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Chapter 940 – Shaking the Imperial Capital

Lei Xiaoyu subconsciously lifted her head, arrogance on her features. The Big Brother Qin she had chosen was outstanding like this. So what if these were the so-called cultivating geniuses of the imperial capital? When Big Brother Qin was keeping a low profile, perhaps these people might be able to cause a minor ruckus, but once he became serious they would finally understand what it meant to eat dirt!

As Lei Xiaoyu was indulging in all sorts of fanciful thoughts, Qin Yu continued moving towards the altar. She suddenly sighed. Her Big Brother Qin was eye-catching to begin with, but now his image had been completely revamped. She feared that this new image of his would only draw more s.e.x-crazed women to him.

Ding Hao looked at Qin Yu and then glanced at the obviously moved Lei Xiaoyu. He felt a trace of bitterness in his heart. He possessed absolute confidence in himself, but now, in a situation where Qin Yu wasn’t even targeting him, all of his confidence had been torn to shreds.

Li Hongyi let out a breath. Her teacher really was right; Qin Yu was far more formidable than she was. If she were to fight him now, there was no chance she would win. But, there was firmness in her eyes. She would not feel dread or try to avoid him because of what she was seeing now.

In fact, she became even more decisive – Qin Yu, you might be stronger at present, but once I break into the G.o.d boundary I might not necessarily be unable to fight you.

I will defeat you the next time we meet!

Silent Kite’s performance was calmer than that of those around her. She simply fixed her eyes on Qin Yu. The image from deep within her mind constantly overlapped with him.

The feeling of familiarity was growing stronger and stronger. She decided that once today’s matters ended, she would search for Qin Yu and confirm this.

If it really was him…she pursed her lips and suppressed her suddenly frantic thoughts.

Qin Yu knew he had suddenly become the focus of all attention. But he didn’t care, nor did he waste any energy glancing at the eyes full of envy, awe, and shock.

His mind was focused on the altar. Or to be more precise, he was focused on the jade embryo egg fragment that had arrived through the spatial tunnel.

There was a point that needed to be explained. Qin Yu’s strength was comparable to Xiao Qi’s. And once his hidden cards were subtracted, he was even weaker. The reason he was able to walk forward was because the pressure that pushed down on Xiao Qi, making him feel as if a mountain were pus.h.i.+ng down on his shoulders…never existed for Qin Yu to begin with!

That’s right. It was like this. If Qin Yu wanted to, he could fly up and reach the altar.

Qin Yu had a feeling of urgency, but he managed to suppress this impulse in the end. Because he knew that if he really were to do this, he would stir up ma.s.sive trouble.

So Qin Yu gradually made his way forward, a step at a time, maintaining his original rhythm so that he seemed as ordinary as possible. But he didn’t know that his performance had shocked every cultivator in the Heavenly Center.

This included even the three extremely formidable peak Divine Dao Great Stargazers.

Gao Xian’s pupils shrank. He originally thought that after Cui Yongji’s death, he had placed Qin Yu in high enough regards.

But now he realized that he had far…far underestimated him!

As a Great Stargazer of the Heavenly Center, he knew more than anyone else of the G.o.d Mark Holy Stone’s strength.

An ordinary G.o.d boundary didn’t have the qualifications to step within a thousand feet of it.

Even outstanding figures could only walk another 400 feet closer.

A peak G.o.d boundary might be able to walk 700 feet in, but this was almost the limit. If they erupted with all their power and harmed themselves, then 800 feet was as far as they could go.

But now Qin Yu had stepped in, and he was continuing to walk forward towards the altar. He was going to be within a hundred feet of it soon.

How was this possible…?

The Great Stargazer couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver.

“That is Qin Yu?” Peng Yan slowly asked.

Another Great Stargazer glanced over.

Gao Xian took a deep breath and nodded without expression.

Peng Yan no longer spoke.

Although the three Great Stargazers seemed composed on the surface, only they understood how shaken they were.

Even they couldn’t step within a hundred feet of the altar.

“After today’s ceremony is over, I will invite Qin Yu on behalf of the Heavenly Center…then I will give Roc City a confession for the incident related to Cui Yongji.” Peng Yan slowly said.

Gao Xian and the other Great Stargazer immediately understood. Because of Qin Yu’s performance today, his actions of sweeping the Heavenly Center’s face would be considered as having pa.s.sed.

No matter what, this was the best possible choice. A junior who hadn’t even reached the G.o.d boundary had stepped within a hundred feet of the altar.

Disregarding all else, just this point alone was enough to have the Heavenly Center do everything in their power to not become enemies with him.

But the problem was that from the very first step, Qin Yu’s goal was not to approach the altar. Rather, he wanted to reach the jade embryo egg fragment on top of it.

Another ten breaths of time pa.s.sed. Everyone held their breath and one could even hear the sound of a needle dropping. Qin Yu took one more step and stood in front of the altar…if people didn’t personally witness this from beginning to end, they would have never believed it!

