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Chapter 785: Get Your Hands Away from Her

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lu Jinwen raised his eyes, and Lin Xuanji entered his line of sight unexpectedly.

It was really Lin Xuanji.

Today, Lin Xuanji was in a red dress, which came down to just above her delicate ankles, She had on a pair of high heels, her raven black hair scattered lazily around her shoulders. In the three years that they hadn’t seen each other, time seemed to have left her face untouched, and she was still as beautiful and elegant as before.

But she had become gentler during these three years. Just like before, she was still loyal to her love for that burning red color, but while she had been bright and dazzling during her youth, with the pa.s.sing of time, her movements had become calmer and gentler, more like that of a mother.

“Jinwen, why aren’t you getting on the car?” Lin Xuanyin asked.

It seemed Lu Jinwen hadn’t heard her at all. When Lin Xuanyin followed his line of sight, her breath stopped.

Lin Xuanji!

Lin Xuanji had returned to the Capital.

Old Master Lin had already sensed that something was wrong. He lifted his eyes and saw Lin Xuanji.

Old Master Lin’s expression changed immediately.

Lin Xuanji stood up straight in front of them, her clear and gentle eyes landing on the three of them. Her red lips curved upwards slightly and she said, “Dad, Sister, Brother-in-law, it’s been a while. I’m back.”

I’m back.

This was a declaration.

Lin Xuanyin face was pale. Three years ago, Lin Xuanji had used her to escape the Pa.s.sion River. She had then shot Lu Jinwen a few times before vanis.h.i.+ng completely. But now she was back.

A bad feeling settled in the pit of her stomach, but Lin Xuanyin forced herself to speak. Wrapping her arms around Lu Jinwen’s strong shoulders, she said, “Jinwen, my sister Xuanji is back. Let’s go over and… greet her…”

Before Lin Xuanyin had even finished her words, there was a gust of wind beside her. Lu Jinwen had already gotten up to walk toward Lin Xuanji.

Reaching Lin Xuanji, he stretched his hands out and pulled her into his embrace.

He raised his eyebrow as he buried his face in her hair and kissed her gently. As he hugged her, he took in the scent of her body.

In his arms, Lin Xuanji neither reciprocated nor struggled, only looking at Old Master Lin and Lin Xuanyin with her clear eyes over the top of his broad shoulders.

Lin Xuanyin had her arms outstretched arms and frozen in midair, while Old Master Lin’s expression changed abruptly.

“Brother-in-law, should you be hugging me in front of my father and sister?” A faint smile was on Lin Xuanji’s lips.

Lu Jinwen throat bobbed up and down, before he spat out two cold words. “Shut up.”

They hadn’t seen each other in three years, and his first words to her were ‘shut up’.

Reaching out, Lin Xuanji wanted to push Lu Jinwen away, but his frame was as strong as iron, and she couldn’t push him away no matter how hard he tried.

His soft lips pressed against her ear lobe, kissing it unintentionally. “Where have you been these three years? Why wait so long to come back?”

Lin Xuanji smiled. “Why? Have you missed me, Brother-in-law?”

“Have you missed me?”

Lin Xuanji eyes shone coldly, “Not at all.”

“Ha.” Lu Jinwen laughed softly and his chest rumbled attractively.

At this moment, a cold voice sounded softly beside him. “Mr Lu, get your hands away from my Mom, or I will wreck you!”

Lu Jinwen looked up. A black figure entered his line of sight. It was Tang Chenyi.

The once fresh-looking boy had now fully grown up. His face looked like a piece of painstakingly painted art, and was extremely handsome. He was in a black windbreaker, his eyes as cold as ice.

The piercing eyes he had on Lu Jinwen were murderous.

Three years. The 18 year old him had shot Lu Jinwen unblinkingly. His temperament was cold, and he was even more vicious and cold than Lu Jinwen.

This young man was the most heartless person on the planet.

Lu Jinwen let go of Lin Xuanji, but he left a strong arm on resting on her waist in defiance. As he looked at Tang Chenyi, a contemplative expression crossed his features. It was the first time in his life that someone had declared he was going to wreck him.

He narrowed his almond-shaped eyes and lifted a finger at him, indicating for Tang Chenyi to come at him. His thin lips curved up slightly. “Wreck me? Why don’t you try then, hm?”

While he didn’t show it, Lu Jinwen was actually filled with disdain.

Tang Chenyi didn’t reveal any expression, but his face turned cold.

The atmosphere was thick with tension and the two of them were ready to let loose at each other. It seemed as though a light touch would trigger an explosion.

At this moment, Lin Xuanji pushed Lu Jinwen away and walked over to Tang Chenyi’s side. She shook her head discreetly at Tang Chenyi and said, “Chenyi, go and see your grandfather and aunt.”

She changed the topic.

Tang Chenyi withdrew his gaze from Lu Jinwen indifferently, then listened to his mom’s words and looked over at Old Master Lin and Lin Xuanyin.

Who was this boy? Lin Xuanyin looked at Tang Chenyi’s almond-shaped eyes. She hadn’t noticed this before but now, she suddenly felt as though his almond-shaped eyes and cold gaze completely resembled someone. And that someone was… Lu Jinwen.

A frightening thought blossomed in Lin Xuanyin’s mind. Could this Tang Chenyi be Lu Jinwen’s son?

Old Master Lin looked at Tang Chenyi. Even though they were a distance away, he could feel the young man’s cold gaze on him.

He could tell at one look that this young man was complicated.

He seemed to be mature beyond his years, with a sort of coldness and wildness in him that led him to look down on all those around him.

“Mom, Sister’s King-back auction has ended. Let’s go.”


Lin Xuanji got on the luxury car. Tang Chenyi stepped on the accelerator and they sped away.

The mother-son pair had left.

Lin Xuanyin moved forward quickly and locked her hands around Lu Jinwen’s strong arms intimately. “Jinwen, let’s go and have dinner with Dad.”

Lu Jinwen took one glance at Lin Xuanyin and pulled his hands back coldly. He pressed his thin lips together and said, “The secretary has already placed a reservation. You two can go on without me.”

With that, he turned and went back into the luxurious limousine.

“Jinwen, where are you going?”

Lu Jinwen didn’t give her a reply, not even sparing her a single glance. The secretary opened the back door politely and he got in, before leaving quickly.

Was… Was he going to leave just like that?

Left behind, the expressions on Old Master Lin and Lin Xuanyin were indescribable.

On the bustling streets, Tang Chenyi looked at the back of the car through the rear view mirror and said apathetically, “Mom, Lu Jinwen is following behind us.”

Lin Xuanji turned back. It seemed Lu Jinwen was really following behind them.

“Ignore him, he can follow if he wants to.” With that, Lin Xuanji bowed her head down to look at the piece of paper in her hands.

The small words on it read: Lu Jinwen, let’s meet at Bangkok Number 7.

This was the piece of paper Tang Mo’er had taken from Lu Jinwen, which Lin Xuanji had written many years ago when she had wanted to meet with Lu Jinwen.

“Mom, is there something wrong with that note?”

Lin Xuanji’s red lips curved upwards. “I have no idea why it changed from Number 1 to Number 7, when I clearly remember writing Bangkok Number 1.”

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