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Chapter 161: Epilogue

When Woojin was engulfed by Meterul’s power, he saw flashbacks of his life. The memory of him trying the best he could and yet eventually getting killed by Meterul. Then, he came back to change everything. He remembered the ones that he met again in this life. Kim Beom. Bihyung. Lee Miho.


After remembering her face, Woojin realized that if he were to disappear, the world would come to an end and everyone would die. He too felt that Meterul was his ultimate enemy. Then, subconsciously Woojin swung his sword, not realizing what he was doing.

The sword swung and slashed the open s.p.a.ce. Woojin saw Meterul’s face and immediately swung it again. He realized it wasn’t him who was swinging his sword. The sword was a part of himself. He saw the sword slicing through, slas.h.i.+ng Meterul’s large eye into two and the sword created by Woojin’s mind flew in and cut Meterul into pieces.

Woojin was relieved. He heard Meterul’s screaming as he fell to the ground, but he didn’t care. He couldn’t care as his body was now falling apart.

Sun Wukong ran to him and caught him as he fell. He sent his sacred power into Woojin, but the cracks did not decrease. They were the result of Woojin using power way beyond his limit. And Woojin’s body was already beyond saving after being swallowed twice by Meterul’s power.

That’s when Miho ran up to him at lightning speed and began healing him. However, nothing worked. Woojin reached up and held Miho’s hand.

“That won’t work.”

“Do you want the syringe then?”

Woojin smiled wryly. He knew nothing would work to heal him anymore. Miho’s eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with tears.

“Don’t die.”

Woojin looked up at the sky where the barrier was still intact.

“At least we saved the world.”

Miho bit her lip as Woojin reached out to stroke her cheek.


“Don’t say that. I need to return you to your Avatar form.”

Woojin shook his head.

“We can maintain our Avatar bodies, but he can’t. He has no place in the divine realm but he became a G.o.d in this place. He will perish here.”

“Then we can send him up to the divine realm!”

Sun Wukong didn’t answer and Haemosu answered instead.

“He deserves a place in the divine realm, but people do not know this. We can’t send him up until people know, but he will perish before that happens.”

“That’s not fair!” Miho shouted, but there was nothing they could do.

“Are you going to keep shouting? Let him go in peace.”

Sun Wukong got up and walked away and the other G.o.ds also followed. After they left, Miho looked down at Woojin. He had a satisfied look, but that only made Miho angry.

“What’s with that look? Are you done with your work now?”

Woojin faced Miho. She had an angry expression, but her eyes were still filled with tears.

“It’s a shame.”


“If I survived this, I was going to ask you out.”

Miho punched Woojin’s chest lightly.


Woojin gasped as Miho became worried and looked down.

“I’m sorry, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay.”

She then noticed Woojin’s body slowly turning into light particles and started sobbing. She knew it was time. She reached down and kissed him. Woojin then touched her face.

“Thank you. I was able to do this because of you.”

“Me too.”

Miho hugged him as his body turned into particles and floated up into the sky. Miho cried silently as she watched the particles dissipate.

Many jobs were created after the existence of Avatars and monsters were known to the world. Science had also taken a huge step forward and there were many new laboratories set up for research. Companies also began investing in new fields.

As people were adjusting to the new world, Ko Eunseo got into college. She instantly became the darling of the school and was the most popular due to her beauty and her smarts.

On her way to cla.s.s, a sports car drove up next to Eunseo and stopped. A man got out of the car and spoke to her.

“Where are you going?”


It was a former student who recently joined the top hunter team Mir, who fell in love with Eunseo at first sight when she entered college.

“Going to cla.s.s?”

“Yeah. I have history cla.s.s.”

“Skip it. I’ll buy you lunch.”

“I’m sorry. I have an appointment today.”

The boy sighed at Eunseo’s answer.

“Come on. You may not know this, but I’m a top-cla.s.s hunter! You know how hunters are in demand nowadays?”

Eunseo couldn’t answer that. She knew much more than just about hunters but wanted to live a life as normal as possible. She was determined to do that for her brother who had saved the world and perished without anyone knowing.

