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After the Jun couple eating, all of them entered the room without noticing that someone following them and before closing the door some object got thrown out on the floor then pressing a b.u.t.ton and go back in the living area without worry because that someone listening everything in a very calm demeanor. After hearing the little girl outburst, he got up and said to them.

"Grandma and guys, I need to use the restroom"

"Okay" then that someone left and interrupt their discussion.

"Let me do it"


Everyone freeze the moment they heard a familiar voice and they can't believe that all of them are being careless, right, all the kids, they need to know but at the right time and not this one.

After recognizing the voice everyone looking to Mei as if asking what are we going to do now?

Mei : (Left with no choice she called her son name) KEN!

Ken : Sorry Mom

Mei : Since when?

Ken : Let me come in first Mom

Mei : Tsk, tsk (walk and getting something from the floor then opening the door and let Ken come in while closing the door), so since when did you know?

Ken : The day before today or rather yesterday Mom

Mei : How long did you hear?

Ken : The moment all of you enter the room Mom

All : 'Then Everything Revealed'

Mei : (showing a small device) and how did you know it uses?

Ken : Well Lynel accidentally pick it up yesterday from Uncle El bag and because she doesn't know what it is uses she give it to Ellyn that this part got put on her dress before Ellyn give it to me and then Ren accidentally pressed this b.u.t.ton and I heard Bro Yu and Ellyn singing rehearsal. So when's Ellyn got back, I sneakingly get this before I test it again and again until I throw it before closing the door.

All : (Except Tae) Because you've been watching CONAN everyday

Ken : So let me do it okay?

Mei : No you can't Ken, I know you're smart and I trust you but I don't want you to be involve us in this adult matters because your still young.

Ken : I see and then ....

All : And then?

Ken : Auntie Rei I still didn't ask about the favor what I want, so ...

All : 'This kid'

Ken : Just be my mentor Auntie Rei and I want to be like you.

All : 'Figure it out since he heard everything'

Ken : Is it still a no?

Mei : Aside from this device, do you have anything aside from this?

Ken : He, he, he you really know me well Mom and yeah, here (give the pen recorder).

Mei : I see so that's the reason why you become a clingy person to me for the whole last week.

Ken : So Mom, can you do me a favor?

Mei : And what is it?

Ken : I want to be a hacker like Auntie Rei as R and JR then someday I would be JK - from his name Jang Ken-.

Mei : Then before I decide give me what this uses for? (about the pen recorder)

Ken : This? (pointing the pen recorder that already Mei holds it)

Mei : Yes

Ken : He, he, he at first I thought it was only a pen after I got this from you Mom, nah not I got since I sneakingly got it from you but then I discovered that it's just a pen in disguise because it records audio and video. You can use this recording pen just by pressing the top and just like a mechanical pen. The recordings will record but I still don't know how to review the said recording because it's not a flash drive type or any pins to connect.

Mei : Ha, ha this is the result of too much watching Detective Conan but tsk, tsk you have my permission, so when do you want to learn?

Ken : After todays event Mom

All : (speechless)

En : You want to stay here?

Ken : Yes Dad

En : How about your studies?

Ken : I will study here

En : You don't speak Sean.

Ken : I will learn

En : For how long?

Ken : Before I become an University Student

En : Just attain a degree here since they are more advance compared to T Country and on par in C Country.

Ken : So Dad it means you are agreeing with me to stay here?

En : Not yet and you must pa.s.s my challenge first.

Ken : Yes, what is it?

En : Since you heard everything, then spot all the police officers in secret before 2pm and I said all police officers and not miss one, understood?

Ken : Yes Dad

En : Good and you can stay with your Aunt if you got it all.

Ken : Yes Dad I will do my best and its not me want to stay here because Ellyn also want.

Both : (El and Lyn) what?

Ken : Oops sorry forgot about it, slip of a tongue and if you want to know Uncle El and Auntie Lyn just ask Ellyn instead of me.

En : You can go out now and don't tell them.

Ken : Yes Dad (then exiting the room while smiling and whistling)

Both : (En and Mei) idiot

Rei : You know what?

Both : (En and Mei) what?

