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I'm back guys. I actually came back yesterday but I can't access my cloud (where I save all my translation). That sure gave me a scare lol. Anyway, enjoy the double chapters!!


Test Result


Katrina let out a word that can't likely be heard from someone besides an anime character after comparing my test results to her.

Certainly, there are subjects that I'm not good at. However, since I have taken the seriously (When I'm attending), my score is not so bad.

In Ludi's words [The test this time is very easy, if you listened to the lecture seriously you can even get a full score.] A guy like me who got only half has nothing else to say. Katrina seems to be in more danger than me though.

Iori shows his face from behind Katrina and peeks at my and Katrina's score. As if seeing a guy with a telephone card from an eroge store in the age of the smartphone, He made a surprised expression and look at Katrina then turned his gaze back at her score again. You have to look twice, huh……..

Katrina looks frustrated, she brings the test result over to my desk.

Oi, That's my test, you know.

"You heartless b.a.s.t.a.r.d! What happened when you said that we were soul friend!!"

I can only scratch my cheek.

I mean, it was that easy right? I don't think I can get a score that low.

Ludi who put on her Ojou-sama appearance at school (She's an actual princess though) is currently showing off her beautiful smile. She has been doing that but the moment she saw Katrina's test, I will never forget that shocked expression on her face.

"What, I just lost because I have been worried about this guy! My score is even in the safety zone right!"

She said so and sit down then sulkily flopped down on the table.

"Eh, you were?"

I said to Katrina with my pure surprise. In the game. Katrina was not a character that got along with Takioto in the first place. By the way, the reason they didn't get along was that Takioto in the game is a genuine Ero devil, so it was entirely on him.

Ludi was supposed to treat me like an insect too but that also changed.

As I said that she raised her face. She grinds her teeth and *puff* turned away from me.

"It's not like I was worried about you, I was just annoyed at those small-minded fools that keep making fun of you."

How should I put this, isn't her excuse sounded a bit ridiculous?

"Sorry' bout that, since I made you worried about me I'm giving you this. Thanks."

I grinningly said so and put her favorite chocolate on her desk. She s.n.a.t.c.hed it up and bitterly looking at me. Maybe her face is red because of the embarra.s.sment?

 Katrina immediately peeled off the seal and put the chocolate into her mouth.

I take out the chocolates for myself and hand some of them to Iori and Ludi. Then, when I was about to eat it, an Orange head appeared from behind Katrina.

"Yo! Iori, Kousuke. How was the test?"

Said Orange head who is making his way toward us.

"Well, better than you."

I haven't seen the score yet but I think that was the case. I can't say that my score is good but I'm confident that I am doing better than Orange. He might even be worse off than Katrina and got himself exile ( to the academic training camp (TLN: AKA Supplement Additionally, Takioto also got exiled in the game. He's a regular there in the first place.

I threw one of the chocolate at Orange and he dexterously catches it with his mouth.

"Oi oi, what are you saying man? You haven't even seen the score yet right?."

He then showed me his score. 

Yup, as I thought, my score is higher than him.

"Kousuke-kun's score isn't so bad……It's not good too though.

Iori said so and confirm Orange's score. This guy, since he got the highest score among the three of us, he's looking down on us a bit, huh.

"Well, I did listen to the cla.s.s seriously."

Even If I said that take it seriously, my starting point for some of the subjects is minus instead of zero. If you have the knowledge from j.a.pan then, of course, you would make some mistakes.

"d.a.m.n, my score is the worst, huh."

Orange dropped his shoulders and said so after he looked at Iori's score.

Then after he revived, he heads over to attack Katrina.

"Yo, Katou. Show me your score."


Her sharp gaze directed at Orange but he didn't retreat. Orange shows her his score. Judging from the bitter look on Katrina, It's clear who got the lowest score among us.

Looking at her trembling hand, Orange burst into laughter.

"You, the s, s score, seriously. Sooooo Pfft, Ugyeh-"

His laughter doesn't last. Taking Katrina's merciless Russian hook, he kissed the ground.

He took it in the chin though, is he okay? Recently, I feel like Orange has been playing Takioto Kousuke's role but….. Well, must have been my imagination, let's put it like that.

After releasing her professional boxer move,

"This doesn't feel like my victory at all….."

She left that parting word and return to her seat. I think it's your win in a lot of ways though.

Iori watched Orange who is spasming on the ground and…

"Come to think of it….. The afternoon cla.s.s will start soon, let's move guys."

It seems like he decided to leave it alone. Since it would be troublesome if he comes back and haunt us I will at least pray for him, Amen.

I gently brushed away the hand that looks like it is seeking for help and left the room with the other.


Author Note: I thought that the telephone card would be left behind in the age of old mobile phone but… think that they still survive.

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