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''Yeah, the doctor says no rigorous exercise for one month to know if the operation was successful. ''

''One month? One month is so long! What are we going to be doing till then?''

Liu Wei chuckled, ''we can cuddle? And besides, you'll be too busy to be thinking of s.e.x, for now, let's go take a shower. ''

He pecked her on the lips for the last time, before lifting her off the ground and carrying her bridal style upstairs.

By Monday, Xin Yong's single was out. It was as amazing as everyone had expected, and before the week ran out she was already having great sales.

''You didn't tell me you were performing at the event? ''

Liling asked, as they sat to eat after the day's work.

''Which? ''

''Chairman Xi's birthday, how did you know him? ''

Liling asked, creasing her brows as she chewed on her food.

''Oh, i was introduced by my manager, so after 'someone you loved' he says I'll perform in the birthday party. ''

Xin Yong replied as though it wasn't a big deal.

''And you agreed? ''

Xin Yong was silent for two seconds; ''Yeah, it's a great exposure, why won't I? ''

Liling sighed; she had thought that after the time they spent together at the hospital, she would have changed her mind about Jin Yue.

''Have you heard of Chairman Xi and his escapades with women? What if he's interested in you? ''

Xin Yong burped; ''Come on! Liling you can't be serious, He's a fat old man and he was with a lady when we met, he just liked my voice or maybe he is in good terms with my manager. Besides, I'm a single beautiful lady; this party is the perfect avenue to get acquainted with rich and handsome bourgeoisies, don't you think? ''

Liling was quiet for a little while; ''Have you spoken with Jin Yue? ''

When Xin Yong heard her question, a smirk appeared on her face. She knew that Liling had been like that all the while because of Jin Yue. Clearing her throat, she continued;

''I wanted to talk to him tomorrow, but the birthday party came up and I have to prepare, so maybe after the party, I'll talk to him. ''

''Xin Yong, are you really not changing your mind about him? Won't you think about it? ''

Xin Yong wiped her lips with a serviette; ''I have thought about it. You know, last time we talked, I no longer felt hurt, which means that I'm healing and ready to move on. So I don't think there's anything I should think about, hey, Liling, why are we talking about Jin Yue? Are you going to check out the dresses or not? ''

Xin Yong said, remembering that they were going to check out some dinner gowns, or rather wanting to change the topic entirely.

''Xin Yong, it's been a long time, your performance was splendid! I didn't know your voice was this good?''

Richen, who had a man's hand around her waist, commented with a sly smile.

Xin Yong was standing together with Liling when Richen approached to greet. As though they were thinking the same thing, they exchanged glances as they held in a chuckle.

To think that Richen had a penchant for rejected items!

''Oh it's a pleasure, and this is…''

She said, pretending not to know who Su Min was;

''I'm Su Min; it's been a while, Liling. ''

Su Min said with a small smirk, his eyes fixated on her; Liling could have acted coy but she wanted to save Richen some face, besides, she had no business with Su Min.

''Yeah, it's been a while.''

She replied, glancing at him before turning around to search for Liu Wei.

Richen couldn't believe what she just saw,

''You… you know each other? '' She asked, a bit hesitant.

''Yeah, you know her too? ''

Su Min asked, glancing from Richen to Liling.

''Yeah… yes, she, we went to the same school, Gahll. ''

''Oh, that's interesting. ''

Before Su Min could start up another topic, Liling saw Liu Wei chatting with Jin Yue; she didn't know Jin Yue would come but she was elated that he did, at least Xin Yong would not have the opportunity to mingle with other men as she had planned to.

''Oh, sorry for disrupting our chat, but we have something important to do now, if you wouldn't mind excusing us;

With a gentle smile, Liling pulled Xin Yong by the arm and dragged her away leaving Richen and Su Min rooted at the spot.

''To think that Richen would get together with that stalker?!  What's with her, why does she always go for guys you rejected?''

''That should be a relief, shouldn't it? Hi, Jin Yue, I didn't know you came?''

Liling said, pulling Xin Yong's attention to Jin Yue, who was standing in front of them. As Xin Yong s.h.i.+fted her gaze to look at him, their eyes met. He was staring at her intently and she couldn't help but look away.

''Yeah, Chairman Xi is a business a.s.sociate, hi, Swe… Xin Yong.''

He was used to calling her Sweet, but remembering that she had earlier warned him not to anymore, he corrected himself.

He actually didn't want to come for the party but when Liu Wei told him that she would be there, he changed his mind immediately; he hadn't realize how much he missed her until he watched her on that stage.

She looked beautiful and breathtaking and he wanted to tell her that, but he realized that he couldn't. They weren't that close anymore.

Just that moment, Liu Wei said;

''You both continue, we'll go greet some friends, catch up later. ''

He put his arms around Liling's waists and pulled her away. Xin Yong knew what they were up-to, she glared at Liling who had a smug smile on her face as she walked away with Liu Wei.

Being left alone, they were thrown into a state of awkwardness, just then a waiter walked past with a tray;

''Do you mind?''

Jin Yue said, taking two and handing her one.

''Thanks '' she said talking the gla.s.s from him;

''You were amazing today. ''

He said, turning to look at her.

''Uh? '' Xin Yong replied, she didn't understand what he meant.

''Your performance '' He said, looking down at his drink.

''Oh; thanks. ''

There was silence for a moment before Xin Yong spoke up again;

''Are you free tomorrow? ''

Jin Yue was flabbergasted. He had to look beside him to be sure that he was the one she was referring to.

''Yes, yes, I'm free.''

Whether he was busy or not, he wasn't thinking about it at that moment, the only thing on his mind at that moment was this woman standing beside him.

''Dinner, by Eight, Ecstasy Restaurant; ''

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