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Damien once again woke up to the feeling of something heavy pressing against his chest.

He saw movements under the blanket, felt something warm and slippery leaving moist trails along his skin.

The boy uncovered himself to find a naked, adult-form Vera hanging over half his body with one leg intertwined with his own. Her small pink tongue continued an upward path until it reached his left nipple, where she began licking him erotically.

Vera tasted him thoroughly all throughout. The fact she looked so much like her Mother, essentially identical with just longer hair, may have also added to the factor of naughtiness. In fact, she knew it did and didn't mind at all.

"What are you doing?" He asked, not that he was complaining.

The girl snuggled up to him. "Sadly I don't have a pair of cat-ears...but I know the Young Master likes this sort of thing, so from now on this is how I'll wake you up every day." Her kisses continued to rise, from his collarbone to his neck, chin, and finally his lips. A deep, intimate show of her affection. One she initiated herself, making it all the more meaningful.

Damien had no idea what he'd done to make her love him so much and he knew d.a.m.n well he didn't deserve any of it, but h.e.l.l if being with him makes her happy then f.u.c.k it. He wasn't the president and founder of the Make Vera Happy Foundation for nothing.

He thought back to her confession from earlier and felt his heart basically melt. He'd wanted to consummate their new relations.h.i.+p right there and then but the girl's red-faced, "Not until we're married!" left him wanting to grin.

So instead he let them enjoy themselves in other ways. And Damien? He's very giving. He wasn't tired at all from the action but found himself dozing off beside a strengthless Vera while savoring her soft, satisfied breaths.

He couldn't even remember the last time he felt so relaxed from a nap. Having her on his arm, knowing how much she cared about him, there just weren't words to describe how good that felt.

"Young Master. "


"I love you."

"I know."

"I just wanted to say it."

"Well knock it off, my heart can't take it."

Vera shook her head. "No. I'll say it even a million times more. You can't stop me."

"Look at you, being open for a change."

Guess now we know how to make a tsundere honest now. Just gotta use the o.r.g.a.s.m fingers. Seriously this kid's gotten so much more dere, he loved it. Though he wasn't sure how long that'd last given her nature, he'll take what he can get.

"The Young Master also seems rather honest with himself." Vera's eyes drifted towards his lower half, where raging hard-on had long since been built. She gulped wordlessly. This kind of thing isn't even a body part anymore. Isn't it more of a weapon? She felt daunted just looking at it.

This thing looked like it was optimized to impregnate women. It was too shameless!

"Hmph, smiling at me so vulgarly." She glared at it with hostility, the erect member merely giving her a challenging smirk. It simply mocked her with it's length and girth. " See how I teach you a lesson," Vera promised.

Damien felt her soft hand grip his little buddy and jerked in reaction. The feeling of her warm little fingers wrapped around his erect c.o.c.k, gently kneading, was too fantastic.

Vera, on her end, was stunned. It twitched! This d.a.m.n guy dared to get even bigger, her hand unable to fully wrap around him. What arrogance!

She started moving her arm up and down, laying her head on his shoulder while she serviced him. That thick, meaty pole somehow felt nice in her palm.

You know, normally Damien used a faster pace when doing it himself...but somehow this slower movement was more intimate and erotic.

"Does it feel good?" She asked with reddened ears. Her mother had the experience, but Vera never thought she'd employ those skills herself.

"It's amazing." He rubbed her silky-smooth hair.

"Saying that and stroking my head...It feels like your praising me for something you shouldn't."

She buried herself in his neck. Her head was full of his smell, making her new, highly sensitive body impossibly moist. But more than even that was the sense of contentedness.

"You're stroking mine, it's only right I stroke yours." She could feel the soothing rumble of his voice with her whole being.

"This and that aren't equal at all."

"Oh? Do I take that as a request for another special ma.s.sage?"

The woman shook her head once more. "That's okay. It's my turn to make you feel good."

They tried several different positions after that. Because of her desire to stay chaste for her wedding night, as a subst.i.tute she even let him squeeze into the crook of her knee and in between her thighs while she licked and nibbled his ear. Which she knew he loved because his c.o.c.k grew even firmer.

It made her deliriously happy to know the things she did turned him on.

In case it wasn't clear, Vera, too, is also very giving.


Meanwhile, several miles away, Mary was being ignored.

Today had been quite strange. Mary recalled the memory vividly...

She had gone to the market for groceries as per usual. Ellie and Lady Claybrook were people who were quite ravenous and so she often left to purchase more ingredients. She took longer to arrive since she liked to walk instead of using her ability to teleport, enjoying the scenic route.

She had been in the middle of choosing some apples when she heard a familiar voice call out to her from behind. An arm had wound itself around her waist intimately, making her freeze.

"Didn't I tell you to go back? What, couldn't bear to part?"

The person who dared be so forward with her was none other than the Young Master of the Claybrook family, and more importantly, the current generation's Prince of the Dragon race, Damien Claybrook.

He seemed to be growing taller and more muscular by the day, already as tall as her easily. She knew that at this rate he'd be one of those Dragons who would grow to imposing heights once fully mature. She could already see hints of his future self. A Dragon with Angel and Asmodian in his bloodline? It made a dangerous combination for anyone, especially women.

The Young Miss Dahlia was also turning out to be a uniquely attractive individual, for that matter, now that she thought of it. In fact she always did favor that girl. A bit of an airhead, but a cute one. She resembled Ellie a lot in terms of appearance.

Lady Claybrook had given birth to such blessed children. Though Mary didn't at all think her own lost out to them. Her two little trees were also quite good.

But this was an odd encounter. She eyed this little troublemaker warily. What was he on about just now?

Mary opened her mouth to speak, "Young Master, this is highly inappropriate. Please remove your arm at once."