Rei : You are discussing this matter as if I and my husband are not here.

Mei : Why, is it no good?

Rei : ....'just like mother and daughter pair. Ken got his seriousness from this old man while he got his antics from this Sister of mine'

Mei : Sis, why are you looking at me like that? I'm a that beautiful for you to be like that.

Rei : (speechless)

Lyn : So now what are we going to do?

Mei : What else? We have no other choice

Rei : Whatever it is we have no choice since we got busted

El : Right, so it would be unfair to the other Kids when Ken already knows it accidentally and to avoid any misunderstanding between the family we must let them know even though they're still young to know it. Ah, that's right speaking about it, how about you Bro Tae? Did you already know our family secrets or only Rei's secrets?

Tae : Family Secrets, El.

Mei : Woah Sis. You really trust Bro Tae that much.

Rei : Well I only told Tae about our Family Secrets a week after we registered our marriage and my secrets when we officially dating.

Both : (El and Mei said at the same time) woah, it's really proven that were really siblings since I also did the samething.

All : (except the siblings) 'what? You're still questioning that one when in fact it's obvious that the three of you are siblings because you have the same features, personalities and characteristics'.

All : (As if they heard their thoughts) what?

All : (Husbands / Wife of them) nothing.

El : Alright let's get out now and tell them.

All : (sighing)


Since all of them left with no choice but just to tell them before they misunderstanding something and that misunderstanding will create a s.p.a.ce to mess up the family unity and to avoid that they need to tell them even they're still young.

And then everyone are now out from the room by pair then called their Mother except Tae since he just joined the family.

"Ma, we got busted"

Aya wavered for a moment and then said to all of them "all of you are too careless"

El : Sorry Ma, we didn't realize it (then everyone seat in the couch)

Aya : So don't tell me the one who discovered is Ken?

All : (Except Tae) Bingo

Aya : (Speechless)...

Ren : Eh, eh what's with this we got busted?.

Lynel : Right, right and how come you got busted?

Ellyn : And what did Bro Ken discovered?

El : Alright everyone listen

All : (Except Ken) Yes Uncle El/Dad

El : We're keeping it but that doesn't meant were hiding it because we want to tell it to everyone when you reach 16 years old but then in some circ.u.mstances Ken discovered it very early than at the right time. Since Ken already know about it not at all but since he had already then we want everyone to know in order to avoid some family conflicts. So now before this, I need the 4 of you to promise something about.

All : Yes Dad / Uncle El and what is it?

El : That you keep it only from you and no one's know about it since it's our family secret.

All : Yes Dad / Uncle El, will keep it forever.

El : Alright do you know about this? (audio recorder)

Lynel : Ooh, it's from your bag Dad.

Ellyn : O, Lynel give it to me and I don't know about that one so I give it to Bro Ken

El : It's a an audio recorder.

All : (Except Ken) Eh, audio recorder? (yes, they are all familiar because the kids are all CERTIFIED DETECTIVE CONAN ADDICTS)

El : Yes Audio Recorder and this one, any idea of it?

All : (Except Ken) A pen and don't tell us it's PEN RECORDER?

El : Bingo

All : Woah!

El : That's what Ken only know.

Ken : Eh?

El : (Then get 7 devices including the audio recorder and pen recorder)

All : Eh, what are they?

El : This is Finger and Footprints Blocker (like a tissue in disguise), this is Voice Changer (like a wrist watch), this is a Pinhole Camera Recorder with Sensor (a small one bead), this is a GPS Tracker (like a bubble gum), this is a Voice Tracker (like a cap of bottled water), this is a Pen Recorder for Audio and Video (like a Mechanical Pen) and last this is an Audio Recorder and Speaker (like a wireless earphone).

All : .....(shocked and dumbfounded)

El : You can use it freely when you are in C Country and you can still use it in another Country as long as you are a Ceno but you only use if it's really necessary to use.

Ken : Eh, why only us from C Country?

El : Because it's a privilege for us since the inventors are all Cenos.

Ken : And who are the inventors?

En : Your Mom, Uncle El and Auntie Rei Ken

All : Eh?

All : (siblings) uh-uh

Ken : R----really?

