World Development System Chapter 336: 267. Plato and Endo's meeting.

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Chapter 336: 267. Plato and Endo's meeting.


In the Imperial Palace of Aelius, His Majesty Lionheart was looking at the newspaper which was speed delivered to him by Prime Minister and Mayor of Imperial City, Andrew Greenwald.

After looking at the newspaper, there was a look of satisfaction on Lionheart's face.

He spoke as he read the newspaper, "Looks like Plato did a very fine job this time around. Now I will see how those pesky n.o.bles badmouth me behind my back."

Lionheart then looked toward and Andrew and asked, "So what are your opinions now?"

Looking at the energetic mood of Lionheart, nodded and spoke, "It was a fine result, your Majesty. Since Sky Times has officially printed this news we can now be sure of their intentions of not going back on their word on Princess Sally. A temporary peace is the best result for us in the long term."

Lionheart nodded heartfully and spoke, "Yes, if we continued that useless war then Fire-abyss and Bryndyll would have eventually attacked us at our weakest. It seems even that child could come in handy in times of need."

At this time, Mayor Andrew nodded and spoke, "Milord, I think it would be best if we send a part of your Royal guards to protect Princess Sally's mother, Anna to Redwood City. There are a lot of people who want to ruin this deal."

Lionheart nodded and spoke as he prepared a doc.u.ment for, "Yes, it would be best if we do it immediately. Who knows those pesky b.a.s.t.a.r.ds of the Radiant Church or those Dukes would even lay their hands on her to jeopardize this deal to further their own interests., take this authority letter and go and tell the vice-captain of the Royal guards and his team to go to Redwood City Palace and Protect Concubine Anna. He will also have to escort her to Sky with Plato after his return. Also, tell Plato that I will be accepting the founding of Sky and his Majesty John based on our agreement. For the Domestic Populace, just tell the people that it was simply a Dowry for their marriage. I will see which of the n.o.bles dare to refute it. We will also be officially canonizing Lady Sally as a Princess." smilingly nodded and spoke, "Yes, The n.o.bles who want their soldiers and sons back would inevitably bow down to us. So this was quite a better result than what we expected. I guess Princess Sally and his Majesty John's friends.h.i.+p did come in play when we proposed this Alliance via marriage."

After giving the letter, with a serious look, Lionheart asked a question to both of them, "By the way, what is your opinion on that battle yesterday? This son-in-law of mine seems quite capable."

Mayor Andrew nodded and gave a report to Lionheart and spoke, "Yes, Lord Plato has confirmed that his Majesty Sky is indeed General Anak. As far as his battle capabilities are concerned, it is on par with Fire-abyss King, Apollyon."

Lionheart thought seriously and spoke, "Listening to you guys, I think it will be best to treat him on par with Fire-abyss kingdom and not provoke him since Sky has only grown stronger after the previous war and who knows what other things are hidden by that Madman. The last time when we attacked him, we were duped that he is very weak compared to us but that was not the case. I have also heard that a lot of their weapons are designed by John himself so there may be a lot of other weapons which are not in public view like the Bazooka that they used yesterday against Irmela. I am of the view that we shouldn't attack Sky in the future so that we will have a high moral ground in case they start the hostilities. What are your views?" thought for a while as he nodded and spoke, "Yes, your majesty is quite right in his a.n.a.lysis that his Majesty Sky tries to project himself as a sheep but he is in fact a wolf who wants both the Moral ground and the resources when a war is finished. I too think that it will be better to have cordial relations with him so that he can't get a chance to attack us on any pretext. He is certainly more than what meets the eye. Additionally, I know from my sources that he will be marrying Duke Fredric's Daughter, Diana so he will be having quite a financial as well as military clout. Your majesty, what to do about Greenwoods Village matter?"

Lionheart nodded as he dismissed the meeting, "Ok, we will be discussing this in detail when Plato returns and take his views as well. All of you are dismissed for now., you have to immediately arrange Vice-captain of the Royal guards for the protection of Concubine Anna. And also arrange for the Imperial recorder to record Sally as a princess of Aelius from today onwards."

"I understand that Greenwoods village will have to be given up in case we need Mana restoring pills. It has no value but after the ma.s.sacre, it has become scandalous for the Royal family and n.o.bles. However, Plato has made the right decision for now."

Both Andrew and bowed as they left the chambers after taking the orders.


Both Andrew and were outside the chambers as Andrew showed a rare smile and asked, "You don't seem happy after watching Plato's performance." looked at the newspaper as he furrowed his brows after hearing Andrew and spoke, "Well, his smug face does look irritating and currently he has a lot of focus by n.o.bles due to the interview. But, it is still all good since his Majesty is in a good mood today after such a long time. I guess he was waiting for this news so as to reduce the burden of resources on the borders. The Soldiers will also relax a bit after hearing this news. This will inevitably stop the desertion and the reduced morale." thought as he looked at the new newspaper, 'This thing called Newspaper is quite a good propaganda tool whether it is to inform, manipulate or educate the according to our needs. From the interview, it can be seen that it is a good tool for building up one's image as well. Next time in Imperial Court, I too will propose the need for a national newspaper.'


Prince Hector was seething with rage as soon as he read the report of Alistair. He muttered slowly, "If even Irmela can't kill him then what else can we try? Do I, A prince really need to bow my head and reconcile with him?"

At this time, Alistair bought some cla.s.sified doc.u.ments and spoke, "Milord, look at these doc.u.ments and you will understand that even a King doesn't have all the power he needs. Even your father at times had to bow to Duke Norman's Father for his support to gain the throne or else your Uncle would have become the king of Aelius with the help of the Longbonder family. You must just think of the previous defeats as a process of learning and growing or else the throne will eventually slip away from your hands."

