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Published at 10th of October 2019 11:29:35 PM Chapter 106

Although he had a handsome face, his personality was unpredictable and his aura was very domineering . Sometimes when she was in front of him, she felt like giving him a wide berth .

Xiaojie was not even afraid .

He still could talk and laugh with the man, and seemed to get along with him well .

Nan Zhi had to admit her little darling was much more fearless than other children .

Xiaojie tilted his head and saw Nan Zhi who was standing by the door . He beamed and beckoned her over with a flurry of excited hand gestures . “Pretty Zhizhi, why are you standing there? Come in quickly!”

Nan Zhi looked at the figure of the man who had his back to the door . Hearing that she was coming in, he sat unmoving on the bed, like he had no intention of leaving .

Nan Zhi went in and was about to say something when she heard Xiaojie's innocent request . “Pretty Zhizhi, I want to sleep with you and Uncle Cool tonight . ”

Nan Zhi stumbled and almost fell to the ground .


She must have heard wrong .

Xiaojie had never liked her to have intimate contact with other men . Previously, a pursuer called her and the little fellow had interrogated her for a long time before stopping, and it was only after she rejected the man that he did .

How could he possibly ask her to sleep with a man?

Xiaojie could see that Nan Zhi was unwilling . In fact, he was unwilling too, but he lost the jigsaw puzzle compet.i.tion just now and the cunning Uncle Cool had proposed before the compet.i.tion that whoever lost would have to fulfil the winner's request .

Who knew he was so despicable and shameless that he proposed to sleep with him and Pretty Zhizhi tonight . Uncle Cool was really too tricky!

But… He's a man and since he lost, he must keep his promise!

“Young Master Mu, it's getting late . You should go back and rest . ” Nan Zhi reminded him .

Mu Sihan ignored Nan Zhi . He had his back towards Nan Zhi and she couldn't see his expression . He threw a pointed look at Xiaojie .

Xiaojie stood up from the bed and tugged at Nan Zhi's clothes with a pitiful face . “Pretty Zhizhi, I have never seen my Daddy who went to heaven since I was young . After I got to know Uncle Cool, he made me feel like I have a Daddy with his broad shoulders and firm chest…”

Looking at the little fellow who had on an expression of chagrin on his face while he was talking, the corners of Nan Zhi's lips twitched .

This deceiving little thing!

He did not know how this Uncle Cool he called so sweetly had bullied his mom!

“Pretty Zhizhi, don't worry, this bed is 1 . 8 meters . I'll sleep in the middle so Uncle Cool can't do anything bad to you!”

Nan Zhi felt some pain in her temples . She did not know what kind of spell Mu Sihan had cast on Xiaojie that could make her little darling speak up for him!

“Pretty Zhizhi, I'm seriously ill, maybe it can't be cured…”

Two voices interrupted Xiaojie's unfinished words in unison .

“Shut up! It can be cured!”

“Don't talk nonsense!”

The room was silent for a few seconds .

Xiaojie blinked his big black eyes, looking at the man with a cold face and the woman who was frowning .

Suddenly he exclaimed, “There is some chemistry between Pretty Zhizhi and Uncle Cool!”

Nan Zhi walked towards Xiaojie and embraced him while admonis.h.i.+ng him with a stern expression . “Nan Xiaojie, you're not allowed to say things about how you can't be cured again! Do you understand?”

Xiaojie nodded his head and put his two tender arms around Nan Zhi's neck and he kissed Nan Zhi's angry face with his small and delicate lips . “Okay, Pretty Zhizhi don't be angry . Let's sleep with Uncle Cool!”

Nan Zhi did not know what was wrong with the little fellow tonight . Why did they have to sleep with Mu Sihan?

Did he really want a Daddy?

But she still had a psychological trauma of Mu Sihan, and did not want to share a bed with him .

“Darling, uncle has a fiancée . If he sleeps with us, his fiancée will get angry . ”

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