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Chapter 1666: Chapter 1738 gave her a tight slap on the face

Hearing this, Mama Lin, who was outside, was puzzled. Young master had so many white s.h.i.+rts, why did he want the one in Miss Bai’s room? White Snow looked at Si Kong Heng with her seductive eyes and said, “Oh, come in.” Si Kong Heng walked in, and white snow closed the door of the room. .. In the room, Si Kong Heng stood there with a handsome face. His clear black eyes fell on Bai Xue. “That…”Bai Xue looked at him. “The white s.h.i.+rt you wanted is on me…” Si Kong Heng saw that she was wearing his white s.h.i.+rt. The s.h.i.+rt was very wide, which made her figure look even more exquisite. “Don’t you have a lot of pajamas? Why are you wearing my white s.h.i.+rt again?” There were indeed a lot of pajamas in Snow White’s closet. There were all kinds of styles. She lived a very exquisite life and her own conditions were not bad. From the clothes to the shoes and bags, they were all the latest styles. But tonight, she was wearing his white s.h.i.+rt again. Snow White’s seductive eyes were overflowing with brilliance. She looked at Sikong Heng and said, “Why does Miracle Doctor Sikong not have a white s.h.i.+rt, but he urgently needs this one on me? If you urgently need it, I’ll… Take it off for you now.” She said that she would take it off for him now. Her eyes were bright and filled with a seductive charm. Sikong Heng furrowed his brows and did not say anything. With his self-restraint and character, even if he did not have any clothes to wear, he could not let a woman take off her clothes for him. However.. At this moment, Snow White took two steps forward. When she got out of bed, she did not wear shoes. Now that her two snow-white little feet were stepping on the soft carpet, she came in front of Sikong Heng and said boldly, “Miracle Doctor Sikong, do you want it?” Sikong Heng’s throat was very dry. He rolled up and down twice. Her body smelled so good, and there was an alluring fragrance of orchids. Now, she was looking at him provocatively. With her bad intentions and her beauty, it seemed like she was going to expose his disguise as a gentleman. Sikong Heng raised his heroic eyebrows. “Yes, you can take it off for me now.” ”…” Bai Xue was just teasing him. This man clearly wanted to enter her room, but he only stood outside her door. He was so sultry that she didn’t want to. So she was just teasing him and thought it was very funny. But she didn’t expect him to really let her take off the white s.h.i.+rt and give it to him. Si Kong Heng looked at her surprised gaze and curled his thin lips. “Why, Doctor Bai, you don’t Dare?” “Who said I don’t Dare?” Snow White raised her white fingers and unb.u.t.toned the b.u.t.tons on the white s.h.i.+rt one by one. When her delicate white skin was completely exposed to Si Kong Heng’s eyes, Si Kong Heng’s muscular waist immediately straightened up. “I’ll return it to you!” Snow White threw the white s.h.i.+rt that she took off to Si Kong Heng. Si Kong Heng took the s.h.i.+rt. The fragrance of her body was all over the s.h.i.+rt. He looked up. “Don’t you want to return the other one to me?” There was still one more piece.. Snow White’s fan-like feather quivered. She only had one piece on her. It was the black lace bra that he had given her. He actually asked her to take it off and return it to him. Snow White looked up at him with her beautiful face and curled her red lips. “If you want this one too, come over yourself.” She asked him to come over. Sikong Heng stood there without moving, but two faint red flames were jumping out of his clear black eyes. “If Miracle Doctor Sikong doesn’t come over, then I won’t return it to you.”Snow White turned around and left. But after taking one step, the man behind her rushed over. His slender fingers grabbed her slender wrist and pulled lightly. Ah! Snow White’s exquisite body fell into his embrace. Sikong Heng hugged her small, snake-like waist. “If you really want me to do it, then I won’t be polite…” He reached out.. “Miracle Doctor Si Kong, I was wrong. I was wrong. Don’t…”Snow White crawled into his arms, smiling and wriggling as she begged for mercy. Si Kong Heng lowered his head and hugged her waist. His thin lips rubbed against her bright and delicate face. His deep voice was slightly hoa.r.s.e. “Are you going to tease me again in the future?” “No, no, I won’t tease you anymore.”As she said that, Snow White looked up. “Teasing you is very fun.” “That’s why you sent me that photo when I was out on a business trip?” What photo? Snow White suddenly remembered. It was the photo that Qing Qing took for her in the bar. “Miracle Doctor Sikong, what’s wrong with that photo? I didn’t do anything, nor did I reveal anything. Are you thinking too much?” This bad thing. She was clearly seducing him with that photo! Sikong Heng lowered his head and kissed her red lips directly. Bai Xue’s body went limp, and her two small hands grabbed the silk pajamas on his body. Then, slowly, she hugged his neck. Bai Xue Gently opened her red lips and began to respond to him. The sound of water stains could be heard from the kiss. Bai Xue was generous and not pretentious. Naturally, she liked Sikong Heng, and she also liked to be intimate with him. After the two of them moved in together, the number of times they had s.e.x was not many. However, the