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That afternoon, the presentation demo was to be conducted, highlighting Willow while she shows everyone her own process of planting the strawberries. She would also be conducting a presentation about the program which she and Ang had rehea.r.s.ed for a couple of times already. There at the demo, a bigger crowd will be watching the girl as she discussed her own discovery.

Few minutes before the demo started, people started gathering at L Empire's laboratory room very much looking forward to seeing what a girl can contribute to L Empire. Many were actually curious especially when the news about Willow being Ziggorioh Montreal's daugther scattered all throughout L Empire corporate center.

Ang however was having a serious problem right then, unknown to everyone. Willow, unluckily was having some serious tantrums and demanded something that Ang had no way of giving.

"Uncle Ang you promised me," Willow was sulking, pouting her lips disappointedly.

"Little Miss you know that's not true. I didn't promise you anything," Ang denied her words. "I only told you the possibility but I did not ever promised you that it will sure happen"

"No you did," Willow was almost crying, knowing for sure that her expectations was far from happening, "You told me my mommy will come if I do well,"

"Oh dear," Ang sighed deeply, very much tempted to scratch his bald head yet he was trying not to because it would make him look like someone unprofessional, "I did told you your mommy will come if you did something good but I did not say it will be today and on this progam,"

"But I did very well and I want my mommy to see me, Uncle Ang," Willow expressed badly. She worked hard for this moment only to be told that she can't have what she deeply wanted. "Doesn't she want me?"

"You know that's not true and you know very well Little Miss that I don't even know where your mommy is," Ang honestly replied, "I don't have any contacts with her. We come here in this country with nothing but only hope and besides, this is not we are here for. This event right here was just a stop-over, after this we have to go to the South right away, that is what you wanted the most right? The one that's waiting for us in the South"

"Yes. But…but…but that's before I even thought I wanted to see my mommy this bad right not," Willow cried even more. This was the first time she's going on a stage and just like every child, they expect their parents to be there no matter how odd the circ.u.mstances were.

"Mr. Bard, the demo is about to start," The organizer called for Ang's attention. They were in the backstage by then waiting. "Is the Little Miss alright?"

"I'm sorry Miss but could please give me a couple of minutes?" Ang asked politely hoping that he could calm Willow down yet to his surprise, Willow moved and walked on her own toward the small stage with her lab gown and stood in front of everyone.

"O G.o.d!" Ang helplessly cupped his head as he watched her. He knew how unpredictable the Little Miss can be and right then he wasn't sure whether she's going to give everyone a demo or give them a good crying show.

When Willow stepped in, everyone antic.i.p.ated her words but minutes had pa.s.sed and Willow remained silent at the front, almost like crying. She stood there for minutes, looking for someone in the crowd without moving, until her audience started whispering amongst themselves.


Xhemin arrived at L Empire and even without invitation, she rushed inside hurriedly which of course raised an immediate commotion amongst the receptionists and the guards of L Empire.

"Madam, I'm sorry but we cannot allow you to enter further," The head of security came to stop Xhemin's entry. She was already on the elevator's area, which of course was a place not for guest who comes without an appointment.

"She's the CEO of LGC, we demand an audience with your President," It was Clay who negotiated with them while Xhemin was standing at his back, waiting for the elevator to open up for them.

"Not one among our bosses can entertain you at this time sire, Madam," The head of reception intervened. "They are all in a very important presentation. But if you want, you can wait in our VIP lounge and I promised to call President D's attention once the demo is finished."

"I'm afraid we cannot wait any longer," Clay insisted. He and Xhemin were surrounded by Xhemin's personal security while L Empire's own building security was interrogating them. "We come for a very important matter, please just let us pa.s.s,"

"Sir we have a tight security protocol here and if you insist we will be force to apply violence," The head of security threatened, "You probably don't want that,"

Just then, the elevator rung open and everyone braced themselves. No one moved as everybody's breathing fastened. Xhemin's security stood their ground, waiting for Clay's instructions while L Empire's security guard the elevator carefully.

Clay looked at Xhemin, hoping she'll choose retreat but just as he thought she would, the CEO of LGC walked through the elevator alone as if she do not need anyone's permission to do so.

"Madam," The head of L Empire's security was about to stop her by holding her shoulder but before he could touch her, Xhemin looked at him in the eye.

"I am your President's wife," Xhemin's words came as threat. "So better think twice before touching me,"

Although the head of security wasn't sure whether her words were true, Xhemin's eyes bore no fear in it that made the head of security shudder and thus he hesitated. Rumours about their President's marriage with the LGC's CEO had spread through the whole L Empire few weeks ago and although it wasn't formally confirmed, he can't take much of the risk.


-Chapter ends here-                       

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