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Now normally, Damien would've probably smacked the weird futwoman into the ground for using such an uppity tone and daring to point a spear in his face.

But recently, very, very recently, he's felt so much more calm and peaceful. He didn't feel the crippling need to put people in their places. In fact, even his desire for purge had lessened. Yeah, he was a changed man for the better.

Is this the effect of having a good woman?

So in response to the spit the woman unintentionally threw in his face he merely took a finger and pushed the tip of her weapon away.

"Hey, I'm just here looking for some s.e.xy slime girls. Don't mind me." He threw the first floor's guardian roo over his shoulder and turned away.

But Riley had other ideas. "....Slime girls, you say?" Her tone was riddled with intrigue. "What's that?"

He looked up into the hole he'd made. The light from up above shone down upon his face, giving him a worldly air of mystery and wisdom. "The dreams of men, personified."

He was sure that s.e.xy slime girls would have only the softest and most elastic b.r.e.a.s.t.s in the world, capable of growing to any size.

And why was that important? Because Damien had a dream….a dream where he was enveloped by b.r.e.a.s.t.s. Surrounded by warm, slippery pillows akin to being back in your mother's womb.

This was a dream that had sprouted within him ever since he knew of the great Slime Girl G.o.ddess, Suu!

Indeed. Even in this life, even with his thoughts of turning Vee into a goth girl later on, even with her and Mary's as yet unrivaled busts haunting his mind….Damien's memory of Suu's potent weapons of destruction still plagued his soul. Those ma.s.sive mounds that jiggled and bounced in a way that left one thoroughly entranced. Those large, innocent eyes, too, were….

They roused the dark thoughts of men. They stirred the desire to protect.

You wanted to guard her from all the evils of the world! You wanted to mercilessly corrupt her yourself!

These dichotomous instincts merged together and rendered you incapable of escape.

Oh, Suu….

There must be slime girls in this world. Damien didn't want to believe in an isekai where slime girls didn't exist. He had never seen one in the games, but surely, surely…!

His eyes shone with fanatical light.

These were eyes with which he held upon first seeing Minerva. Eyes he would possess when looking at Vera and imagining the splendid goth girl milf she could become.

They were eyes belonging to a man who had long since devoted himself to discovering the profound truths of ero! One who would chase his pa.s.sions to the edge of the world, and then even further beyond!

And Riley, a futwoman with the soul of a true fat b.a.s.t.a.r.d, felt this dauntless fanaticism. It radiated from the youth's very being, resonating with her on the deepest of levels. This was surely...fate!

There were no words needed. Riley was certain.

"An aura of such splendid enlightenment can come only from the most cultured of individuals." She ordered her women to place down their spears. "It is a pleasure to meet you, O wise one."

Damien's clear, undiluted gaze bore down on her. There was respect and liking in that look. Despite having exchanged so few words they could feel the kindred spirits in one another.

"No, comrade. It is I who has had the pleasure of meeting you."

"Come, have a drink. Tell me more of these s.e.xy slime girls you speak of.."

"I would love nothing more."
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And just like that, she led him away.

Meanwhile everyone else had no clue as to what the flying f.u.c.k was going on. Milly and Dr.Schitt, however, merely went with the flow and followed after them.

Rory and Rohk gave each other a glance. But it was their youngest of the party, Patrick, who voiced their thoughts.

"Should we…?" He trailed off.

Cedric, the bearded man, grunted. "I don't think we have a choice. We don't even know where we are and the only exist I can see is up there." He pointed upwards. "Does anyone else have wings? Or a flying throne?"

Which was another thing, What was up with that? They doubted even the richest of n.o.bles would have such an extravagant magical Artifact. Who was that kid? Perhaps a Royal from some powerful nation?

Though he didn't give off that sort of impression judging from his mannerisms. Not that any of them ever met a Royal, but one could a.s.sume they wouldn't be as eccentric as this guy seemed to be.

That said, they were also curious of that girl Patrick attempted to save. She was the one who gave a feeling of regality in her bearing. Head held high, back straight, with a calm and confident gait. She was young but attractive in appearance, her eyes like polished amber framed by silky black threads. The straight sword at her hips never left her hand as if she were ready to draw it at any time, making her seem exceedingly well-practiced in it's wielding.

And despite her having only opened her mouth to spout abuse up till now the voice that'd come from her mouth had been like that of a small bell. Clear and pleasant.

She fit the bill of a Royal well. Although so would the boy who for some reasons called him her "papa" would too, if only judging from his outward appearance.

"It looks like the leader's taken a liking to the kid. Not sure how she and her followers would respond to us if we randomly walked about. I don't want to test it either. Let's stick with the kid for now."

