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''Young Master Liu Wei, we are all here. ''

When Liu Wei heard Qianru, he took out a cheque and started writing on each page, according to the number of workers present. After writing, he tore them out and gave it to Qianru.

''Who is Yan Ran? ''

He asked, looking at each one of them.

''I'm here, Young Master Liu Wei. ''

Yan Ran stepped out with a smile. Liu Wei looked at her very well for the first time. She looked so innocent, you wouldn't imagine that such a person would hurt a fly talk more of killing a child!

He had warned Liling about such persons, but she hadn't listened. Now this woman had killed their unborn child. He would make sure she doesn't see the light of day again.

''Take this woman away! Make sure she rots in jail. ''

 Liu Wei said with rage and all the workers gasped wondering what Yan Ran had done.

Yan Ran didn't object, she even brought out her hand for the handcuffs and as she was led away, a smug smile was plastered on her face.

Liu Wei felt bile rise up his throat as he watched her unperturbed expression. She was clearly going to rot in Jail and she looked as though she had everything under control; as though she had even seen this coming.

When they left, Liu Wei turned to address the remaining;

''From today, you no longer work here; the checks I gave Qianru contains all your settlement, so go in and pack your things and leave this house, now_ this night. ''

The workers stared at Liu Wei bewildered. Each of them wondering what had gone wrong all of a sudden. When Liu Wei finished talking, he stood up;

''Qianru, lock the doors and gates; drop the key at the hospital before leaving. ''

He said before striding off finally.

When Liling woke up, Liu Wei was not in the ward. As she sat upright on the bed, she saw a strict looking lady standing by the door, and she nearly fell off the bed.

As scared as she was, she couldn't bring herself to shout.

The lady was staring at her as though she would shoot her the next minute.

Where in h.e.l.l did Liu Wei go to?

Liling stayed still on the bed for a minute, after sometime she looked around for her phone. When she couldn't find it, she tried standing up from the bed, but the minute her legs touched the ground, the lady walked towards her.

''What do you want Ma'am? ''

Liling was scared for a moment;

''My phone ''

''Stay on the bed, let me search for it. ''

Liling didn't want to, but she found herself lying back on the bed at the lady's instruction. The lady looked around for the phone and when she found it, she handed it over to Liling before returning to her position by the door.

Liling immediately texted Liu Wei;

'Liu Wei, do you know this strange-looking lady? She is scaring the s.h.i.+ts out of me! And where are you?'

As soon as she sent the text over, reply came in within seconds.

'I couldn't leave you by yourself, and they would be around for a long time. I'm really scared of losing you.'

When Liling read the reply, her eyes flung open.

'They… There are more. Long time, you say? No, Liu Wei, I don't like this. Where are you?'

'I'm almost at the hospital; went to sort some things out.'

'I'm waiting for you. We need to talk this out.'

''Thank you for the ride ''

Xin Yong said gratefully when they arrived at her home.

''I'll be going now. ''

She said after sometime, turning, she pushed open the car door.


Jin Yue said before she could step out, his voice was shaky as though he was contemplating something.

Xin Yong paused for a moment and turned to look at him.

He had told her to wait just now, but at that moment he didn't even know what to say. His lips fluttered as he held the steering wheel tight.

''I… I…''

As though Xin Yong sensed what he was about to say, she cut him off.

''I read your letter Jin Yue. ''

She said, waiting for him to digest the information. Jin Yue knew she had gotten the letter because of the way she had acted.

So does it mean she had forgiven him?

''And I'll get back to you. ''

Xin Yong concluded and stepped out of the car.

Closing the car door, she walked towards her gates and entered without looking back.

Jin Yue was nervous. She would get back to him; does it mean that she had forgiven him?

Was she going to put the past behind and be with him again?

Jin Yue could not explain how he felt at that moment. If she ever forgave him, he would treat her like gold. He would spend the rest of his life adoring her. He just needed another chance_ another chance to love her.

''I don't like it. No, I won't even have my privacy anymore! ''

Liling screamed; she really didn't like the idea of those bodyguards following her everywhere she went, as though she was a d.a.m.n princess who needed protection.

When Liu Wei came back, she made him send them away for the mean time.

''I can't let you be by yourself. ''

Liu Wei said, trying to give her reasons for his decision.

''Nothing will happen to me, okay? I'll be more careful from now on. They can protect me but the way they used to before, I don't like the idea of them following me around, and that lady won't even let me leave the bed! ''

Liu Wei chuckled. She was recovering fast, maybe at the end of the week; she may be allowed to go home.

''Yan Ran is in police custody now. ''

Liling's eyes widened. ''Really? That's what you left to do? ''

''Yeah, I couldn't let her stay another minute in my house. She should pay for what she did to you. ''

He kissed her palms.  ''That woman could have killed you! And I've sacked everyone in the house; I'm not taking chances again. I won't let anyone hurt you, again. ''

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