“Are you listening?”

The man got annoyed and came over to grab Eunseo’s wrist. After joining the Team Mir, no one around dared to go against him and he was getting irritated at Eunseo.

“It hurts.”

Eunseo frowned as she spoke, but the man felt pleasure in using force. So he tried to use more force, if not for someone who grabbed his wrist.

Sungdae turned and saw a couple behind him. The man had on, but he didn’t look special. He was tall and had muscles, but it didn’t seem like he would be a match for a top-cla.s.s hunter like him. All hunters with teams had the team emblems on their clothing but they didn’t have any, meaning they were nothing.

He tried to attack but saw an illusion of his wrist getting ripped off.


He jumped back in shock.

“W-who are you?! I am Park Sungdae, of Team Mir!”

“Team Mir?”

The man glanced behind and the woman looked back at him as she shook her head and shrugged.

“I can’t remember every hunter.”

Team Mir was one of the top ten hunter teams in Korea, but being ignored made Sungdae angry. However, as he locked eyes with the man who looked over his, Sungdae felt his energy leaving his legs. The man glared at Sungdae and threatened him. “I don’t care if you are Team Mir or Team Korea. If you bother Eunseo again, I’ll kill you.”

“Hieeek! I’m sorry!”

As Sungdae ran flailing on all of his arms and legs, the man turned to Eunseo.

She started trembling as he took off his


Eunseo looked unconvinced and Woojin opened his arms wide and smiled.

“It’s me.”


Eunseo ran into his embrace as Miho ranted, “Do you have to be a sister to get a hug?”

Woojin hugged his sister tight. Eunseo sobbed in her brother’s embrace for a good while before she looked up and said.

“I heard you were dead.”

Woojin smiled. He had become a G.o.d, but without anyone knowing what he did, he didn’t think he would get accepted into the divine realm. Yet surprisingly, he was accepted and was able to create an Avatar in just a year because of his overwhelming sacred energy.

His Avatar was incomplete as he rushed to finish it quickly, but his sacred power was so strong that he was still much more powerful than any other Avatar. Woojin met with Miho first. She cried so hard when she saw Woojin that she pa.s.sed out. After she woke up, Woojin dragged her along to see his sister.

Woojin patted Eunseo’s head.

“I was lucky enough to come back in a year.”

“You’re really back, right? Is this real?”

“Yeah. Oh, and I am going to have a party at home. Do you need to go to cla.s.s?”

“No! Let’s go home!”

A large mansion had been given to Woojin’s family by Bihyung and the other Avatars. His family did not want it, but Bihyung insisted that they take it. The giant yard was full of people since the early morning. Avatars from different regions had all gathered. Avatars were considered most highly and even more rarely seen than the president of each country, but none of them gave a reason for coming and started preparing the party.

That’s why Woojin’s parents couldn’t do anything but just watch and saw Eunseo coming back. Their eyes grew large when they saw the one following her into the house.

Woojin’s mother immediately ran up to him and touched his cheek.

“Are you really my son?”

“Yeah. Mom, Dad, I’m back.”

“Bihyung told me you were dead.”

Bihyung was drinking from behind when he heard his name mentioned and answered, “I didn’t lie!”

“What happened?”

Woojin smiled, “Yeah. I died, but I’m back.”

His parents’ eyes grew wide with shock. It was something hard to believe, even in such a changed world.

“Does it matter? I’m back.”

“No, it doesn’t.”

His mother hugged Woojin. Sun Wukong, who was looking at Woojin, commented as he puffed on his pipe.

“I’ve never seen such a G.o.d before.”

“What do you mean?” Omikami asked as Sun Wukong tapped on his pipe and replied.

“A G.o.d who comes down with such an incomplete Avatar just to meet his family?”

Omikami agreed. She turned to Woojin. Considering Woojin’s sacred power, that level of Avatar was absurd. But Woojin came back anyway.

“It doesn’t matter if that is what he values the most.”

Woojin smiled brightly with his entire family in his arms.


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