Cedric had mixed feelings on that since that kid was the one who got them into this delicate situation, but he was the only reason they hadn't been attacked. Somehow. Apparently whatever he said just a second ago had struck a cord with that….woman?

Charlotte pat the mustachioed man on the back. "Don't think about it too much. That rascally fellow has the protection of the G.o.ds on his side. He even stole drugs from a dragon, this is nothing." She smiled rea.s.suringly. "Besides, if worse comes to worst, he'll just kill that vulgar woman and brainwash her so-called harem. A reborn Demon King with a Dragon-Angel bloodline like him won't be put into a situation by something of this level."

Charlotte had faith in the Damien who seemed able to walk through the world unhindered.

None of them were rea.s.sured by that smile of her's. They only felt their heart's turn cold before deciding to not think about whether her words were true or not. And then rationalize she must be exaggerating.

Demon King? Dragon? Angel? Any one of those were enough to stand at the top of the world's food chain. No way that sort of being was in some random dungeon like this.

As they walked Charlotte turned to Patrick, that tall and handsome youth who had so rudely pushed her down that hill to "save" her.

"You have a pretty okay Aura. You'll make a good disciple. What do you say?" She sent him a piercing look.

The boy's face scrunched up in confusion. "Um, what was that?"

She jerked a thumb to Damien up front. "That scoundrel there. Someday he'll surely be a plague sweeping through the lands without impunity. Killing men and bedding women. Slaughtering all those who stand in his way. Purging to his heart's delight." She had a grim look as she described his future endeavors. "Riding a charred chariot pulled by horses bearing manes of fire and eyes like coals." She shook her head. "Dark times are ahead of us. This is why I train, to stop his mad conquest in the future. But I can't do it alone. I need strong and valiant souls like you to lend me your strength. What say you? Will you follow me and help stand against that rotten b.a.s.t.a.r.d's evil?"

Charlotte knew he had his good points. And that he's not THAT bad...but he was surely a crazy guy! Just him existing had set all kinds of things in motion. Like how his actions in the Dry Lands had caused the Alliance to grow alert enough to start raising up new elite soldiers by turning several prestigious schools into military academies.

There simply isn't any way of knowing just how much damage he'll do in the future. Since he does whatever he wants regardless of any consequence that might pop up, he was certainly dangerous.

Charlotte knew her calling was to stop his reign of terror. Of course, she didn't want to kill him...anymore. She certainly would ensure his capture and taming, though.

She could just imagine herself now. Sitting on that cool golden throne of his, the Holy Sword at her side, Greatbow in one hand and a chain in the other. On the end of which would be Damien, kissing her feet reverently while people cheered her name.

A disgusting laugh escaped her lips. "Kek."

While Charlotte dreamt of her version of a perfect world, Damien was busy talking to Riley. Apparently, all the inhabitants here were past adventurers who'd fallen into a trap and ended up in this place. Riley herself had dropped into the area some years ago.

When she arrived she was immediately attacked by the men who thought her a monster and ended up killing every man in the compound they were now heading to. According to her the men and women were already split when she got here and had bad relations. Thanks to her killing most if not all the men in the region she became the leader of the women and ended up with a harem.

"Us female Ogrekin can adapt to our situations pretty well. In the absence of males, we were designed to be capable of inseminating and reproducing with most known races as a way of increasing our numbers and continuing the war. Which is how I grew this thing." She pointed to her prodigious member. "Works for me, I prefer women anyway. And I think they got tired of scissoring" A perverted chuckled. "It all came together pretty nice."

Damien learned that because of the bad blood between most of the men and women before her arrival, new men who found themselves here were either killed or placed into positions of labor.

No one knew who built the feudal-erlooking castle Riley had commandeered, nor knew why this place was made so forgiving as to allow for easy farming of plants to allow them a way to live. Supposedly this place even had it's own seasons.

"I once met an Ogre. Richard. Know him?" He remembered the pleasant and welcoming Ogre fondly.

"We don't all know each other, okay? But actually, I think I have heard that name somewhere before." Riley's eyes were drawn to that floating sword that followed them closely. But that dark, malevolent aura wasn't how she'd read the Holy Blade being described at all.

"He told me about the elves."

"Oh, that? Yeah I was surprised to. Isn't that just so totally backwards? Usually it's the Orgres being the bad guys."

"What the--? How do you know that?"

Riley snorted. "My owner used to watch that sort of stuff all the time." She explained.


"Yup. You won't believe me, but I didn't always used to be the glorious futa you see today. In another life, I was a handsome frog."

