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Chapter 781: The Auction (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Huo Beichen had disappeared without saying anything, and he had gone to look for Tang Mo’er.

Three months later, he inherited the Huo Corporation after his return. He had a penchant for changing his girlfriends like how he changed his clothes. No one could fathom the significance of Tang Mo’er in his heart.

Now Huo Beichen was telling him ‘Second Brother, I don’t like Tang Mo’er. I hate her.’

Gu Mohan curved his lips and did not respond.

At the auction gallery, a butler walked over. “Miss Tang, good day to you. My Old Master wants to invite you over for a chat.”

Tang Mo’er looked at the butler. “Who is your Old Master?”

“Old Master Lin. He is also Miss Tang’s maternal grandfather.”

Old Master Lin was Lin Xuanji’s biological father, and so he was Tang Mo’er’s biological grandfather. But it was a pity that she would probably be better off without this biological grandfather.

What was this biological grandfather looking for her for?

Tang Mo’er gave a cold laugh in her heart. “Alright, please lead the way.”

They arrived at a room and the butler pushed open the door. “Miss Tang, please enter. Old Master is inside waiting for you.”

“Thank you.”

Tang Mo’er entered the room.

Old Master Lin was inside the room. He was wearing a black Chinese traditional outfit. Even though he was already in his old age, he was still hale and hearty and his cloudy eyes appeared intelligent and vigilant.

“Mo’er, my good granddaughter. Come over here and let Grandfather take a look at you. You’ve already grown so much.” Old Master Lin welcomed Tang Mo’er warmly.

Tang Mo’er stood there with her back straight. A slight smile was on her lips. “Old Master, it’s too late for you to acknowledge me now. Let’s not beat around the bush.”

The smile on Old Master Lin’s face did not waver, but his smile did not reach his eyes. “Mo’er, it’s like this. King-Back is the jewelry brand that you have created yourself, and I own the cla.s.sic DHA Diamonds jewelry brand. Let’s collaborate.”

Tang Mo’er tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. “It’s possible if Old Master wants to collaborate with King-Back. Let’s meet at the auction. You earn the cooperation rights if you are the highest bidder.”

She wanted to be official in handling this matter.

Old Master Lin’s face turned frosty suddenly and his cloudy eyes gleamed with maliciousness. “Mo’er, are you planning to go against me? Do you know what’s the consequence of going against me?”

Tang Mo’er smiled nonchalantly. “I don’t know, and so I will wait to experience it for myself.”

With that, she turned around to leave.

She left?

Old Master swept the ashtray on the table onto the carpet in a rage. It had been so many years, and there were only a few people who dared to disobey him.

Lin Xuanji was one in the past, and now there was Tang Mo’er!

The butler promptly said, “Old Master, don’t be angry. King-back’s auction is starting soon. What can we do to stop it?”

Old Master Lin laughed viciously. “What are you panicking for? I’ve already thought of a plan.”

How could he not have a plan?

King-back was victorious and unstoppable. With the return of Tang Mo’er, who had made an impressive appearance in front of the public, DHA’s sales had hit a new low in the recent months. It was evident that DHA had been critically affected by King-back.

If King-back managed to successfully obtain the cooperation rights, it would officially go public very soon, and DHA would then fall from its position as the chief of the jewelry world.

He must put a stop to this!

Tang Mo’er was still too tender and naive compared to him!

At the Royal Auction House auction hall.

The auctioneer asked Tang Mo’er. “Miss Tang, it’s time. Can we begin now?”

Tang Mo’er checked the time and nodded. “Let’s begin.”

The auction that had caused a furor amongst the prestigious and influential people had finally started. All the CEOs were impatiently waiting for this moment.

Just then, a staff suddenly rushed in and whispered into the auctioneer’s ears.

The auctioneer’s expression changed.

At this moment, the door to the hall was pushed open. The butler of the Lin family stood by the door and said, “Good day to all distinguished guests. As everyone is aware of, the reputable and cla.s.sic brand, DHA, is owned by the Lin family. A while ago, DHA’s collaboration contract expired. This means that we are looking for a new partner to collaborate with. Thus, our Old Master Lin is in the next hall auctioning off the collaboration rights of DHA. DHA is a cla.s.sic brand, and I believe that it will bring everyone smaller risks and bigger profit margins than a relatively new brand, King-back.”

Everyone erupted in commotion upon hearing these words.

The Lin family was actually in the next hall auctioning off the collaboration rights of DHA!

Gu Mohan was sitting on the burgundy sofa in the most luxurious room. His handsome back leaned indolently against the sofa and his long legs were gracefully crossed, exuding the presence of an emperor who was above everyone else.

This was the most lavish room and it was specially prepared for Gu Mohan, the most powerful magnate in the Capital.

Fu Qinglun was also here to view the bustling show. He curved his dark red lips. “Seems like this Old Master Lin is vicious enough. He is stealing Beauty Tang’s thunder and s.n.a.t.c.hing people openly under her nose.”

Yan Dong replied, “At this moment, DHA is more attractive than King-back. Initially, Young Madam publicly announced she was looking for investors, but now the Lin Family have the upper hand.”

Gu Mohan’s deep and narrow eyes peered through the curtains at the pretty figure standing in the middle of the stage. Tang Mo’er was standing there, and he could see her slightly furrowed brows and pursed red lips.

The CEOs in the hall were captivated.

“Beauty Tang, say something. If you don’t say anything, we’ll be going next door.”

“Beauty Tang, how about this? You dance for us so that we will stay. You can dance the Plumage Dance. What about it, eh?”

“How can the Plumage Dance be sufficient? Beauty Tang, how about you do a pole-dance for us? We’ve not seen you dance in a long time. Haha!”

“Beauty Tang, as long as you are willing to dance, we will stay here. I will start by bidding ten million dollars!”…

They were all ogling at Tang Mo’er’s ravis.h.i.+ng face. Many men missed the dances of Tang Mo’er, the most beautiful woman in Karghalik, when she was at the peak of her popularity three years ago.

More than half of them were giving her mocking glances.

This abrupt change in events made Qi Xi’s expression change. She walked to Tang Mo’er and said in a hushed voice, “Mo’er, this old man Lin is really despicable. To think he’s actually pulling such a dirty trick on us. What should we do now?”

Tang Mo’er furrowed her pretty brows, but her eyes remained composed. Soon later, there was a faint sparkle in her eyes.

In the most luxurious room, Fu Qinglun glanced at Gu Mohan. “Mohan, Beauty Tang’s charm is really greater than DHA. I think she should auction off her dance instead of auctioning off the collaboration rights of King-back. The starting bid is already ten million dollars.”

Upon hearing these words, Gu Mohan stared at Fu Qinglun pointedly. Fu Qinglun promptly retracted his smile and said in a serious manner, “Mohan, go and save your Beauty Tang.”

Gu Mohan did not budge. He looked at the pretty figure and a composed, yet playful smile played on his lips. “Let’s observe a while first. I want to see how capable she is.”

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