Prince Hector was just about to lash out but stopped and thought, "You..."

'I guess he is making sense. In this whole ordeal against John, I have been taking a lot of decisions based on my emotions and this has lead to a lot of defeats. In the previous war, I was led by the nose the whole time as if I was under someone else's control. Though we made a lot of preparations in our conspiracy against John but he was prepared the whole time. I must have understood that John was baiting the whole time ever since he gave up the Ballista's technology.'

After calming down, Prince Hector asked Alistair, "Ok, What should we do next to get past this ordeal?"

Alistair smiled as he saw that Hector calmed down and spoke, "First, we need to meet Minister Plato after he comes back and tell him about the whole Greenwoods Village incident. We just need to pa.s.s the blame to Prince Charlie. That was the only time when you didn't ask my opinions due to the instigation by Prince Charlie. Though a little bit of reputation will be lost but people will stop doubting you as the mastermind of the previous scheme. Next, you need to congratulate Princess Sally on her canonization as an Imperial Princess so as to show your goodwill to the outside world for the marriage of your Sister and his majesty John. This will help you earn the favor of his Majesty since it was his majesty who wanted to conclude the peace deal and this plan was most likely built by Lord Plato."

Prince Hector nodded and spoke, "Ok, we will go with this. Now that I think about it, I was indeed manipulated by Charlie. It seems that he didn't want to catch the attention of John, NO, it should be His Majesty John since even my Lord father has accepted him as a rightful king coming into existence due to circ.u.mstances. Go and start making the preparations since we already got a letter from Plato yesterday for a meeting."

Alistair nodded as he left and thought, 'Of course I was targeting that from the start. This time we will see what other cards are in the hands of Prince Charlie. For our crisis to be lifted, we need another scandal and hence the need to muddy the waters.'


At the time, Plato, Luke, Joel and Princess Rona were meeting General Endo in his guest house after getting permission from John.

Endo was lazily sipping his tea while reading the newspaper as there was no other form of entertainment in his house arrest.

Rona spoke as soon as she entered his room, "You seem to be enjoying yourself over here brother."

General Endo nodded and spoke, "I guess life has been relaxing over here. In fact quite better when it comes to food and comfort apart from the rigorous checks."

"Since you guys are allowed to meet me I guess a deal has already been cut with you guys."

Rona relaxed as she looked over and spoke, "Yes, A deal has already been cut. You and your men can come back."

Endo thought and spoke, "No wonder these guys rushed me back immediately. Well, I pretty much guess it after reading the news report. I would like to report a new development which I noticed here at Sky,"

Rona nodded and spoke, "Go on. we have already made a formation around this palace. No one outside can hear anything."

Endo spoke after getting her permission, "From my understanding, I don't think Sky has any needs of outside funding. I have heard servants saying that a lot of s.h.i.+ps were unloaded at Winter City which was full of gold. It seems that Aurora has a lot of resources. Sky is only feigning to be weak. I think it would be good if we invest early in Sky with the opportunities presented. By the way, I ain't going back after my home arrest ends here. I am fully going to travel and enjoy this country. There are quite a lot of fun things which I have missed out on when I heard the guards talking of going to theatres, Zoos and Parks."

Rona had an irritated look as she heard Endo and thought, 'Just the facilities alone will make people not want to go back. Turning the Tap will make water come out, Then there is this called gas and there are those toilets as well. We need these magical systems at our Imperial Palace at least. No these systems are not magical as far as those servants spoke. Anyway, I need to bring this idiot back for now.'

As soon as Plato heard him, he astonis.h.i.+ngly roared towards General Endo, "What the f.u.c.k? Are you frigin kidding me? What will become of our face if you don't even go back at least once to show your face to his Majesty and Her Highness."

Meanwhile, Grey in the control room almost laughed after hearing out Endo who had become accustomed to the comfortable lifestyle here at Sky.

Grey coughed a bit and spoke, "Record everything so that we can give a report to his Majesty later on. Also mention that bugs can pa.s.s through magic perception and formation unless the bugs are specially studied."

Endo had an irritated look as spoke, "Can't you guys manage with my body double?"

Ignoring the childish rants of his elder brother, Rona showed her air of authority and spoke with an irritated look, "It is already decided that you will come back with us later on after the crowning ceremony. You can come back with Plato later on when he escorts Concubine Anna to Sky."

Endo spoke with a confused look, "Concubine Anna?"

Rona nodded and spoke, "Yes, Concubine Anna, She and her Daughter, Princess Sally have already been canonized by his Majesty. If you can't remember her then she was exiled by the Imperial Court to Redwood City Palace during her time as a maid."

Endo remember and nodded, "Ahh! Yes, Sally's mother, I remember she was quite a beauty and was fancied by his Majesty but due to her low birth as well as no support from the inner palace she couldn't become a concubine."

"By the way, I suggest that we bring all the n.o.bles and soldiers apart from those who are related to the Radiant Church. This way, we will gain the favor of multiple factions while his Majesty too will be appreciative of our actions. Those who are affiliated to the Radiant Church will inevitably bow down to his majesty if it comes to their men."

Plato and others nodded as Plato spoke, "Yes, I originally planned to do the same. Meanwhile, do you want to travel with us here at Sky now that you will be free? We will be here for a month for conducting business."

Endo nonchalantly spoke, "Sure, I was already getting bored in here. You guys should prepare for an authority letter from Taylor or Quill for my release."

After the conclusion of their talks, Rona and others took their leave.


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