All : Uh-uh

Lynel : Just like Professor Agasa

All : Perhaps

Ellyn : Is it out of the market yet?

El : Yes already out of the market but you can't buy it easily without any approval from us.

Ren : Is it Expensive?

El : Not expensive since it's an affordable price but not easy to achieve. If you are CENOS, you can purchase maximum of 20 units and only 1 Unit for every other Citizens in other Country after an approval from us.

Ken : And how can they get approval from you Mom, Uncle El and Auntie Rei?

Rei : Good question, Ken and they know that they got the approval from any of us after it got release from the market.

Ellyn : Eh, you mean that the devices got out from the market are already approved from any of you and then only can get it when they've proven that their is on the lists.

All : (siblings) BINGO

Lynel : I see but we can't have it yet because we're still young

El : All of you can have it now since you already know about this devices but all of you must be careful enough for the others who's been greedy enough and have a scheming personalities.

All : (As a Detective Conan Addict they already understand) uh-uh

El : So now aside from this, there's still something more. (said while give them each of the 7 devices and the KIDS accepts it happily)

Mei : Bro El, how many devices you always bringing?

El : At least 5 each of it. Ah, that's right how about you Bro Tae?

Tae : I already have it El.

All : Eh?

Rei : Tae is my husband.

All : (Except Tae) .......

After their speechless of Rei 100% Trust from her husband, El explain everything to them but not included with the another family matters and all the kids are too surprised and shocked because all of their family members except them (kids) are already an influential one and yet they were all stay low profile and most of all they didn't got change and remain the same.

The most they got surprised is the true ident.i.ty of each of them and then they just realized what's the real reason that they look abnormal compared to another kids because their family monster genes. After talking it everything then El ask the latest concern he had.

El : So now?

All : T---there's another else?

El : Nah that's all.

All : .....'if there's another more then for sure we will die because of this family monstrous genes'

El : But what I concerned the most was I heard from Ken that your planning to stay here Ellyn

Ellyn : Eh? T---that...

Rei : (Backing up her nieces) Ellyn want to debut as a Singer here in S Country Bro El but she set aside and will proceeds her dreams 7 years from now.

El : I see but what if I tell you that you can achieve it now if Ken pa.s.s the challenge from En?

Ellyn : Eh, really Dad?

El : Yup as long as Ken pa.s.s then you can stay here

Ellyn : Really, really?

El : 100% accurate sure but....

Ellyn : But I would be dating Yu at the right time, so what age Dad?

All : (speechless)

Ellyn : Dad?

El : Ehem, ehem, do you really like him?

Ellyn : (blushed then shyly nodded)

El : I see and 16 years old

Ellyn : Okay

El : So you will study here and learn Sean Language

Ellyn : Uh-uh

El : I see, how about you Lynel?

Lynel : I also want to be a Singer Dad but I want to debut in C Country.

El : I see then Ellyn Personal Manager will be Rei and Lynel Personal Manager will be Mei

Both : 'Woah Bro El you appointed us without waiting for our confirmation'

El : (as if he heard them) why, you don't want to?

Both : We want it Bro El. 'Do we still have a choice when you already decide it?'

El : Good, now En your turn

En : Okay, now since we know that Ken want to follow Rei as a hacker, how about you Ren?

Ren : I want to be a Police Officer.

All : Because of Kaede?

Ren : No I'm not and I'm still too young for that matters. What I want is, I want to be one because I want to protect all of you Dad, Mom, Auntie Rei, Uncle Tae, Uncle El, Auntie Lyn, Grandma Aya, Bro Ken, Ellyn, Lynel and my future young cousin twins

All : ... (They never expect that the childish one is dreaming to become a police officer to protect them but well they will support whatever they want)

Ren : So Bro Ken do your best and I will also do my best. Same with you Ellyn and Lynel.

All : YES

Mei : Now, now before we forgot both twins will become an Elder Brothers and an Elder Sisters this coming Feb next year.

All : Eh?

Lyn : Yup yup me for two weeks and Mei for one week but we still don't know the gender since it's a dot.

All : A dot?

Rei : A dot first then it will become fetus and finally it will be a baby

All : I see

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