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Chapter 1668: Improvisational Battle Plan

Ninth Si’s information had been verified by the military scouts to be completely accurate.

The team leaders from several other counties recommended Xu Zhenyu to be the person-in-charge of this upcoming operation.

They were all now at the provisional meeting room.

The team leaders and deputy team leaders of the various countries were all gathered around a long table, discussing and fixing up an improvisational battle plan.

The temperature of the desert countries was extremely high. Even though it was winter now, the daytime temperatures were unbearably scorching. The soldiers had shed their thick uniforms to reveal bronzed, lean muscles.

Si Yiyan attended the meeting as a third-party to this mission. He alone was fully dressed in a black s.h.i.+rt among the bare-chested soldiers. The b.u.t.ton on his collar was undone, revealing his Adam’s apple, while the sleeves of his s.h.i.+rt were rolled up to bare his forearms. He looked exceptionally eye-catching.

“Hey! It’s such a hot day. Don’t you feel hot bound up so tightly like that?” Jiang Hongjie slapped him on the back with a grin.

Si Yiyan glanced at the hand on his shoulder and raised his brows in silence.

Jiang Hongjie’s grin faltered when he felt something hard being pressed against the back of his head. The sound of a gun being c.o.c.ked resonated in the air.

“Take your hand off!” A monotonous, ice-cold voice rang out, carrying with it a fatal warning.

Jiang Hongjie’s expression had completely frozen. He could tell the voice belonged to the man who had stood beside Ninth Si and pointed a gun to his forehead.

“Hey! Don’t be so anxious. I mean no harm. Really…” Jiang Hongjie stammered as he carefully removed his hand from Ninth Si’s shoulder, before lifting them above his head.

Si Yiyan glanced at the stiff-faced Jiang Hongjie. “He is very cowardly. Don’t scare him!”

With that, the man clad in black lowered his gun.

Jiang Hongjie’s face fell. Was that person just fooling around with him, and he had been completely played?

Jiang Hongjie glared at that ultra-cool, impa.s.sive man. Could such a poker face also know how to joke around?

This world was full of surprises!

Xu Zhenyu stood in the meeting room and indicated at the images projected onto the screen on the wall. “This is the target of our operations, nicknamed ‘Ghost Snake’. He is 45 years old and an internationally wanted criminal. He has been working for JH for many years, mainly in Russia and Country Z, as well as some of the smaller Asian nations. He specializes in supplying the mafia and terrorist groups with weaponry. He had a hand in multiple terrorist attacks, and is a major threat to society.”

Xu Zhenyu gave a simple introduction to the target of their upcoming operations: Ghost Snake!

The information on Ghost Snake provided by the headquarters was not too detailed. But Ninth Si had managed to offer a much more comprehensive set of information.

His set of information comprised of Ghost Snake’s criminal activities throughout the years. His illegal weapons trading, his eating habits, and his usual lifestyle. There were even a personality a.n.a.lysis and a theory as to his criminal inclinations, including his particular style of doing things.

Xu Zhenyu knew that it was Ninth Si who had done the a.n.a.lysis.

Xu Zhenyu had been studying the information and a.n.a.lysis the moment he got it.

Even he had to admit that the clarity, astuteness, and logic behind this a.n.a.lysis was far beyond that of the most professional a.n.a.lysts in the army.

It was highly valuable and extremely beneficial to their upcoming operations. It also gave their mission a larger chance at success.

“Our mission is to stop Ghost Snake’s criminal activities in the Middle East and disrupt his weapons trading without exposing our own ident.i.ties. The success of this operation is paramount, even at the sacrifice of our own lives.”

The image on the screen flickered and the contents changed.

“Next, let me introduce our improvised battle plan.”

Xu Zhenyu’s improvisational battle plan was extremely detailed and quite elaborate.

It was divided into four main steps.

The first step was the extraction plan. Xu Zhenyu had studied the location of their target and determined the best route of extraction, as well as the other necessary arrangements so that a successful extraction could be ensured.

The second step was the resource deployment plan. Their main mission was to kill Ghost Snake, and snipers were the primary executors for this operation. The others would be responsible for creating distractions, providing cover fire or drawing the target. Everyone had their own role to play in this operation.

Xu Zhenyu had a.n.a.lyzed the geography of Ghost Snake’s location and came up with the most advantageous sniper positions.

The third step was the execution plan. Success was paramount and failure was not an option. The moment the operation started, every soldier was allowed to improvise according to his own judgment of the situation.

Based on his years of battle experience and his a.n.a.lysis of the information on Ghost Snake, Xu Zhenyu listed out some possible scenarios and the corresponding arrangements.

The fourth step was the remedial plan in case of failure.

Xu Zhenyu spent a full 40 minutes explaining his entire improvisational battle plan.

“This improvisational battle plan will keep changing and adapting according to the reality of the situation, and should only be used as a guide. The actual plan of action will depend on the years of battle experience and professional military that all of you here possess. Does anyone have any opinions?”

Previously, he had tried mapping out an improvisational battle plan, but they possessed so little information that the plan was too incomplete and sketchy. It was impossible to execute.

It was all thanks to Ninth Si’s exhaustive information that this battle plan could be done up in such detail.

He was confident that as long as the execution was carried out properly, this mission could be successfully completed.

“The improvisational battle plan is very comprehensive and detailed. We have nothing else to add.” The other team leaders expressed their approval of Xu Zhenyu’s plan.

Si Yiyan said mildly, “As a third party to this mission, I will coordinate my own arrangements according to this battle plan.”

The improvisational battle plan did not include anything on the duties of the third party. It was obvious that Xu Zhenyu did not intend to interfere with Si Siyan’s own arrangements, but allowed him to make his own decision on how to best coordinate with the rest.

It was a wise choice.

Not only would this avoid unnecessary troubles and awkwardness, but this would also effectively limit Si Siyan’s partic.i.p.ation in this operation, making them remain guarded against him.

Xu Zhenyu was indeed exceptionally astute in military planning and strategy!

Xu Zhenyu nodded. “Thank you!”

Although he did not get along well with Ninth Si, they kept their animosity private.

Moreover, having interacted with him quite a bit this period of time, although Xu Zhenyu remained guarded against Ninth Si, he was also very impressed with his capabilities.

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