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Chapter 275 Leaving Together

Because of the wedding ceremony, Su Li did not handle the intelligence from all sides in two days. Staying in the attic, she dealt with all the intelligence until late in the evening, and then left immediately.

Qu Qingning saw it, and couldn't help sighing. Su Li seemed to have no change after the wedding ceremony. But there was something different, and he didn't know what it was exactly.

“Why are you sighing?”

A man appeared behind Qu Qingning suddenly, which made the latter so scared that he almost jumped. When Qu Qingning knew it was Luo Yichen, he said angrily, “Would you please make some noise while walking? I was almost scared to death!”

“I've never seen a warrior of the inborn realm was scared to death. You could show it to me and it would expand my horizon.”

Luo Yichen chuckled. In the Linli Building, besides Mei Ruohan, Qu Qingning was his best friend. Otherwise, he would not tell any jokes to anyone.

“Fine, you are really… I don't want to preach you. Fang Yuan asks us for something. He is waiting in the adytum now. Let's go.”

Qu Qingning suddenly realized that it was the business that made Luo Yichen, a martial arts enthusiast, free to talk to him. But he wondered as Su Li just left, Fang Yuan shouldn't have any business.

Qu Qingning felt confused and followed Luo Yichen to the underground adytum. People sitting at the table were all those except Wen Tingshan and Su Li in the secret morning meeting.

“Everyone is here.”

Yin Xuetong saw them coming and said, “Brother Fang, what's the matter?”

Fang Yuan looked at everyone and said softly, “I'm just confused, and want to confirm the number of the Wudao Stone given by Su Li?”

He opened his palm as he spoke. There were nine stones on his palm!


Qu Qingning gasped and screamed, “I thought Su Li had given me enough stones. You actually have more stones than mine. I got just eight.”

Fang Mu said immediately after making eye contact with his elder brother, “I have eight, too.”

There was a flash in Luo Yichen's eyes. He also seemed to find something strange, and whispered, “I have nine.”

Yin Xuetong frowned, “I have eight, too. Su Li asked me to practice hard and to break through the inborn hurdle quickly…”

Mei Ruohan and Fang Ling looked at each other, and took out four stones respectively. They didn't practice for enough time, and more stones still could not help them.

Fang Yuan's face darkened completely after seeing the number of stones in everyone's hands.

Luo Yichen murmured, “Fang Yuan, I remember something. You said that Su Li dressed up as Mr. Li met with Ling Li and then got fifty stones from him, and now… ”

“All the stones are here!” Yin Xuetong was shocked and wondered, “Su Li didn't keep even one for herself. She doesn't have to practice?”

At the moment, everyone had a heavy heart. Several days ago, Su Li was about to die and made an arrangement for future events. Later, she survived somehow. Now she did such a strange thing. There was no wonder that everyone put the two things together.


Fang Yuan was silent and stood up suddenly with the stones in his hands. Then he turned around and walked away. Qu Qingning said in surprise, “Fang Yuan, calm down. What are you going to do?”

Fang Yuan stopped, giving Qu Qingning a cold look. He then said in a low voice when Qu Qingning shuddered with his cold look, “Practice.”

Fang Yuan was not strong enough to help her.

The only way to control the matters was to have enough cultivation. He didn't want to be weak and useless as he did in the last time any more.

Practice was not conducted blindly. He needed more crazy ways to improve cultivation.

“Ah! Wait!”

Qu Qingning was worried and ran after him. After a long time, he returned alone in a daze.


Yin Xuetong came up concernedly. Qu Qingning gave a forced smile and said, “I'm fine. Fang Yuan said he would go to Uncle Shan to practice, and try to break through into a new stage as fast as possible. I'm just wondering if we should do something, too. Can we just leave Su Li alone for everything?”

Yin Xuetong paused, and then felt gratified by his words.

They were all under twenty, and should have known little about life if they were in ordinary families. But Qu Qingning was open and cynical. If nothing had happened, it would have taken years or even decades for the man to understand responsibility.

However, influenced by Su Li and Fang Yuan, he was maturing at an extremely rapid speed.

“Qingning, do what you want to do. I will always be on your side.”

Qu Qingning paused hearing Yin Xuetong's gentle voice, and then said, “I'm going to find Luo Yichen. You can't be left alone.”

Yin Xuetong blushed, and said, “Be serious. Hurry up! Now nothing is to be done in the Linli Building, and Uncle Shan will soon bring people back. Just go and do what you want to do!”


Qu Qingning solemnly replied and his eyes flashed with determination.

Su Li had always stressed fairness. But now, only she devoted herself. Was it fair?

No matter how much time she had, they would try their best to break through the hurdle, and do everything they could to help her. Only in this way wouldn't they live with the pain of regret.

