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In his previous world, the MOBA game dominated the PC and mobile phones, and basically couldn't find any opponents, in Chen Mo's view, the reign of MOBA games would continue for a long time, perhaps for another 5 – 10 years.

As for what game that can replace MOBA as the king in the next decade? No one knows.

If someone really knows the answer, then he can start developing now.

This is true in his previous world, not to mention that the game design concept in the parallel world is underdeveloped.

In the parallel world, although there are VR games, these VR games are not so playable as MOBA in Chen Mo's view.

For PC games, the most impacted types of games by VR games were first-person adventure and FPS, followed by strategy and management, while games such as casual and mobile games were hardly affected by VR games.

In Chen Mo's view, MOBA games in parallel world will be a type of game that has never been seen before, and it has the same huge potential as in the previous world.

Therefore, he a.s.serted that PC game will never die, and the PC internet cafe will not disappear.

Of course, he won't explain this kind of things to others, and won't reveal any game concept.

Zhuo Yao looked at the layout of the experience shop and asked, "I suddenly thought of a problem, are you the only person in your experience shop?"

Chen Mo said, "What do you mean I am the only person here? Aren't there a lot of players?"

Zhuo Yao explained, "No, I mean, there is a network manager in the internet cafe, there is a cas.h.i.+er, are you the only one in here? Can you do everything all by yourself?"

Chen Mo said, "Oh, you mean this. Come on, these computers are self-served and as for daily maintenance and cleaning, there are special people responsible for it. Actually, I don't need to do anything."

Zhuo Yao said, "Then you have to monitor the first floor, right? But isn't your studio on the second floor?"

Chen Mo was stunned for a while, it was true that he had neglected this problem.

Now the experience shop has officially opened. Every day from 10 am to 8 pm is the business hours, and Chen Mo has to monitor the first floor. But Chen Mo's studio is on the second floor.

In other words, Chen Mo now needs to recruit a receptionist.

Zhuo Yao said, "I think you still need to hire a receptionist to work as cas.h.i.+er to help you with these things. You are now a well-known designer and you can't just do everything by yourself, right??"

Chen Mo nodded, "Well, what you said makes sense…"

Zhuo Yao stood up and said, "All right, I have to go back, you should also come to my internet cafe to sit in the next day, we are neighbors, let's visit each other more."

"No problem." Chen Mo stood up and sent her out.

After Zhuo Yao left, Chen Mo began to consider recruiting a receptionist.

《Plants vs Zombies》 has entered a state of stable profitability, and Chen Mo was no longer short of money as before, and there was no problem in paying salary for employees.

However, Chen Mo's consideration was that, besides the receptionist, does he also need to recruit other people?

Many game designers have a.s.sistants, like some cla.s.s or S-cla.s.s game designers who need to design some large-scale VR games, they definitely can't complete it by just 1 or 2 people, they need to have a whole team.

Chen Mo is now slightly famous, if he recruits an a.s.sistant now, it's likely that many novice game designers will come even without any salary.

However, Chen Mo was hesitant.

This world is different from his previous world. The company structure in the previous world is a strong alliance. The more talented people, the better a company will develop. Popular games need the joint efforts of R&D, distribution, channels and so on, for games, creativity is not everything.

But the parallel world is different, creativity is everything in the parallel world. Chen Mo has no doubt that if an cla.s.s game designer gets the idea of  MOBA game and if you give him a year, he definitely can develop a decent MOBA.

Chen Mo's Thunder Interactive Entertainment is far from being a giant like Emperor Interactive Entertainment and Chan Yi Interactive Entertainment, creativity can be said to be his lifeline and must never be lost.

He is now the person who held the Pandora's Box, once the Pandora's Box is opened, it will inevitably cause drastic changes in the entire game circle, by that time the other game companies are unlikely to sit back and there will be some changes.

If this change comes early? That is not a good news for Chen Mo.

Therefore, recruiting a.s.sistants is risky. Working together for a long time, Chen Mo's design concept will inevitably affect his a.s.sistant, and if this a.s.sistant starts to understand things and become independent, it is tantamount to training a compet.i.tor for Chen Mo.

Chen Mo is a bit tangled.

However, considering it over and over again, he still decided to recruit an a.s.sistant.

After all, he will develop large games in the future, and it is impossible to complete them by himself, this step will be taken sooner or later.

Of course, this a.s.sistant must be strictly screened according to his own requirements, he would rather not recruit anyone than recruit a wrong one.

Chen Mo considered it for a while and he had a rough idea. He turned on his computer and sent a long Weibo post.

"Hiring: A receptionist for the game experience shop, Requirements: Female, Good looking, Serious work att.i.tude, and have a basic understanding of the game industry."

"Hiring: A game designer a.s.sistant, no gender requirements and require a full understanding of the game industry, professionalism and serious work att.i.tude."

"Applicants need to prepare the following materials, 1) Résumé 2) Understanding of 《Plants vs Zombies》 3) Optional: Understanding of the market for mobile games, 4) Prospects for the future of the Game Industry."

"Please send the above information to my game designer's mailbox, and the reviewer will reply to the email and arrange an interview."

After writing a long Weibo post, Chen Mo read it and felt that there wasn't any big problem, he then clicked and posted.

Chen Mo's Weibo now has nearly 100,000 fans, they are basically players and gaming experts who loves 《Plants vs Zombies》, after seeing this long weibo post, they were very surprised and shared it in droves.

"This is a good opportunity to help."

"I'd love to, but I haven't graduated yet, shared it."

"The game designer of 《Plants vs Zombies》, I'm sure I can learn something if I go. Shared it."

"I want to go! I am going to write my understanding of the game!"

Soon, Chen Mo's weibo post was constantly being shared, and many people showed their intentions.

Of course, there were a lot of people who wanted to be an a.s.sistant, and there were very few people who wanted to be a receptionist.

Even in the parallel world, it wasn't easy to enter the game business, many people who were not talented enough to independently make games, could only join the game industry as an a.s.sistant.

Chen Mo was now slightly famous, there are certainly a lot of people that wanted to learn to make games with him.

In many people's eye, Chen Mo's first game was very popular, which showed that he was a very talented game designer, you certainly could learn a lot.

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