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Chapter 243 It Seemed That He Had Broken His Words

Mo Yilou looked at the woman who wore red clothes all over in front of his eyes. There was great interest in his eyes.

The woman with an exceedingly beautiful appearance was calm and stern. Her eyes, which were as cold as ice and frost, were looking at him. And this simply made his blood boil.

He had never met such a kind of woman before, who was decisive and fierce when she fought with somebody. Her movements were so quick that she could make others at a loss what to do. And he had also never met anyone whose character was like hers.

The pride in her eyes was not fake. It was really the same as that of Jun Yeyan.

The more you looked at her, the more you wanted to destroy her.

“You are really as fiery and hot as others say.” Mo Yilou looked at Bai Aoxue and said, paying no attention to his arm which was scratched by Bai Aoxue.

Bai Aoxue looked at the lord of Ink-blood Tower, but there was a feeling of disgust suddenly appearing in her heart. The way Mo Yilou laughed just now reminded her of the man who once had tortured Jun Yeyan.

“What's your relations.h.i.+p with Mo Xiao?” Having no time to think, Bai Aoxue had uttered these words.

While the words that she just said made Mo Yilou and Jun Yeyan on the side shocked all over.

Both of them looked at Bai Aoxue inconceivably. They didn't expect that this name would be said from Bai Aoxue's mouth.

Of course, Bai Aoxue perceived Jun Yeyan's change, so she turned around to look at Jun Yeyan and said, “I will tell you something in the future.”

After Jun Yeyan heard Bai Aoxue's words, he felt relieved immediately. He had long since known that his Xue was not an average person, but he never doubted Xue's sincerity for him.

Mo Yilou looked at Bai Aoxue and gently sneered at her. He said, “Why don't you ask Jun Yeyan? Probably Jun Yeyan is clearer about that than me.”

After Bai Aoxue heard Mo Yilou's words, she said understandingly, “So, that's the reason why you have always set yourself against Jun Yeyan these years. Are you revenging Mo Xiao?”

After Mo Yilou heard Bai Aoxue's words, he didn't expect that Bai Aoxue would say so. He was about to speak, but he was interrupted by Bai Aoxue.

“Mo Xiao deserves to die. If it were me, I would have killed Mo Xiao as well mercilessly.” Bai Aoxue looked at Mo Yilou coldly and said.

After Mo Yilou heard Bai Aoxue's words, his interest in Bai Aoxue turned to indignation.

“Shut up!” Mo Yilou looked at Bai Aoxue and shouted angrily.

n.o.body thought that Bai Aoxue used only two simple sentences to successfully enrage Mo Yilou.

“Kill them! All of them!” Mo Yilou pointed at Bai Aoxue as well as her people and said coldly.

“Ah! Oh, my! This is the saying that a cornered beast will do something desperate. Am I right, Master?” Liushuang's voice which was full of schadenfreude sounded. He was indifferent to the present situation.

After Bai Aoxue and her people heard his words, the corners of their mouths twitched fiercely. While on the side, Mo Yilou was burning with anger.

“It's rare for you to be smart once. You are right.” Bai Aoxue gently raised the corners of her mouth and showed her smile, which was rare.

While on this side, after Bai Aoxue and Liushuang just finished their words, Mo Yilou and his people had come to attack Bai Aoxue and her people.

Seeing that Mo Yilou had acted, Zhao, Li Xiao, and others also plucked out their swords to help Bai Aoxue.

“Master and Princess, you can go away first. We will fight against the enemies.” Li Xiao shouted and then ran towards the crowd.

Bai Aoxue and Jun Yeyan had a look at each other. Then she looked at Zhao and said to Zhao in a deep voice, “See you beside Yanjiang!”

Zhao nodded his head and raised his double knives to kill the enemies with all his strength!

Bai Aoxue and Jun Yeyan rode horses to move ahead, while Liushuang also closely followed them behind.

Seeing that Jun Yeyan and Bai Aoxue had left, Mo Yilou shouted furiously, but he didn't chase after them. There were strange and mysterious lights flickering in his eyes.

