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As time pa.s.sed slowly, a thunder dragon would whistle down at the interval of ten breaths. It entered the s.h.i.+eld and eventually pounded on the ancient coffin. There was something magical about that ancient coffin. When such a powerful thunderbolt struck down, Jiang Yi—who was not far away—could feel his body and soul shaken; but the ancient coffin was fine. The naked woman without any breath inside the ancient coffin also did not make any sound at all.

Who is that woman? Is she living or dead?

Jiang Yi couldn't see the woman at this moment. From only a few peeps just now, he found out she was incomparably beautiful—no less than Su Ruoxue. She looked very young like she was about seventeen or eighteen.

He did not sense the breathing of this girl. The s.h.i.+eld was lifeless, without any vitality. He also didn't know whether this girl was dead or alive.

Oh, that's right! Divine senses!

An idea suddenly came to Jiang Yi. He had fully refined the Sweet Flag Leaf, and his soul spirit had progressed. He didn't have to see her through his eyes now; he could just investigate with divine senses.

Soon, he released the divine senses and extended towards the ancient coffin. However… when his divine senses just touched the ancient coffin, a white light immediately shone on the ancient coffin. His soul was torn by the pain. If it was not for a trace of energy that came from the Fire Spirit Pearl, his soul might have broken down.

He did not dare to move. All he could do was lie quietly: watching the thunderbolt shoot continuously from the sky above the sea, staring at the surrounding pitch-black sea, and waiting for the death to arrive.

This feeling was exceptionally excruciating. He was more willing to be killed instantly by a sword. Now, he vainly possessed a lot of power and abilities; but he couldn't use them. He didn't even know who his enemy was.

As the time ticked by—though only a few hours pa.s.sed, Jiang Yi felt like centuries. Suddenly, the thunderbolt from the sky stopped, and the surroundings became quiet—deadly quiet. Since he was deep down the sea, the invisible pressure was also tremendous. It was difficult for Jiang Yi to just breathe.



Not far away, a rattan moved. It dashed towards the sea surface like a sharp arrow and whistled back shortly. It wrapped around a giant sea demon. Feeling its aura, Jiang Yi found out it was a tier-two sea demon.


This sea demon looked like a dolphin with five horns on its head. It howled and writhed incessantly. The more it did so, the tighter the sea rattans became. Jiang Yi saw that this sea demon was constrained to deformity.


Clearly, the tier-two sea demon was not very intelligent. It yowled louder and twisted more fiercely. In the end, it was strangled to death. Jiang Yi saw that the sea rattan was embedded in its flesh, and blood was constantly flowing out.


That sea rattan suddenly glistened with a faint glow. The body of that sea demon started to decay at a horrifying speed and, finally, turn into a skeleton. All the blood on the ground disappeared and was absorbed by the sea rattan.


Jiang Yi was secretly shocked. A picture appeared in his mind. He would eventually be strangled to death, be devoured by the sea rattans, become a skeleton, and forever remain in this vast sea.


Jiang Yi was fine when he didn't think of this. While he was contemplating, the sea rattans started to move and contract slowly. Obviously, they were going to strangle Jiang Yi!

He Lao, Xiaonu, I'm sorry!

Death—Jiang Yi did not fear! The only thing he regretted was implicating He Lao and Xiaonu. This time, he took Xiaonu out to have some fun and thought there would be no danger on the road with Yazi Beast accompanying them. He didn't expect such thing had happened.

I'm gonna do it. Should I release He Lao and Xiaonu? Since they won't live if I did. Let me see if He Lao can come up with some plans!

If Jiang Yi died, this Fire Spirit Pearl would become an ownerless object and be left here permanently. The Green Clear Vase was inside the Fire Spirit Pearl, and so He Lao and Xiaonu had no way to get out. After the two ran out of the food and water stored in He Lao's Ancient Divine Essence Ring, they would only starve to death.

The red essence force in the first star sphere rushed towards Jiang Yi's meridians frenziedly. However, the essence force slowed down the moment it left his dantian, and every step forward was extremely difficult. Jiang Yi's meridians would break if he forced to circulate the essence force!

Break it!

He was going to die anyway, so Jiang Yi didn't care too much about it. He frenetically circulated the essence force and gushed it to his right hand. As expected, his meridians ruptured; and Jiang Yi's body twitched from the pain. Still, he continued to circulate a trace of essence force towards this palm and poured it into the Green Clear Vase!


The Green Clear Vase shone immediately, and two figures appeared in the air. As soon as He Lao and Xiaonu came out, they fixed their eyes on Jiang Yi. He Lao's eyes shrunk. Xiaonu's face turned grey instantaneously. She exclaimed, "Young Master!"


To Jiang Yi's despair, before the two even moved, two sea rattans shot towards them with a speed of terror. Before He Lao could react, the two were tied up into a meat-rice dumpling.

Alas… it's over!

Sighing sorrowfully, Jiang Yi saw the two being pulled to the ground—side by side with him. Jiang Yi smiled bitterly. "He Lao, Xiaonu. This time, I have implicated you! I'm afraid we're going to die in this d.a.m.n place."

"Young Master Yi, what's this d.a.m.nable thing? Why can't I circulate my essence force?" He Lao asked in horror.

Xiaonu was continuous writhing her body like a frightened bunny. However, the sea rattans only got tighter. Her little face was full of fear and panic. Eyes glittered with tears; she looked so pitiful.


Jiang Yi explained everything quickly to He Lao and Jiang Xiaonu before he looked at them guiltily. "I was going to release He Lao and see if he had any solutions. Now, it seems like the G.o.d wants us dead."

After listening quietly and trying a few ways, He Lao was certain that they couldn't escape. He let out a bitter smile. "Young Master Yi, you don't have to feel remorse. He Lao is very old and doesn't have many years left. It's a great honor to die with Young Master Yi!"

Strangely, Xiaonu didn't say anything and closed her eyes instead. Her little face was as pale as snow. It appeared like she was too scared to say anything.


The three sea rattans kept contracting. Jiang Yi was strangled since the start. Now, he couldn't speak at all and felt his bones were going to fracture. Turning his head with great difficulty, he looked at Jiang Xiaonu beside him. His eyes were filled with guilt and agony. Using all his strength, he opened his mouth and said, "Xiaonu, don't be afraid. Young Master will explore the nine netherworld realm with you."

Jiang Xiaonu's eyes were still shut, and she began to tremble more violently. Jiang Yi was so distressed to watch her. He Lao took a peek and sighed softly. Closing his eyes, he waited for death to come.


Just at this moment—!

Xiaonu's eyes suddenly opened. Her pet.i.te body glowed with a green light, which was so dazzling that it stung He Lao and Jiang Yi's eyes. A terrifying aura came out from Jiang Xiaonu.

Following that…!

A more frightening thing happened. Jiang Xiaonu's hair suddenly turned dark green. Her eyes s.h.i.+mmered with a green light. Her ears were growing longer and became very pointy like a cat lady. The back of her robes burst and revealed two green wings while her fingers became slender and her nails turned green.


Jiang Xiaonu's sudden transformation frightened both Jiang Yi and He Lao. Jiang Yi was even numb with shock. Was this still his gentle and lovely little maidservant? It was clearly a mutant demon!

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