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Chapter 3846 Suppressed


The core buzzed and strengthening energy entered my body. It is not the most powerful I had here, but it is not the weakest either.

What matters is that it is strengthening me, and I need all the strength it could give me. Seeing the type of enemies, I am fighting in here.

They are extremely powerful. Some, so much so that I would need to summon my s.h.i.+elds before engaging even a single move and kill them with my strings.

It had attracted a few gazes, but not the one that were being most important.

The prime is more focused on its survival than on looking around. To focus on the enemy, he had even pulled back his soul sense from the battlefield.

I would have done the same. If I had been getting suppressed by the Grimms.

Yes, things aren't looking good for us.

If the Prime lost, it wouldn't matter, even if we wiped out all the Earth and Sky Sovereigns. The prime alone would be more than enough, to wipe us all out.

I have been looking at the battle, more like guessing it. I didn't dare to scan them with my soul sense and my abilities aren't good enough to track their speed, but I could see and guess things pretty accurately with the data we have.

Our Prime had moved to the defensive in the past one, and a half hours, which I think is wise, seeing how he was suppressed in the first hour, I had arrived.

His defensive methods are good. They are keeping the Grimms at bay, but Grimms might not be using its full strength, I hope it isn't true, and if it is. Our prime has ways to deal with it.

I shook my head and focused on the Grimms around me.

I am still looking at battle with two of my clones focused on it. If the condition deteriorated and they felt, there was a high chance, our prime would lose. I would not hesitate to retreat.

It is not something, I want to do, but something I would be forced to do, if the conditions become bad.

After all, my survival is paramount. I am ready to become a deserter and coward to save my life. It is shameful to say these things, but I will do it.

For my family and the child, that will be coming into this world soon. It is such regret, that I won't be there to see them coming to this world.

I pushed away those thoughts and sealed them deep inside my heart. Those thoughts paralyzed me, and I don't want to get affected by them in a place like this.


I killed a few more Grimms including those of the bloodline, when I felt the powerful gazes. Only two to see two Crockman coming toward me; they are powerful, as powerful as the Bullman, I had fought, two hours ago.

I have become quite powerful since then. I could fight against these two, but it would be a challenge to kill them, without a string.

At least there is an incentive; one of them had a bloodline.

Soon, the two Onyx Eyed Crockman reached me. One had a crystal saw blade, with the other had a bone spear. It is rare to see the Grimms using spears; they use swords, axes, and hammers, the most.

"We have been observing you for quite a while. You have killed a lot of us," said the Crockman on my left.

This is likely why; they have maintained the longer than usual distance from me.

"And you have come to me, now?" I asked, and they glared at me. "Don't be too confident, native. We will kill you," said the tall on the right.

"I am waiting," I replied, and they glared before an aura blasted out of their bodies.

They didn't hold back at all. The one on the left brought out the bloodline phantom, while the one on the right, summoned all its power.

"Die!" they roared in unison as they came at me.

I didn't summon the s.h.i.+elds; I am not that weak anymore. Instead, I brought out, six-string limbs with the different weapons and moved toward them.


The weapons clashed, and I felt the shock running through me. Making me vomit immediately.

It seemed like, the two were too much and I wanted to summon the s.h.i.+elds immediately, but I didn't. Instead, I moved my string limbs to deal with the attack.

The s.h.i.+elds do not provide as much of as learning opportunity as the direct clash does.

It is dangerous, but the benefits they provide are equal to that.

These Grimms are old and powerful, with a lot of experience. There is a lot of learning fighting against them.

I know my flows and one of them is my experience. It was my edge when I came to this world, but after advancing fast, it is on the verge of turning into my weakness.

Fighting with these old monsters will make sure that I will not have that weakness.


These two are powerful, but also have amazing teamwork and even combine their move. Which is what had sent me flying like a broken doll, vomiting my guts out.

They came at me, and I defended.

There is nothing I could do other than defend. These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds are so powerful, that even with fighting with seven limbs; I am fearing for my life and want to summon the s.h.i.+eld every moment.

Seconds pa.s.sed and turned into a minute, and then another, and then another.

Finally, I had both of them in my nets and I acted immediately. I could have waited and continued to fight with them. They are a good protection against the powerful enemies, that I felt looking at me.

It is a good option, but I discarded it. I rather kill them and get the benefits, than use them to pa.s.s the time.

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