Bai Aoxue and the other two people entered the mountains, but still, they didn't slow down. They didn't hear that somebody was running after them, but still they were worried and anxious.

They had been riding horses to hurry on with their journey. Bai Aoxue and the other two people didn't slow down until they got to the middle of the mountains.

“I suppose n.o.body is running after us now. Let's have a rest first. Liushuang, you guard this place for me.” Bai Aoxue turned around to look at Liushuang and said in a deep voice. There was some heaviness in her face.

Liushuang looked at Bai Aoxue's anxious eyes, and then he nodded his head slowly.

She turned over and got down from the horse. Bai Aoxue quickly went to Jun Yeyan's side and looked at Jun Yeyan who was sitting on the back of the horse firmly. She was a little angry and said, “Why don't you get down from the horse?”

After saying this, she stretched out her slender hand and raised her head to look at Jun Yeyan.

Jun Yeyan, who was sitting steadily on the back of the horse, was slightly stunned after he heard Bai Aoxue's words.

Originally, his face was inclined to the other side. Now he turned back slowly. His eyes, which were as vast and deep as the midnight, looked at Bai Aoxue without blinking.

While Bai Aoxue didn't evade his eyes at all. She looked at Jun Yeyan without blinking. She slightly raised her head, with her white teeth gently biting her light-colored lip. Her stubborn look made Jun Yeyan feel helpless most.

Jun Yeyan slowly sighed. Then Jun Yeyan gave his hand to Bai Aoxue. He turned over and got down from the horse.

Just at the moment when he got down from the horse, Bai Aoxue quickly supported Jun Yeyan with her hands, her arms holding him more tightly.

Bai Aoxue supported Jun Yeyan with her hands, and then they went to sit down under a tree on the side. Bai Aoxue just raised her head and looked at Jun Yeyan's current appearance with the a.s.sistance of the moonlight.

The face under the black jade mask had been dyed red. There were some bloodstains spilling out of his mask. The rust-like breath pervaded in the air.

Bai Aoxue stretched out her hands slowly, but just when she was about to touch Jun Yeyan's face, she paused a little. She was a little hesitant.

“Liushuang, this is the secret that belongs to us. Even though you see his face today, please don't tell anyone else.” Bai Aoxue gently opened her red lips. Her voice was low and a little hoa.r.s.e as well.

After Liushuang heard this, he was slightly stunned. Then he nodded his head immediately.

Although she didn't hear that Liushuang said yes, Bai Aoxue knew that he agreed.

Without any hesitation, Bai Aoxue slightly raised her hands and uncovered the black jade mask on Jun Yeyan's face.

Although Liushuang tilted his body, he squinted at Bai Aoxue's movements. Liushuang's slightly narrowed peach-blossom-like eyes were opened wider and wider gradually.

He was stunned by his face. His exceedingly beautiful face made him feel unbelievable.

All the time, he had absolute confidence in his own appearance.

This was the first time that he had felt a sense of frustration in his life. That kind of feeling was indeed a little bitter.

The worldly people had always said that he was an ugly prince, who had a face more horrible than that of an evil ghost. But none of them knew that under that mask, there was such an exceedingly beautiful face.

His face was so exquisite that people couldn't help praising it.

Even though he was a man, this kind of appearance also amazed him so much!

Bai Aoxue uncovered Jun Yeyan's mask. There was some blood coming out of the corner of his mouth. But this didn't ruin his appearance at all. On the contrary, he seemed to be more charming and tempting.

Obviously, the words, “charming” and “tempting”, should not have been used to describe a man. But at this moment, Jun Yeyan did have the qualification to tempt and bewitch the whole world.

The air of rust entered Bai Aoxue's nose, and this made her feel bitter in her heart. She anxiously raised her hand to wipe off the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth. Bai Aoxue looked at Jun Yeyan who was pale and inanimate. She felt extremely painful in her heart.

Bai Aoxue held Jun Yeyan's hands. Bai Aoxue's fingers were trembling a bit. She slowly put her fingers onto his pulse. Bai Aoxue seemed to have heard the sound of her heartbeat.




