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Chapter 4469 - 4469 The Other Side 438

4469 The Other Side 438

Deer meat is a great delicacy. Even without seasoning, the thought of the tender meat makes one yearn for it.

Gong Jie had given his last bit of dry ration to Hua Jin. He was famished and had to skin the deer. G.o.d knew how much he was drooling at the sight of the meat.

Fortunately, he got lucky. Not long after he left the cave, he heard a deer barking at the foot of the hill. The hunt went considerably smoothly. 20 minutes later, the man put the venison on the roasting rack and was happily roasting it.

Crackle… The meat made a wonderful sound with the fire.



Gong Jie licked his lips as his eyes widened.

Hua Jin watched as the skewered venison rotated on the rack, getting evenly roasted. He began to crave it.

Still …

“I heard that eating barbecued food can cause cancer,” the actor suddenly said.

Gong Jie shot him a meaningful look. “You don’t have to eat it.”

“No, I want to eat it.”

“Didn’t you say barbecued food is carcinogenic?”

“One dies from starving too,” the actor countered.

Gong Jie could not help laughing. This clown of a man could actually amuse him in times like this.

“However, although this deer looks rather small, I doubt two people can finish it.”

“Don’t worry, I’m so hungry I could swallow a cow.”

The actor muttered to himself, “Usually, people who say that look like they’re too hungry, but when it comes to eating, it doesn’t match up.”

Gong Jie shot him a cold glance.

Is this guy a troll? Why is he always so disagreeable?

“Don’t worry, I’m stronger than you.”

“Whatever it is, when the time comes, the meat will be divided into two portions. You’ll have a portion, and I’ll have the other.”

“Alright, I want deer legs and deer b.r.e.a.s.t.s.”

“What about me?”

“Deer a.s.s.”

Hua Jin was dumbstruck.

He’s doing that on purpose.

Gong Jie signaled with his eyes. “Look at this deer’s b.u.t.t. It looks very fat and tender.”

“I don’t want to eat deer’s a.s.s.”

“Don’t eat anything then.”

“Why should it be such?”

“Because… I was the one who hunted this deer and brought it back.”

The actor was indignant. “You obviously stole it!”

“What do you mean, steal?”

“Isn’t picking it up considered stealing? It’s not like you caught it.”

“If you continue talking nonsense, I’ll skin you alive and roast you!”

“Tsk.” The actor rolled his eyes at the man’s threat. Perhaps, he did not even realize that he actually dared to roll his eyes at Gong Jie.

Gong Jie pursed his lips and smiled without saying anything. He continued to roast the venison leisurely. His roasting was very even.

Hua Jin yawned.

Half an hour later, the venison was finally cooked.

Gong Jie removed the meat and cut it into pieces with a dagger. The actor picked up a piece and put it in his mouth to taste it. “Oh, it’s so bland, but so tender!”

“There’s no seasoning, of course it’s bland.”

“Sigh, what a pity. If we sprinkled some c.u.min on it, it would be simply delicious.” At this juncture however, he couldn’t care less. As long as he could fill his stomach, it was fine.

The actor ate with relish.

Gong Jie did not really give him the deer b.u.t.t. Instead, he shared the deer leg and the meat on the deer’s chest with him. The man was really hungry and did not look as refined as the actor as he munched on a deer leg.

The actor was genuinely shocked by his table manners.

He complained in a quiet voice, “Your table manners really makes you look like the reincarnation of a hungry ghost.”

Gong Jie nearly choked to death.

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