quality of each time was 100 points. The tip of Si Kong Heng’s tongue was caught by her. His big hand pinched her small waist. Then, he hugged her and the two of them fell into the soft bed. Snow White pushed him. “Did you bring that?” She was asking about a condom. Si Kong Heng did not raise his head. He kissed her tender neck all the way down. “You’re safe now.” “I can’t. My days have been pushed back a little. It’s a dangerous period now, and it’s very easy to get pregnant. Today, I checked Qing Qing’s pulse. Qing Qing is already two weeks pregnant. President Lu just came back and Qing Qing is already pregnant,”Bai Xue said to him. Only then did Si Kong Heng stand up straight. He looked down at her beautiful little oval face. “What do you mean? We’ve been together for so long and I haven’t gotten you pregnant?” ”…” What was he saying? She didn’t want to get pregnant. “Miracle Doctor Si Kong, don’t do anything…” Si Kong Heng reached out to untie his belt. White Snow struggled to get up, but Sikong Heng covered her and kissed her snow-white earlobe. “Ah Xue, I don’t want to wear that. It’s uncomfortable.” He said to her in a low and hoa.r.s.e voice. White Snow’s body softened. was his tone a little wronged and coquettish now? “Sikong Heng, you’ll get pregnant.”White snow bit her red lips with her pearly white teeth. Sikong Heng put his big hand into her little hand and interlocked his fingers with hers. “Ah Xue, if you get pregnant, will you marry me?” .. In the bar. Jun Xi Qing got up and went to the bathroom. In the corridor, she saw a familiar figure, Feng Si nan. Feng Si nan was wearing a white s.h.i.+rt and a dark blue business vest. He had just come out of the luxurious private room. He had one hand in his trouser pocket and a young and pretty girl was hanging on his handsome and n.o.ble body. Jun Xi Qing glanced at the girl. She looked like she had just come out of school. She was wearing a white s.h.i.+rt and a black short skirt university uniform. Her figure was very good. She was the legendary child-faced giant -ru, the man’s favorite full D Cup. The Girl Tiptoed and hugged Feng Sinan’s neck with both hands. Feng Sinan’s Big Palm was inside the girl’s clothes, revealing his strong wrist and the expensive steel watch on his wrist. He was really a cultured sc.u.m. When Feng Sinan came to this bar, his secretary drove over to pick up Zhao Fei’er. When Zhao Fei’er saw Feng Sinan in the corridor, she couldn’t wait to hug him. This was a bar.., a deep and mature business tyc.o.o.n and a female university student who was still in school. No matter how she looked at it, it was all erotic. Jun Xi Qing stopped in her tracks. This year, she had heard that Feng Sinan was going to get a divorce. It had been a year since he had returned to Luo Shui Bay to see his little wife. He was always with this little lover. Jun Xi Qing really hated this Feng Si nan to death. He was such a sc.u.mbag. At this moment, Feng Si nan turned his gaze to Jun Xi Qing. When he saw her, Feng Si nan lazily narrowed his long eyes and pushed Zhao Fei’er away. Jun Xi Qing did not say anything and entered the bathroom. In the bathroom, Jun Xi Qing stood in front of the sink and used cold water to Pat her little face. At this moment, there was a “Ta”sound and someone entered. Jun Xi Qing looked up. It was an acquaintance, Qianqian. Jun Xi Qing felt that she could buy lottery tickets today. The people she hated appeared in front of her one after another. Qianqian’s eyes lit up when she saw Jun Xi Qing. “Big sister, it’s you. Long time no see.” Jun Xi Qing turned off the tap and took out a few tissues to wipe his little hands, ignoring her. “Big sister, I was just about to look for you. I have something to say to you.” Jun Xi Qing looked straight at Qianqian. “What is it? Say It.” “Big sister, I only know now that brother Ming is the ruler of country A and is big sister’s husband. However, brother Ming and I have lived on the island of Werner for a whole year. I am his fiancée and he is going to marry me.” “Big Sister, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to s.n.a.t.c.h brother Ming away, but I love brother Ming and brother Ming loves me too. We are truly in love. Please don’t separate us, okay?” “Big sister, I don’t want much. I definitely won’t fight with you. I can be brother Ming’s mistress. A man like brother Ming won’t only have one woman. I just want to be with brother Ming, okay?” Jun Xi Qing curled his red lips. “Are you done?” Jun Xi Qing turned and left. After exiting the bathroom door, Jun Xi Qing wanted to leave, but Qianqian ran out and grabbed her little hand. She said pitifully, “Big Sister, are you angry? Hit Me, hit me hard!” Jun Xi Qing’s spirit eyes turned cold. She looked at Qianqian who was about to cry. It was really like a pear blossom with rain. She was so pitiful, and she was like a fierce first wife who had been ignored by her husband. “I’ll only say it once, let go!” “I won’t let go unless big sister agrees to let me be with brother Ming.” At this moment, Qianqian saw a tall and handsome figure from the corner of her eyes. Her eyelashes fluttered, and she immediately pulled Jun Xi Qing’s small hand and slapped her beautiful face. Slap! A crisp slap sounded. Qianqian let go of Jun Xi Qing’s small hand and fell onto the carpet. – There was still one more.

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