Damien couldn't quite comprehend what he was hearing. "You were...a frog…."

"Uh-huh. A s.e.xy one. Like for real." She sighed in reminiscence. "I didn't have higher thought like I do now at that time, but ever since I came to this world I've had pretty good recollection of my life as a frog. Was nice, man. I had all the crickets I could eat, A sweet crib and my owner even gave me a pretty female frog to keep as a s.e.x buddy. Such a generous guy." She wiped an imaginary tear. "I learned a lot of things from him since his computer was at the perfect angle to seek peeks at. Good dude. Such a shame he decided to put on a suit and look for a job. Worst mistake of his life. I mean h.e.l.l as soon as he stepped out a truck just came outta nowhere and punted him across the street. I saw him ragdolling from the window. Poor b.a.s.t.a.r.d. Of course I and that annoyingly clingy c.o.c.katoo starved to death a short while after. By the way, don't ask what a computer and truck are. I barely get it myself."

This….didn't that sound pretty f.u.c.king familiar? Damien's voice shook. "....Froggo?"

The woman's eyes stared at him in astonishment. Bolts of lightning seemed to ravage her soul. She could barely breathe.

"Owner?!" She gulped.

The reunion between pet and owner began with watery eyes and runny noses.


"Look at you, froggo. Living it big in a castle with your own harem. I'm so proud of you!"

"Hehe." Froggo scratched her cheek. "Thanks."

They were sipping sake from large shallow bowls atop a veranda that overlooked the entire compound. Below you could see many small houses and fields of growing vegetables.

The two talked endlessly and Riley--though she will always be Froggo in his heart--explained to him what happened after her reincarnation.

According to her she ended up reincarnating years before this current time in a large tribe of Ogrekin--not pure Ogres, but those with mixed blood--hidden deep in Demon continent territory. From what I could tell based on the events she described going on in the world during that time it was at least a hundred years before I came around.

Anyway, she was born the only daughter of the tribe's chieftan. In fact, she was also the only female in that specific tribe born in generations. Normally they copulated with females of other tribes, or even other races due to the small number of Ogrekin tribes to begin with. And most times their tribe only birthed males.

Because of this she was a rare commodity and was constantly in danger of being having her chysanthemum burst by male Ogrekin who could hardly resist the allure of such a fine female right at their doorstep. As she wasn't too keep on being poked, more happy to do the poking herself, she ran off on her own.

She made her way to the human continent where she heard of a dungeon. Remembering tales of s.e.xy female knights and their inexplicable fates with dungeons, she readily delved in without a second thought.

Thoroughly unprepared, she got lost. Really lost. Like wandering the dungeon's depths, up and down, for years, before tumbling down a trap and ending up here a few short years prior.

"I say it paid off, though. I came looking for a s.e.xy female knight, as a cute loli knight eventually did come!" She smiled at Charlotte who was practicing her sword swings with the other female warriors down below. "I'll break her in gently, slowly raising up a fine s.e.xy knight for my nightly pleas--"

Damien bonked her on the head mercilessly. Several times. "That's my daughter you're talking about! You wanna die? Touch her and I'll have frog legs for dinner!"

"But...s.e.xy female knight…"

"Find another!"

"So stingy. I don't remember Owner being such a greedy guy."

"I don't remember raising such a pervy frog."

"...I'll fight you for her."

"Try me b.i.t.c.h."

Their light bickering continued for some while. To them it was nothing, but for others? The dark manifestations of their will hovered over them like a shroud and engulfed the whole room in a thick stench of blood. The hairs of Rohk, Rory, Paddy, Cedric and Wyn stood on end.

"These guys're f.u.c.kin' bonkers. I say we get the b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l outta here. All in favor say aye." Wyn got chills just from watching these two. They were like ancient primordial beasts about to throw down.

Cedric's smile-shaped mustache twitched. "And go where?"

"As far away from them as possible. Look, even the guardian of the first floor is out of it! The d.a.m.n thing's foamin' at the mouth!" It was true. The small furry roo was sat on Damien's lap, caught directly in between their back and forth arguing. Poor guy was just about ready to keel over.

Milly overlooked her Papa and the weird woman with a heavy atmosphere, adding to the crus.h.i.+ng force weighing them down. Slivers of red streaked along her body. Who was this woman? Why was she acting so chummy with her Papa?

She would be gnas.h.i.+ng her teeth if she had any. Recently she felt more possessive of Papa. She didn't know why. Maybe it was because of that woman he called mother? She reminded Milly of Mama...was she Mama? Maybe she was like Milly and slept too long and got all muddle-headed? Anyway, that made her feel very ill at ease when other grown-up women approached Papa.

