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Was he afraid that I would leave with Su Chengzhao, so he cracked down on Su's company?

I naively thought he still loved me, but the reality was I still loved him foolishly. And how I hoped that my guess was right.

The door was opened. I thought it was Su Chengzhao who came back, and was going to ask him what was going on with his company. But it turned out to be Dr. Liu.

Dr. Liu came in with a medical report in his hand. He looked around the ward, presumably was looking for Su Chengzhao.

I said to him with a forced smile, "He was out. Just tell me if you have something to say." Dr. Liu looked at me with a somber expression, and hesitated for a moment before speaking, "Miss Mo, how are you feeling now?"

Looked at his serious expression, I began to be nervous. Then I nodded and said, "I feel very tired and my lower abdomen is very painful."

Dr. Liu handed me the report with knitted brows. When I saw the contents, I could not hear clearly what the doctor was saying anymore. I didn't even know when Dr. Liu left.

At this moment, my determination of revenge began to hesitate because of this report.

My hatred at this moment was also hesitant because of the content of this report.

My heart was filled with bitterness. I closed my eyes and kept all the grievance in my heart.

I hid the report nervously when I heard the sound of door opening. I looked up and saw Qin Mochen come in with a cold face.

When I thought about his suppression of Su Chengzhao's company and that report, I couldn't help but clench my hands and make a decision in my heart.

I suddenly got up and grasped his arm when he came up to me.

This sequence of movements exhausted almost all my strength.

Qin Mochen did not expect me to do so. He was surprised in a moment and then said ironically, "Do you want to be a limmer again? Can't you wait to sleep with me just after miscarrying?"

His sardonic tone made me feel hurt. And at this moment I wondered if I flattered myself again.

Looking at his impa.s.sive expression, I couldn't resist asking, "Mochen, you still care about me, right? You suppressed Su Chengzhao's company for fear that I would leave with him, right?"

I clenched my hands and tensed up for his answer.

After a long silence, his contemptuous, disgusted and mocking eyes woke me up. I knew that his love for me was only my hallucination.

My heart was like dead ashes.

I was thrown on the bed ruthlessly by Qin Mochen. I was already paralyzed by the despair in the heart and failed to feel the pain on my body.

He looked at me indifferently. His voice full of extreme disgust, "Mo Yufei, how cheap you are!"

He was right. I was cheap. My love for him was so cheap and so undignified.

I closed my eyes for a while, and then stared at him with malice, asking, "Qin Mochen, since you don't love me and the woman you love has come back to you, why don't you let me go? Why do you want to trap me around you? Are you trying to show me how much you love her?"

Qin Mochen came up to me and grabbed my collar. He picked me up like picking up a dog.

Looking into my resentful eyes, he said, "The debt your father owed me in the past will have to be paid by you. Yulin has suffered so much for your father that I will inflict more on you."

After hearing his words, I s.h.i.+vered. I wanted to contradict his accusation and say that my father didn't do it, but he didn't give me a chance.

He threw me on the bed ruthlessly again, and said coldly, "Someone will send you to my house today. From today, your position in my family is a servant. You are the humblest servant. If you dare to annoy Yulin, you will have to suffer the pain ten times!"

When he had finished speaking, he left without hesitation.

At the moment, I seemed to fall into the abyss of h.e.l.l. I was so cold, and no warmth could save me.

In the evening, I was forcibly brought back to his villa. He didn't care about my weak body, and let me do what the servant should do the next day.

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