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Chapter 725 - Your Mother's Best F#ck!

Lord Harley closed his eyes and transferred his consciousness into the Source Crystal.

The crystal has an intangible world of its own, and in normal circ.u.mstances, it would have nothing but bright red s.p.a.ce.

But in the Source Crystal of Kirstie, the s.p.a.ce was thoroughly impaled by tentacle-like veins.

This signified the external control over the consciousness of Kirstie.

Lord Harley's mental projection appeared in this world. The tentacle-like veins that seemed to arrive from outer s.p.a.ce now emerged from him.

"Now, there's no chance of making any mistakes."

Lord Harley grinned.

Transferring his mental projection here would strengthen his control over Kirstie's body. This was necessary with Kiba in the picture. After all, he couldn't afford to react even a second late as Kirstie's powers hadn't yet reached the required stage.

…. .... ....

The fire seals began rotating around Kiba like planets to a star.

"Well, people might like to be the focal point of the universe, but I don't."

Kiba said while transforming the staff into the golden hammer he used to deal with the monk from Dharma Chakra.

A few miles away, Rebecca and Katherine were in the middle of creating a force s.h.i.+eld to protect the nearby cities from battle shockwaves. But hearing Kiba's words, they flinched.


Despite the somber mood and her nature, Rebecca exclaimed.

He was lying about not enjoying the attention. If he was not lying, why would he f.u.c.k her daughter-in-law in front of the House of Hestia!?

Katherine nodded, internally wondering how Rebecca would react if she knew this f.u.c.ker…err, liar was her son.

"It would be so much fun!"

She was sure.

Kirstie paid no attention to Kiba's words. She made a gap of a few kilometers from Kiba and infused her powers into the seals.

"His main mode of attacking is Gravity…."

Lord Harley recalled the records of Kiba using Gravity Cage and Singularity to decimate Alphas.

"So I need to be away from him now that he's in the Angel Form."

The formation of the seals was ready, and on Kirstie's command, they all rushed at Kiba.

There was no route to escape nor the time to deal with them individually as they attacked at the same instant.

"You are making me blush from so much attention."

Kiba tightened his grip on the hammer and started spinning. The seals slammed on him.

"Explode!" Kirstie commanded.

She was sure he wouldn't come unscathed from the combined explosions.

Kiba smirked and infused golden-lightning into the hammer. The time seemed to slow down, and his hammer banged into the seals.

But it wasn't the time that slowed down. Instead, it was Kiba's speed that went past the realm of possibility.


The seals were sent flying back before they could explode.

"How is this possible!?"

Kirstie's eyes widened in disbelief.

A few seals were shooting at her and in the middle of exploding.

She retreated while creating a barrier around her.


The seals exploded like nuclear warheads, shaking the very core of existence. Savage shockwaves erupted, and dust clouds filled the sky.

Kirstie continued to rush back while coughing out blood. She wasn't wrong about the potential of the explosion. But never expected it to harm her.


She sensed something from her right and looked there just in time to see Kiba appear.

"So fast!"

She was stunned.


He reached for her face with his free hand.

"And goodbye."

A golden glow emerged from his palm and blasted out.

Kirstie ducked to the side, but despite her swift reaction backed by the element of fire, she wasn't fast enough.

The glow hit her arm.


Her body was made of fire, but the glow blasted her arm into a shower of sparks.


With a petrified look, she looked at Kiba while rus.h.i.+ng back. A stream of fire erupted from her shoulder and turned into her new arm.

Despite that, the shock didn't leave her.

"You almost killed me!"

Kirstie exclaimed in disbelief. Lord Harley had access to her memories, and based on that, he felt Kiba wouldn't dare harm her.

But now, he wasn't sure.

"That's what you try to do in a battle," Kiba replied like it couldn't be more obvious. "Or were you expecting me to wors.h.i.+p you?"

Far away, Rebecca's expression sank.

"Don't act on your basic instincts."

Katherine stopped her.

"You trust him even now?!" Rebecca barked.

"Yes…" Katherine replied.


"Because he never disappoints!"


Kirstie snapped her teeth and blasted beams on Kiba, and he easily blocked them with his hammer and charged at her.

Kirstie rushed back while summoning pillars of fire to stop Kiba.

"I need a few minutes…." Kirstie thought while exploding the pillars. "Just two more, and I would gain enough power to kill him in mutual destruction."

Her powers had reached the peak of early-stage Level VIII. Just some more time, and she could burn her potential to achieve the necessary stage.

And then she wouldn't need to worry because of the tremendous gap in power!


Kiba ripped apart the explosion cloud and floated in the air. He locked his eyes on Kirstie, and a smile appeared on his face, almost like he was reading her thoughts.