Mama and Papa should be the ones together, everyone else can go suck turtle eggs! Sister Vera, sister Dolly and maybe sister Evie were exceptions. But this woman? Even brother Schitt was sending disapproving glimmers at them.

Damien continued to chat with Riley about this and that, but inside he was pretty suspicious. Another reincarnated individual! Even if she was a frog in the past…

He wondered if there were any more like them? Well, there had to be, right? This also sorta answered a question he'd had for a while. This world wasn't just a game world, now is it? It should be "real." He didn't reincarnate into a game, but into a different world. But then why was there a game based on this world? How could the game depict people like Evie, Damien and Dolly so well if they were people who lived an entire realm away? The timeline was messed up too. The Love Orgy series would basically be telling of future events that hadn't happened yet? Or something.

Damien, him not now but the character, had probably f.u.c.ked things up though. None of the things he caused and changed were part of the original series' timeline of events. Not that he gave two f.u.c.ks about changing things, but why there was a game on earth showing events of another world from before he came and messed with things. That was weird.

Also, how did froggo keep her memories? If reincarnation is really a thing, shouldn't more people know about their past lives? Maybe it was a rare occurrence, his and froggo's? And souls were not bound by time. Perhaps someone from this world died, reincarnated on earth with their memories, and made a game out of the things they had known about?

But that didn't make sense, it's not like they're omniscient. They can't have known about how everyone would look and everything that went on in their lives. The series explored several people's lives, not just Dolly's and Evie's. Bubbles was the Heroine of her own game, after all. Then you had the Hero who was supposed to save the world.

Not to mention there were multiple endings. So either these other endings for the games were made up, or something else was going on.

After thinking about it, no way could someone know about so many different people's lives. People like Bubbles were far from where Dolly and Evie's story took place. Even if you said a whole bunch of different reincarnated individuals somehow found each other and decided to make games off of people they knew in their past lives, well, things still wouldn't fully add up.

Which G.o.d is f.u.c.king with him?

Damien was seriously starting to get irritated. Judging from all the blatant foreshadowy stuff that had been explained to him every now and then, and his own unique backstory, coupled with the knowledge that earth and this world were both real, just different realms….he could already picture the plot.

Come on. It's obvious what's going on here.

Remember the story of how Chad Okeanos went and cucked every single G.o.dd.a.m.n G.o.d? And later got ganged up on by the pack of green hats? Well apparently those a.s.sholes must've sealed him up good and sent him down to earth to suffer the life of a f.u.c.king cripple for most of his life.

Then, after he finally decides to make a living, they send Truck-kun to isekai him. And after that, just to add insult to injury, they slap him with a Loli Magnet curse.

And the "him" we're talking about? Damien. G.o.d-f.u.c.king-dammit. It explained so much. No wonder he sometimes felt someone was messin' with him….

A bunch of G.o.ds he cucked in a past life, saltier than League of Legends convention, were being uppity little b.i.t.c.hes!

It made total sense!

No wonder Damien's an OP piece of s.h.i.+t with the luck of the Irish spilling from his every orifice.

It's again obvious what's happening.

The universe wants him to cuck them G.o.ds YET AGAIN and, this time, to give them a taste of Ol' Mandingo while he's at it. Fine. Challenge accepted.


Ha! You guys really think this G.o.d would give even a single f.u.k about any of that? Nope. He apparently already f.u.c.ked their wives in a past life. Them pulling a few petty tricks is tolerable.

His life's been smooth sailing so far. In fact, who knew if the G.o.ds were actually paying him any attention? And his theory could be totally wrong.

He didn't care either way.

All he wants is to settle down with his cute tree and plant all kinds of saplings.

This aint some s.h.i.+tty revenge story. Smoking drugs while sitting outside with your s.e.xy dryad wife and enjoying the sun's warmth on your skin. Watching your children grow.

Now THAT'S what life is all about. The simple pleasures.

Like slime girls.

"Froggo, it was great talking to you. And I'm glad you've found a little piece of paradise here for you. But I can't tarry any long. There are slime girls in this dungeon somewhere, I just know it. And they call to me. I must go."

The woman nodded. "I'm going with."


"Yeah. You made a hole in our f.u.c.king sky. Now there's going to be all sorts of people just putting down ropes and coming in. Like what the h.e.l.l? We can't stay here."

"Oh yeah."

There's no way people won't be checking this place out.

"I'll look for these slime girls with you, then you have that throne of yours bring us up later?"

"Sounds like a deal. Welcome aboard, froggo."

"And about that cute loli…."

"I will cuck your entire G.o.dd.a.m.n harem."


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