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Chapter 503: Madam Xuanji Straddled His Back and Rode on Him like a Horse

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Tang Mo’er stretched her arm out and received the sketchbook. She flipped open the pages and browsed through the different designs inside.

Her mother’s handwriting was neat and tidy and her sketches were sleek and transcendent.

These were her mother’s designs.

Tang Mo’er ran her fingertips over them, this was the first time ever that she could feel spiritually connected to her mother.

She could almost smell her mother’s scent, it was sweet and warm.

Tears welled up in Tang Mo’er’s eyes.

A few moments later, she lifted her eyes and looked at Lu Jinwen, questioning him, “Were they… speaking the truth?”

Lu Jinwen fixed his gaze on Tang Mo’er’s face. He didn’t answer her, but he pursed his lips.

Tang Mo’er had already received an answer from his reaction, it was real.

Her mother had gone crazy for two whole years and he not only covered up Lin Xuanyin’s dirty deeds, he even slapped her mother.

She stormed away angrily.

“Mo’er, where are you going? I’ll a.s.sign you a driver,” Lu Jinwen said.

Tang Mo’er stormed away without a backward glance, her lips curving into a cynical smile. “There’s no need for you to do that, I wouldn’t dare to trouble Mr Lu, since we don’t even know each other that well!”

Lu Jinwen watched as she stormed away, his brows knitted together.

Tang Mo’er took two steps before she suddenly stopped in her tracks. She had spotted a suave figure in front.

It was Gu Mohan.

Gu Mohan was clad in a white s.h.i.+rt and a black suit over it. The suit was well-fitted and his trousers perfectly tailored. The party lights shone on his shoulders and he stood on the lawn confidently, his refined demeanor prominent.

She wasn’t sure of when he had started standing there, perhaps, he had already overheard their conversation.

Tang Mo’er held onto her mother’s sketchbook tightly, her eyes moistened and she looked at him. Her sadness and grief came cras.h.i.+ng down.

She didn’t know what was up with her, she just wanted to borrow his shoulders for a moment, to lean on them and seek some consolation. She wanted him to pat her head and tell her—-Mo’er, everything’s going to be fine. Your mother was strong-willed and you must learn to be as strong as her. Everything will get better eventually.

Her eyelashes were wet as a result of her tears and she walked towards him, calling him with a sensual voice, “Mr Guー”

“Mohan, what are you doing here?” Jun Xiyan appeared from behind.

Gu Mohan turned his head around and noticed Jun Xiyan. She walked over and held his arm.

Tang Mo’er started to slow down.

Gu Mohan lifted his eyes and glanced at Tang Mo’er, noticing that she had stopped walking and stood there clutching a sketchbook. It appeared to be the only thing she could grab onto right now, her face went pale and the fingers holding the sketchbook trembled.

Her gaze landed on Jun Xiyan and subsequently on him again and she bit down the stinging urge to start crying, her nose and eyes were red.

She was aggrieved and wanted to just behave coquettishly with Gu Mohan. He knew what she wanted to do.

She was teary-eyed and seemed so fragile at that moment. Gu Mohan could tell for a fact, she had real feelings for him.

Jun Xiyan held Gu Mohan’s arm and s.h.i.+vered. “Mohan, the wind is so strong tonight, it’s cold.”

Gu Mohan removed his blazer and draped it over Jun Xiyan’s shoulders. His body temperature lingered on the blazer, it was warm and comforting, dissipating any coldness.

His blazer would be able to protect her from the cold, regardless of the low temperatures at night. Jun Xiyan’s blushed as she looked at Gu Mohan in admiration. “Mohan, thank you. It’s already late at night, let’s head back now.”

“Alright.” Gu Mohan turned around and left together with Jun Xiyan.

Mr Gu had left.

Tang Mo’er froze on the spot, pouting her lips, just like a forsaken little girl who was so pitiful.

His broad shoulders and wide chest would be able to shelter any woman from the roughest conditions on earth. But he no longer belonged to her.

Tang Mo’er sniffled and carefully placed her mother’s sketchbook in the inner pocket of her backpack before leaving.

She didn’t belong here.

She felt out of place, like she had invaded someone’s private property.

Taking two steps forward, a maid suddenly banged into her, hitting her backpack.

“Elder Miss, I’m really sorry, it was an accident.” The maid quickly apologized and she was frantic, to the point that she kneeled down and begged Tang Mo’er profusely.

Tang Mo’er almost tripped over but she quickly regained her balance. She shook her head and said, “It’s okay, I’m fine.”

She then left.

The two maids who were engaged in a conversation earlier on had fled and reported in front of a poised figure. It was Lin Xuanyin.

“Madam.” The two maids made sure to greet her respectfully.

Lin Xuanyin glanced at them before nodding in acknowledgment. “The two of you may leave.”

“Noted, Madam.”

The two maids stepped away and they turned around, looking at Lin Xuanyin’s back view. “Hey, why do you think Madam asked us to let Elder Miss overhear our words just now?”

“Isn’t it obvious, Madam did it to sow discord between Elder Miss and Sir.”

“Why does Madam need to do all of that to Madam Xuanji and Elder Miss even when Sir dotes on her so much? I really pity Madam Xuanji.”

One of the maids looked around, ensuring there wasn’t anyone eavesdropping on them before she whispered in the other maid’s ear, “You don’t know the whole truth yet, there’s another hidden chapter to all of this.”

“What do you mean?”

“Madam Xuanji went crazy for two whole years and when everyone asked for her to be sent to the asylum, Sir refused. He let her stay at the seaview bungalow. That wasn’t the end, Sir didn’t leave the bungalow for that whole period, focusing on taking care of Madam Xuanji and didn’t visit Madam Xuanyin even once.”


“Rumor has it that Sir continued taking care of Madam Xuanji like his daughter after she went crazy. He fed her, bathed her and even told her stories everyday. There was even once someone witnessed Sir crawling around in the living room. Madam Xuanji straddled his back and rode on him like a horse.”

“What did you just say?” The helper gawked after hearing that.

Lin Xuanyin stood somewhere nearby and she had overheard their entire conversation. Her hands were balled into two fists by her sides and her beautiful face was filled with anger.

That’s right, who would have thought that the ever-so-great Lu Jinwen would have done something like that. He held absolute power in the Capital and was the most autocratic, cold blooded king. He had actually allowed Lin Xuanji to straddle his back and treat him in that way.

She had set up Xuanji’s miscarriage and he hated her for it.

Ever since that time, he never stepped foot into her place. He had spent all his time and effort on taking care of Lin Xuanji, that woman who had gone mad.

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Young Master Gu, Please Be Gentle Chapter 503 - Madam Xuanji Straddled His Back and Rode on Him like a Horse summary

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