One sound after another sound! The sound of her heartbeat was ringing in her chest, without stopping.

“Why didn't you tell me?” Bai Aoxue raised her head to look at Jun Yeyan, with indignation, perplexity, and even more intense anxiety in her eyes.

Jun Yeyan slowly raised his hands to cover Bai Aoxue's eyes.

He didn't want to see her anxious look because he swore that he would never make her feel anxious.

He didn't want to see her angry look because he once said that what he would give her is a smile.

He didn't want to see her painful or sorrowful look because he would think that what he had promised before…, seemed to have been broken.

“Because…, I don't want you to be too tired. I will be fine! Trust me.” Jun Yeyan said gently. There was some reluctance in his forced smile.

“Why didn't you take the medicine that I gave you on time? Why do you still hide it from me even though your body is in such a bad situation? And why do you allow me to be so stubborn over and over?” Bai Aoxue murmured. There was some fragility in her words.

Jun Yeyan covered Bai Aoxue's eyes with his hands which were as cold as ice.

Jun Yeyan was slightly stunned. Because he knew that if he told her, she would still wear such an expression just as now…

Then it was better not to tell her. At least, she could smile at him without any worry.

“Be a good girl… I will be fine. Even if you don't believe in me, you should believe in yourself.” Jun Yeyan put down his hands which covered Bai Aoxue's eyes and said in a low voice.

Bai Aoxue looked at Jun Yeyan like this. Her heart seemed to have been gripped tightly by somebody. Her heart was so painful that it seemed to be difficult for her even to breathe.

She was about to say something while there was a noise of footsteps in the distance. Bai Aoxue was nervous in her heart. Then she kept silent and looked into the distance.

“Father! Where are we going to take her? Qi Liange has already come.” There came the anxious and resentful voice of a woman. But Bai Aoxue heard a name which she was very familiar with.

“Qi Liange won't let us go. Then we will take Qi Muyuan with us and fight against them to the end. Perhaps, there will still be a slightest opportunity to survive.” There came Liu Muwei's desperate voice.

The rustling voice faded away gradually. Bai Aoxue already knew in her mind who the man was just now.

Qi Muyuan, a woman who treated her truly and honestly… Should she see her die and do nothing?

“Liushuang, follow them… Save that woman from their hands.” After thinking for a little while, Bai Aoxue raised her head to look at Liushuang and said.

As soon as Liushuang heard Bai Aoxue's words, he frowned and said, “Now, I can't let two of you stay here alone since I will be worried. Somebody will save that woman, and you needn't to worry about her.”

“Liushuang, once! Just help me once.” Bai Aoxue said gently. At this moment, she definitely would not leave Jun Yeyan. But it was absolutely impossible for her to see Qi Muyuan die without doing anything.

Liushuang raised his head, only to meet with Bai Aoxue's invocatory eyes. He became softhearted. He obviously knew that he could not leave here at this time, but when he looked at her eyes at this moment, he really could not say no to her.

“All right. You should wait for me here. It won't be long before I come back.” Liushuang smiled helplessly and said slowly.

Seeing that Liushuang had said yes to her, Bai Aoxue's tightly wrinkled eyebrows were loosened a little.

“Go ahead quickly.”

Liushuang had a deep look at Bai Aoxue. Then he turned around and left.

If he had known what would happen later, he would not have left here even though he knew that Bai Aoxue would hate him.

Seeing that Liushuang had left, Bai Aoxue breathed a sigh of relief in her heart as well.

Bai Aoxue took out the porcelain bottle in her sleeve and fed Jun Yeyan a sparkling and crystal-clear pill.

“This pill can slow down the spread of the poison. But from now on, you can't use your internal force anymore.” Bai Aoxue gave Jun Yeyan the porcelain bottle and said in a deep voice.

Jun Yeyan looked at Bai Aoxue and nodded hopelessly.

“Hha! I, the lord, really have guessed it right. Jun Yeyan, the poison in your body has begun to spread… Hah, hha…” There came a cold and gruesome voice. In this silent and mysterious night, his voice was a little gloomy and cold.

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