was already the group’s leader with his cold-blooded and unique means.

He was also a core member of the organization’s ‘Deva Eye’ project.

He had a highly skilled mercenary group under him; in fact, the group’s Mercenary Paradise was originally created by him.

He was quite a legendary figure.

Yun Tianyou frowned slightly.

Isn’t he the person in charge of the European market?

Why is he here?

The boy could not help feeling puzzled.

Agent Li smiled with a raised brow at his puzzlement. “Hurricane Group probably wants to find out more about sir, so they sent that big shot over to your side.”

“Where are they now?”

His man answered, “Messer Private Airport.”

“Let’s go.” The boy’s lips arched nonchalantly. “I shall meet this rumored big shot.”

Messer Private Airport.

By the time the two arrived there, a military cargo aircraft had already landed steadily at the airport.

Over a dozen mercenaries alighted from the aircraft; each was scrawny and fully armed.

When the boy stepped out of the car, he heard the deafening sound of the helicopter’s rotor from overhead.

Upon raising his head, he saw a military helicopter circling slowly in mid-air for several rounds before landing steadily on the tarmac.

Five mercenaries successively alighted from the opened hatch. A young man in a military-style coat then slowly made his way down the aircraft a moment later.

Yun Tianyou’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to him.

The young man’s snow-white military coat fluttered in the strong wind. His white military suit made him appear tall and slender.

White suited him very well; he looked very British in his white ensemble.

The boy registered his handsome appearance when he raised his face slowly.

Initially, he thought that Gong Jie was of European descent.

Never did he expect that he was from the East.

His clean-cut silver hair made his face look slim. The arc of his jaw, especially, was as beautiful as a brushstroke.

Akin to a refined knife carving, the man had a finely sculpted face with his exquisite and angular features.

The man had handsome brows, as well as cold, beautiful, and narrow star-like eyes, which had hints of evil madness and arrogance in them; his eyes were distinct sans any impurities like ink and wash painting.

When he smiled, his lips would arch perfectly, giving off an unruly feeling.

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One Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire's Sweet Love Chapter 1161 - Hurricane’s Core Figure summary

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