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Indeed, many took his friendliness with caution. As time went by, they started to look down on him, thinking that his success in the Monster Kingdom was solely due to the Monster King's unfair bias for him. 

Tian Mowen never cared about these rumors and continued leading a casual life until it was time for him to start reforming the const.i.tution. Once he started, he executed his plans boldly and resolutely. Every action was specifically tailored to fix the Celestial Kingdom's worst problems.

Many benefits had been stripped away from the under-qualified; those who had broken the laws were brought forward to face the rightful and just consequences, either by jail sentences or death penalties. No exceptions were given.

His strict enforcement had caused ma.s.sive disputes, with many officials against the enforcement. They complained to the Emperor Immortal about him; however, the Emperor Immortal was very determined. He entrusted Tian Mowen with the power to do what he needed to do. A Heavenly Sword was also entrusted to him, along with the absolute power to execute any royalty or officials who crossed the line. If anyone ever rebelled against his ruling, he had the power to kill the rebels without having to consult the Emperor Immortal.

Some of the dirty officials of the Celestial Kingdom were utterly shocked by his extensive knowledge of what they had secretly done behind closed doors. In stark contrast, the righteous ones who had previously suffered from unfair treatment became Tian Mowen's strongest executors. 

The reformation reshaped the entire kingdom, just like the reforms of Shang Yang during the Qin Dynasty. With every little effort, the Celestial Kingdom slowly became a better place.

The Emperor Immortal was satisfied by the positive change, so he depended on Tian Mowen even more. His confidence in the man's abilities grew each pa.s.sing day. And soon, the Emperor Immortal declared Tian Mowen as the National Master, which excused him from kneeling or paying respect to anyone. In fact, the Emperor Immortal would be the one to welcome Tian Mowen personally.

In a few years, the entire government was drastically changed. Those who were capable would be appointed with great tasks while those who were incapable would be sent away. As proven, Tian Mowen had excellent skills in talent management. He could always place people in their most suitable positions where they could fully unleash their potential.

Even though he only spent eight years in the Celestial Kingdom, the place became completely unrecognizable. The main downside was that his strict enforcements had undoubtedly offended many. A good number of people wanted him dead.

These people even tried to send to end the man's life, but to their disappointment, the National Master was not only an excellent politician but was also equipped with great kung fu. Furthermore, the man had some of the best fighters around him, so most of the planned would end with no returning. Those that survived eventually became some of his greatest fighters.

When Gu Xijiu was in the Celestial Kingdom, she became well aware of his achievements. He went from being highly unpopular to a man of great contributions. People were happy to talk about him. They even had his stories written into a script in folk literature, thus making him a great legend adored by many.

She b.u.mped into him once on the streets. She was in the middle of a verbal feud with another customer while shopping for jewelry. All the jewelry made in the Celestial Kingdom was known to be equipped with tremendous spiritual energy. Wearing jewelry alone would be great for her health.

Gu Xijiu saw a jade bracelet that she liked. It was emerald green and made with light translucent material. Her unpleasant incident with the bracelet that was currently attached to her wrist made it difficult for her to have a liking for other bracelets. Although, she really wanted to conceal the bracelet that she already had on her wrist just to get it out of the public's eyes.

The emerald bracelet was the only one that she fancied, so she was eager to buy it. It cost a fortune, but Gu Xijiu could easily afford it.

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