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Chapter 501: Shh, Stop Talking. I’ve Missed You, Baby

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

An’an started speaking while Gu Mohan was walking over, “Brother, Mr John has decided to forgive us this time round and he is going to wipe the slate clean. This is all thanks to Mo’er and so, don’t forget to thank her and give her the credit.”

Gu Mohan gaze was fixated on Tang Mo’er and he just couldn’t get yesterday’s incident out of his mind. His facial muscles were all tensed up and he nodded his head rigidly. “Miss Tang, thank you for your help.”

Tang Mo’er smiled at him. “You’re welcome, President Gu. Will you finally give me the chance to intern at your company now?”

“Of course, the Gu Corporation is happy to welcome a talent like you.”

On the other hand, Lu Jinwen and Mr John were engaged in a conversation and Lin Xuanyin walked over, speaking elegantly, “Mr John, feel free to drink more tonight and enjoy yourself.”

Mr John looked at Lin Xuanyin in disbelief, he uttered, “Xuanji, is that you?”

Lin Xuanyin quickly looked at Lu Jinwen for help after being mistaken for Lin Xuanji. Lu Jinwen was clad in a black s.h.i.+rt and it suited him very much, accentuating his s.e.xy, mysterious aura. His defined facial features were dazzling under the lights, he was extremely attractive.

Lu Jinwen had one hand in his trouser pocket while the other was occupied with a gla.s.s of red wine. He looked at Lin Xuanyin, his gaze gentle.

“Mr John, I’m not Xuanji.” Lin Xuanyin clarified.

But Mr John wasn’t convinced. “Mr Lu, is Xuanji not cured yet? She’s still a little unstable in the head?”

Lin Xuanyin’s face darkened after hearing his words. Lin Xuanji had indeed gone crazy for a period of time.

Lin Xuanji had gotten pregnant one year after giving birth to Tang Mo’er but she ended up going crazy after suffering a miscarriage.

Lu Jinwen didn’t have much of a reaction on the other hand. He lifted his hand and took an elegant sip of red wine, replying, “She’s all cured now.”

Mr John was aware that it wasn’t a pleasant experience for them and so he changed the topic. “Xuanji, I’m feeling really happy for you. You were so fond of Mr Lu back then, even designing the One and Only Ring in order to propose to Mr Lu. Now, you’re happily married and you even have such a beautiful child, Mo’er. Things are really great.”

Lin Xuanyin’s smile started to get more rigid. No women on earth would be happy if they were to be mistaken for someone else and to be someone’s replacement. Lin Xuanyin hated it even more so, since she was mistaken for Lin Xuanji.

Lin Xuanji had always been the one in the spotlight and outshone her ever since they were born, she had always been mistaken for her and no one ever remembered her for who she was.

The One and Only Ring?

Everyone knew of Lin Xuanji’s jewelry designs, they were all cla.s.sic pieces but as for diamond rings, she’d only produced one in her life.

The One and Only Ring was for herself, she wanted to use it to propose to Lu Jinwen.

Lin Xuanyin quietly looked in Lu Jinwen’s direction, he was listening to Mr John speak without interrupting him. He had finished his gla.s.s of red wine while doing so and continued pouring himself many of it subsequently…

Upstairs, in the master bedroom.

Lu Jinwen was drunk and Lin Xuanyin helped him into the bedroom, placing him down lightly on the bed.

Before she could leave, he grasped her waist and pulled her into his embrace.

Lu Jinwen had turned around and pressed himself against her, holding her face with his large hands.

He was towering over her and formed an intimate position, their bodies close together.

The room was lit up with faint yellow lighting and Lu Jinwen’s almond-shaped eyes landed on Lin Xuanyin’s alluring face. He ran her fingers over her facial features gently with affection.

He had too much to drink and was already off his face, but his eyes were still clear and he didn’t seem to be drunk.

Lin Xuanyin’s body almost liquefied after being pressed against by the man she loved. He was looking at her face so affectionately and she held his hand, asking, “Jinwen, are you drunk?”

“I’m not drunk.” Lu Jinwen drew his brows together before planting a kiss on her forehead.

Lin Xuanyin closed her eyes, enjoying every bit of Lu Jinwen’s kisses. It trailed down from her forehead to her eyes, to the tip of her nose…

Lin Xuanyin was blissed out, his kisses felt so good. “Jinwen, what’s up with you today?”

Lu Jinwen’s hands continued trailing down, unb.u.t.toning her dress. “Shh, stop talking. I’ve missed you… I’ve really missed you Baby…”

His magnetic voice traveled into Lin Xuanyin’s ears, her originally pale face flushed red. After many years of knowing each other, that was his first time ever calling her… baby.”

Her heart melted when he called her baby. This man with a king-like presence was actually really good at doting on women.

Once he put his heart into it, he would be able to give a woman his everything.

Lin Xuanyin encircled his trim waist with her arms, trailing upwards and she started unb.u.t.toning his s.h.i.+rt. The atmosphere in the room started getting heated up.

Lin Xuanyin was concerned about his physical state, recalling that Lin Xuanji had tried to incapacitate him and he had even bled down there. She wondered if he was able to get hard.

“Jinwen, are you able to do it?”

Hearing her words, Lu Jinwen was smug. He smirked and answered, “Baby, you should know best. Tell me, when did I ever leave you unsatisfied? You’re always not speaking the truth, claiming to not want it, but when I really… start doing it you can no longer take it and…”

Lin Xuanyin was stunned. “Jinwen, who are you talking to right now? Tell me, who am I?”

Lu Jinwen looked at Lin Xuanyin, his fringe had covered his eyes and he was off his face. He smiled and replied, “Xuanji, you are Xuanji…”

Lin Xuanji.

Lin Xuanyin was furious after hearing him say that. She had already noticed that something was off earlier on. Lu Jinwen never once had s.e.x with her. He had mistaken her for Lin Xuanji.

His affectionate kisses, him calling her baby over again and his drunkenness, it was all because of Lin Xuanji.

He pressed himself against her and told her, I miss you, I really miss you…

After so many years, he still hadn’t forgotten about Lin Xuanji. He was still thinking about her.

Tears welled up in Lin Xuanyin’s eyes before they sprang down. She turned her face over and didn’t let him see her crying.

She cried.

She was actually crying.

Lu Jinwen was still drunk and he paused after noticing that she was in tears. He quickly moved closer and kissed away the tears on her face. “Why are you crying? Is it because I didn’t say yes when you proposed to me, hm?”

He drifted down his memory lane to many years back. A red figure was standing before him, Lin Xuanji had unfurled his fingers. “This is for you.”

“What is this?” He asked while looking at the diamond ring she had placed on his palm.

“Mr Lu, you probably saved an entire universe in your past life to have me fall in love with you at first sight. I’m 21 years old this year and I’m not only healthy, but also very beautiful, with a career of my own. I’m going to propose to you today. Mr Lu, you shall be my man from now on, I’ll be responsible for the rest of your life. I’ll make sure to provide you with happiness once we are married.”

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