After a brief silence, Qin Yu looked up. Everyone’s hearts shrank and their minds turned blank. Only one thought remained – what was he going to do?

Then, Qin Yu gave them the answer.

He climbed up the steps. He wanted to ascend the altar!

Bang –

A shocking thunderclap seemed to explode in everyone’s minds. Even Lei Xiaoyu, who had full faith in Qin Yu and thought he was nearly omnipotent, had her mouth drop open in surprise. There was no need to mention what happened to the other cultivators watching.

Everyone looked on. In their eyes, all that remained in their field of vision was Qin Yu’s quietly climbing figure…were they hallucinating…or had this world become a joke…

Qin Yu had stepped up the altar. He wanted to climb the altar!

From the time when the Great Chu Empire had been founded, there had been precise recordings of every time the G.o.d Mark Holy Stone appeared. A matter similar to this had only occurred once before.

The first to try and climb the altar was the founding emperor of the Great Chu Empire, recognized as one of the strongest beings in the world – Chu Liuhai!

The ancient texts recorded – The First Emperor wanted to ascend the altar and collect the stone from heaven. But halfway up his face turned pale and he started to vomit blood. In the end he gave up and didn’t try again.

In simpler terms, the First Emperor of the Chu Empire had reached three-quarters of the way up the altar. Then, he spat blood and no longer dared to continue any further.

This matter was widely circulated through the Great Chu Empire. While it might not be known by everyone, every cultivator at the Heavenly Center today knew of it.

This also explained why they were so shaken when Qin Yu began to climb up the altar.

And in truth, when Qin Yu stepped on the altar, the attention he garnered was no longer limited to the Heavenly Center.

The three Great Stargazers could clearly feel boundless divine senses arrive here. If this was an ordinary day, then the three Great Stargazers might take this as a provocation towards the Heavenly Center and give them a warning.

But now, they all maintained their silence. This was not just because the most formidable divine sense came from a deep underground palace, but because the three Great Stargazers knew that Qin Yu’s performance today was already beyond their control.

Everyone could feel formidable divine senses crash down from the skies. They were as fast as a sea, capable of drowning and destroying all!

When the crowd looked at Qin Yu once again, most of their envy had disappeared…to step onto the altar and shake the imperial capital, causing the divine senses of numerous great lords to arrive, this was something that surpa.s.sed their imaginations.

People might be envious of those that were a little stronger than them, but they would never aim these emotions at the stars in the skies. It was like how the ants that crawled on the ground would never regard the eagles soaring in the heavens as their enemy.

One step, two steps, three steps…

Qin Yu had a calm expression but his back was drenched with sweat. Even though he had been as careful as possible, this matter had caused a great disturbance.

Today’s spotlight was far too great, so great that a tiny accident would sweep him away and tear him to shreds.

Even so, Qin Yu wouldn’t stop and he would not look backwards. He had to take this jade embryo egg fragment…this was its pride as a star in the skies. Even if it was broken or destroyed, it shouldn’t fall to the earth and become a cultivating tool for others.

This was the first time that the jade embryo egg within him had transmitted such an intense thought and feeling to him…and he also thought the same. Because now, the jade embryo egg was him, and he was the jade embryo egg. From the day they had fused together, they had become one, with no difference between them!

With this thought in mind, the sun and moon force field dispersed, wrapping Qin Yu within. Then his connection with the outside world was severed.

All of the outside suppression vanished without a trace. Qin Yu took a deep breath and his steps became even firmer. At this moment, the numerous divine senses were surprised. While they knew that Qin Yu was still above the altar and could clearly see him, they couldn’t lock onto his aura.

It was like what appeared in front of them was nothing but a shadow…mm? Shadow?

In a way, this was a bit like the vortex that appeared before the jade embryo egg fragment descended. Thinking about it, once Qin Yu reached a certain distance away from the altar, he must have obtained its approval.

Otherwise, nothing else would explain why this strength suddenly arrived and blocked out their perception.

Every divine sense that came from the imperial capital, and even the First Emperor who was deep below the imperial palace and hadn’t made an appearance in many years, couldn’t help but reveal a trace of envy.

Although none of them had ever been able to figure out what the G.o.d Mark Holy Stone was, none of them doubted its power.

This was an existence that not even an Origin G.o.d could approach, no matter how hard they tried.

But now, Qin Yu had obtained its approval…

Countless thoughts flashed through their hearts. They all had their own considerations, but what they would do next all depended on Qin Yu’s final harvest.

If everything belonged to him…hahaha…everyone would try to draw him in by all means necessary. They wouldn’t let him go like this.

Taking a step back, if he didn’t become theirs…well, their methods would become entirely different.

Pa –

Qin Yu stood firm. There were no more steps in front of him. In other words, he had ascended the altar!

In front of him was the jade embryo egg fragment!

Qin Yu looked at it. He could sense the feelings of excitement coming from it.

“I’m here to bring you home.”

With a groan in his heart, he stepped forward and placed his hand on top of it.

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