The boy merely brought them even closer. "Nope." He grinned wickedly, perhaps a touch s.a.d.i.s.tic.

Next thing she knew, his lips were upon her. They were firm and sure, radiating care and confidence. Her heart pounded rapidly in shock.

Then came the tongue. Vigorous, dauntless, dominating her insides. It was hot and moist, laying claim to her mouth in the most direct and wonderful of ways. His saliva mixed with her own and brought a feeling of utmost euphoria.

She gripped his s.h.i.+rt tightly and tried to push him away. But it was useless. She found herself suddenly weak, her mind a blur, as he probed deeper.

The calm, practiced movements felt like he'd done this hundreds of times already.

She had no idea what was happening or why. This...she'd never even kissed his father before, now she was kissing his son?

This was insane. Her heart and mind couldn't accept it. What was going on here?

After what seemed like an eternity he finally deigned to release her. In however long the kiss lasted, she'd become his captive. It was only now that she was let go allowed to breath, sure her lips would swell after his relentless attack.

"I still have something to do. Hurry on back to my place, I'll see you in a bit with a nice surprise."

With a warm whisper in an ear that gave her gooseb.u.mps, he left.

And it was like that, full of profound confusion, in which Mary walked back. Her mind filled with remembrances of his addicting musk, reliving again and again what was undoubtedly the deepest, most sensual and caring kiss she'd ever received.

She had no idea what had gone on back then, nor why. She didn't at all understand why Muriel was acting so coldly either. The woman didn't acknowledge Mary's existence, a sign she was trying to stop herself from doing something extreme.

Why, though? She couldn't have seen what had happened, Mary would've sensed her spying.

And Elias, he was acting oddly as well. Giving her a grin and a thumbs up, showing his approval over...something. She wasn't sure what.

But it was strange. The Young Master's unforgettable kiss, his parent's weird actions towards her today….

She'd rarely felt as thrown out of order as she was now.

With Muriel's temper, though, it was safe to say her days from now on would be anything but pleasant.

She decided to take a few extra breaks from now on to give the woman time to cool down. Being in the same house all day with an irritable Dragon Queen was not a situation one wanted to find themselves in, after all.

Best to get away as often as you can.


"Alright, cla.s.s, this year it seems Haytham's high school and university divisions will be undergoing a change." Henry idly read through a report handed out to the teaching staff by Gladstone. "It appears that because of certain events transpiring in the Dry Lands, the Five-Way Alliance wishes to increase their military force. As they are the main group that sponsors Haytham and it's branches in the other parts of the world, we've been charged with the job of training new elites for their army."

Damien's ears picked up from his throne.

A student with neat black hair, formerly spiked and dyed like the punk he used to be, raised a hand calmly. "Sir, I don't understand. What events? What's going on?"

Henry coughed. "I suppose you'll find out soon enough, so….apparently the Alliance is concerned. In the Dry Lands a new figure has popped up with incredible power and charisma. His feats are numerous, from holding tight reigns over the bandit faction to hunting down countless Evil G.o.d wors.h.i.+ppers. He's a mysterious man who, despite showing up just a couple months ago, has already gained a ma.s.sive following built up from many different Dry Land locals. This man is somehow even capable of turning the barren wastes into lush fields of life and is being venerated as a Divine. Just recently he held a private wedding ceremony with the Dry Lands esteemed G.o.ddess--another mysterious figure with strange abilities relating to water, above that of normal mages--and in turn has gained the fealty of the great clans. This means the Dry Lands, and more importantly, the Aeil tribesmen, are finally coming together to form a nation. Given the vast physical prowess the Aeil boast, the Alliance is suspects a possible war on the horizon and want to ensure they are amply prepared. Even as powerful as the Alliance is, a united Dry Lands is, after all, not a threat to be taken lightly."

The whole cla.s.s was silent as they contemplated the whole thing. Didn't this mean they were becoming a military academy now? Or something close? Perhaps they were going to be forced into becoming soldiers. They understood that the block C students before them were allowed to do as they pleased for the most part, but they had the misfortune of being together with that Claybrook brat who oppressed them to death. Now they find out even if he weren't here they'd still, in all likelihood, be under tighter control compared to students from previous years.

None of them liked this. This didn't mean that a war was actually going to happen, but still. The top bra.s.s was concerned enough to make them combat ready should the need arise and that said enough about how they felt the future looked.

Damien, on the other hand, was not at all as worried as his fellow students. He simply asked, "How does the Alliance feel about mutated beastkin?"

Henry frowned. "They don't have an official stance against them, but superst.i.tion regarding those individuals run rampant all over the continent. They turn a blind eye, suffice it to say. The Humane Society takes advantage of their negligence."

The room's air suddenly felt charged with danger. The students sucked in a cold breath, familiar with this s.h.i.+ft.
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"Inaction is just as much a sin." Damien's gaze turned bright. "Perhaps even worse." He brought out a fifteen-inch black iron rod with the words, 'Mandingo 2.0' carved onto it's side... laughing with an evil glint in his eyes.

T'was time for surprise b.u.t.ts.e.x.

At that time, a chill seeped into the of high-ranking Alliance members all over the world.

"Anyway, to get experience in combat we'll be sending you into the local dungeon,"  Henry concluded.

S-Sodium... Nickel?!

Since when did this world have f.u.c.king dungeons, dammit?!

"Today anyone not already registered can sign up with the adventurer's guild."

We have an adventurer's guild too?!

Some shady s.h.i.+t is going on, folks, because f.u.c.k him if that was a thing before today. But whatever.

Time to pick up girls in a dungeon! Preferably slime girls.

Wait. He's engaged. f.u.c.k.

Well...let's check it out anyway?

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