"Sorry, Kirstie and whoever is controlling you, but Good Wives and Mothers are waiting for me, and I can't keep them waiting any longer."

His wings began to expand, shrouding everything in sight with his bright feathers. Even as this happened, they began to turn transparent and illusory.

"So this is the end."

Kiba dropped his hands and closed his eyes. He began to fade away, like a castle of sand in the middle of a storm.

And then he disappeared entirely…

There were no more traces of him. No aura, no presence at all.


Kirstie's heart thumped violently.

Thanks to her link with Lord Harley, she knew this wasn't something to rejoice. In fact, it was the exact opposite.

This was the prelude to a crisis of apocalyptic proportions!


She didn't have time to think. The world before her began to quake with powerful tremors, and she shot back.


A gigantic hand made from the sky, ground, air, and every force of nature emerged. It was like it was the manifestation of the world itself, and it shot at Kirstie.

She increased her speed and attacked the hand with beams.

But the instant the beams made contact, they became a part of the hand.

Kirstie wasn't surprised.

She melted the fabric of s.p.a.ce behind her and opened a teleportation portal. But to her surprise, the portal morphed into a palm and slammed her away.


She was knocked into the waiting hand. The hand started closing around her.

She tried to stop it by bursting out explosive flames, but the hand seemed to not feel it at all.


Having no choice, Kirstie summoned the ability she planned to use on Kiba when she was ready. She wasn't prepared now, but there was no other option.


Petals of fire emerged from her and bloomed out, turning into the Chaos Fire. This was the fire that transcended every other form of fire.


A thundering explosion followed, setting the curtain of reality on fire.

Rebecca looked at Kirstie and sighed.

"Her attack is going to be of no use…." Rebecca muttered. "She can't defeat him."

"No one can!"

Katherine added, her eyes filled with terror.

"Perhaps not even the family leaders!"

"No way!" Sophia was stunned. "The villain is that powerful!?"

"He might not be that powerful, but the ability he is using surely is!" Katherine replied.

"What ability is that?!"

Sophia could neither see Kiba nor feel him. Yet, it was evident that it was Kiba that was attacking Kirstie.

"Cosmic Embodiment!"


Sophia's face paled. She has heard of this ability.

The wielder of this ability becomes the world!

The very existence was him, and he was the existence!!

"This ability really exist…!"

Sophia thought it was only a legend.

Kirstie gritted her teeth in frustration.

She has set the curtain of reality on fire, and that should have burned away everything, including herself.

But the reality on fire was also a part of the world and hence a part of Kiba. The fire faded away, and the very reality turned into a cage to imprison her.

"Let me go!"

Kirstie attacked the cage.



The floor underneath her feet disappeared, and she was dropped from the sky.


To her horror, she found she couldn't use her powers any longer. It was like her powers weren't hers any longer! Instead, they belonged to the world!!

As she continued to fall, the consciousness of Lord Harley calmed her down and made her say:

"I don't fear death, but don't think you will escape from a mother's fury!"

"Who said anything about dying?"

Kiba's voice asked as the sky morphed into his eyes.

Kirstie's eyes expanded in shock.

In his golden pupils, there was a field of celestial objects, radiating a might she couldn't fathom.

As she gazed at them, they began to rotate like a hypnotic swirl, and she was pulled into them.

She became dazed, and her expression turned blank.

"Kirstie… you are tired. There's no reason for you to not have a rest."

A voice echoed into her, as if originating from the depths of her very being, telling her to relax.

Her eyelids turned heavy, and her breathing stagnated.

"Yes… no reason to not rest."

Kirstie agreed and stopped channeling energy through her body.


Her body of fire solidified, and she returned to her human form.

She fell asleep and dropped into Kiba's arm.

The face of Lord Harley's mental projection turned ugly.

"He can even control mind! And that too of an Alpha's!?"

Lord Harley couldn't believe this.

Having Cosmic Embodiment was terrifying enough, but now mind control to influence an Alpha… This was virtually unheard of!

"He keeps giving surprises!"

Lord Harley has lived for a long time and experienced many downs. So despite the shock, he quickly reacted by sending bursts of currents to Kirstie's mind through the tentacle-like veins.

He did this to awaken her but was surprised to find strands of golden lightning covering Kirstie's brain. The bursts of currents were blocked!

"This Kiba! Just who is he really?!"

Lord Harley couldn't help but wonder while increasing the current voltage.

"I'm the best f.u.c.k your mother ever had."

A voice replied from behind, startling Lord Harley.


"Yes, you unwanted product of condom failure."

Lord Harley swiftly turned around, but he shouldn't have.

Because instead of being greeted by Kiba's face, he was welcomed by Kiba's ever-reliable golden hammer.

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