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Chapter 3053 Domain Of Mortality

'Fourth Burst!'

I activated without hesitation, and immediately change appeared; my essence burned like a supernova while my armor thickened with the leaked power it absorbed.

The power coming from burning my essence was immense, and I could not control it; on top of that, the formation inside me had activated, releasing energy and merging with the burning essence, making it stronger and even harder to control.

My inheritance is very good, one of the best in the whole library, but it could have been even better if I had the time.

One of the things I would have done is make different moves, not just make the same move differently, which I did with this current advancement, which may feel exactly the same as the old.

It is not the same, just looks the same.

Still, if I had time, it wouldn't even look the same. I had a grand vision, still, have it; if I survive by my luckiest stars, I will use the time of decades and even centuries to create what I have in my mind.

It was really something, but I could not waste more time thinking about it anymore, as the Grimm had appeared in front of me.


It once attacked me with greater power, but this time surprise flashed in its eyes as my sword moved, and when it clashed, the surprise became even bigger.

It shook, the first time since our battle had begun.

"Good, I was hoping when you would burn your essence, and now you did," it said with a laugh.

"Now show me the power you have gotten by burning your essence. So, I tell you, how futile your resistance is," it challenged, but I did not move; I only looked at it.

"Domain!" I spoke, and power the domain burst out of me and spread far and wide, and looking at it, it couldn't help but become surprised.

There was no elemental power or suppression, but it had instantly made its expression serious.

The domain did not have much and eve did not look like it. It looked more like a collage of memories that relatives play at the funeral of their loved ones; the domain I summoned is doing that.

Around me are projections of different things, plants, beasts, and even people. It shows them from the moment they were born to the day they died.

It is mortality; this is my domain of mortality.

"High rule domain!" it said and turned toward me. "Since you have shown me your domain, it is only fair that I reciprocate," it said, and immediately a golden sun materialized over our head.

As it did, the golden flames began to spew out of it, turning the whole into that fire. It is a majestic domain, and I would expected no less from the such enemy.

It seemed to consider my domain a major enemy than me, as instead of targeting me, it targeted my domain, trying to burn the pictures, which burned as the fire touched them before appearing new.

They follow the rule of mortality, which they are made of, and it is not making the Grimm any happy.

"It seemed like I had enough played around; it is time for you to die!" it said somberly, and a fiery aura released out of its body like a wave before going up and forming the bloodline phantom, which looked far clearer than before.

"Now, die!"

It said the moment the phantom merged with me and attacked me with such power that it scared me, but the fear did not stop me from reacting.

This time, I am prepared too.


Our weapons clashed and created shockwaves to destroy even the world, but they did not much shake us.

It was surprising seeing me, not even shaking, but that did not stop it from immediately attacking me.

It knows I am burning my essence for power, and the best way to deal with it is by making me spend it, and it is doing just that.

I am fighting, but there is a great surprise in my heart that despite burning my essence, I was not even able to force it to take a step back. The most I did was shake it, and now, not even that is happening.



Attack after attack came, and I defended; I could go on the offense since both of us now nearly had the same power, but the burning of my essence did not burn away my brain.

I know my weakness well; my experience and technique are much weaker than mine. So it is better I stuck to defenses, but defense alone will not help me survive, much less kill it.

Thankfully, the defense is not the only thing I am doing; there are many things going around in the background, and in a minute, all will be revealed.

Till then, I had to continue and pat myself for a great domain I had created.

It might not look much, but it is doing good, better than I had imagined it to be. The Grimm really has a reason to be scared; if I had been in its place, I would use every bit of power against me.

I would even burn my blood to kill the enemy with the such domain.

These things could do many things, and with the power of rule-bending merged into it, then the sky is the limit.

Seconds pa.s.sed, and I continued to fight against it, defending against each one of its attacks, no matter how powerful it was.

It is also at its limit, and this power is immense, something I could only achieve by burning my blood I am grateful that it is not considering me as a threat even now and is not willing to take a drastic step as burning its blood.

It should.

If my plan worked, then it didn't have much time before it died, and if it didn't, then I would be another weakling it would crush before destroying the world.

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