In the East Courtyard of the Ling Mansion…

After coming back from the Supreme Judiciary, Ling Qinglan discussed the current matters with Ling Li. He was happy and high-spirited because his sister Yi Xue (Qu Lu) came back. Even if piles of cases in the Supreme Judiciary and Tianya House made him exhausted every day, he was still delighted.

“Recently, Nanjiang Country has had a fierce battle with the Lians.h.i.+ Cult, and the border has been invaded. The army is ready for battles. I'm afraid Second Brother will go out to fight.”

Ling Qinglan made the a.n.a.lysis, and Ling Li frowned. There had been no more wars in Nanjiang Country, but at the end of the year, in the Auction Fair, he planned and killed Wei Youran, and successfully framed the Lians.h.i.+ Cult. But Second Brother had to go back to the battlefield.

Things were changing fast in the battlefield. In these years, he could not always arrive in time to help Ling Ping win the victory. Now the tension between the royal family and him was increasing, and at this moment, Ling Ping would go to the battlefield again, so he must be worried.

But at this moment, the mechanism on the table was automatically activated, and the hole in the ground was exposed. Su Li's voice came slowly from the ground.

He was slightly surprised and then relieved. Whether or not Su Li wanted to marry Ling Li, she was now Madam of the Yinmo Cult and certainly allowed to use the tunnel for headquarters.

Seeing Ling Qinglan, Su Li was a little surprised and then she said, “I'm leaving now…”


Ling Li interrupted her without asking her where she had been today. He had stared at Su Li for a moment and slowly began to speak, “The play must be complete. If I am in the study while you are in the wing, what will my mom and other family members think?”

Hearing this, Ling Qinglan frowned and sighed. Su Li was forced to marry the Ling Family. She and Ling Li were so close before, but now they were estranged from each other.

“Now that Hierarch Ling is not afraid of your intelligence being leaked… ”

Su Li said coldly. Then she went to a cane chair beside the bookshelf and sat down. She picked up an ancient book and read it quietly.

She knew that this was Ling Li's excuse for keeping her staying with him, and she could not refute him with the excuse. That's because no one knew if Qiu Meng was watching her.

Ling Li found that although Su Li promised to stay, she sat with her back to him. He was greatly disappointed but had no choice.

Such a marriage let Su Li hate him to death. Her words and manners let him feel uncomfortable. But even so, he wanted her to stay with a bittersweet feeling.

Ling Qinglan pursed his lips and went on with other intelligence. He didn't want to get involved in the hard relations.h.i.+p between Su Li and Ling Li.

It was getting dark. Ling Mo stepped forward and lit the oil lamp. Then he kept a watch on the door, occasionally craning his neck to see what Su Li was reading. Su Li kept reading and didn't mind his peek.

“Ling Mo, you don't have to watch here. You can go away to practice.”

Ling Li's voice suddenly came.

Ling Mo was confused a little. It was almost time for dinner, and Ling Qinglan was not there. Madam might come to see by herself. Was Master muddled to ask him to practice now?

There was a clear sound of turning the page. Suddenly he understood and felt it was funny and annoying.

Because Su Li let him peek at the book, Master… was jealous?

He's jealous of that?

Their relations.h.i.+p was obviously terrible. But Master was still stingy. Was it normal in the world?

“Ling Mo!”

When Ling Li angrily spoke again, Su Li suddenly closed her book and stood up, taking the kettle that was boiling on the stove, and making a cup of tea cautiously to Ling Li who is stunned.

She became gentle and tender in an instant and blushed, whispering, “Please have some tea, honey.”

After that, she helped Ling Li clear up the table again, and tidy up all the files on the table quickly.

Ling Li was muddled immediately, and couldn't get it.

At the moment Su Li finished, Ling Mo's face changed. He immediately opened the door and went out. Then Ling Li heard Ling Mo's voice, “Madam”.

Qiu Meng came.

He should have thought of it, but he had been distracted by Su Li's actions.

However, the normal inborn spiritual awareness could not penetrate the tactical matrix of the East Courtyard. Even Ling Mo, who had practiced the psychic awareness with great efforts, just noticed Qiu Meng's arrival. How did Su Li know Madam's arrival in advance?

Did Su Li have stronger psychic awareness than Ling Mo's?

When Ling Li was anxious and doubtful, Qiu Meng opened the door. She looked happier as she saw Su Li standing quietly beside her son and glimpsed the cup of hot tea.

At first, she had thought that Su Li pretended to be virtuous in front of her. That's because it was easy to annoy Su Li if her son was really arrogant. But all the worries were unnecessary, and Su Li was better than she had thought.

So, there was no need to refuse the invitation.

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