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Chapter 541: “Imba” Mental Type Force!

“F*ck…” Anger flashed across Yellow-tooth’s face as he watched Phoenix swing her alloy sword towards him without any hesitation after hearing Feng Luo’s words.

However, as he lay on the ground in the Heavy Injury status, there was no way for him to dodge the strike that would undoubtedly empty his HP bar.


A fiery red alloy sword cut through the night sky, leaving a lightning-like afterimage before descending heavily upon its target.

In the next moment, the white light of death… did not appear.

Phoenix’s alloy sword landed, a snow-white figure arrived as fast as a bullet and accurately slammed into the alloy armor of Phoenix’s right shoulder.


A crisp and loud sound of metal hitting metal filled the air. Phoenix’s sword-wielding arm inevitably s.h.i.+fted to the side slightly, and along with the alloy sword she was holding, she slashed into the empty s.p.a.ce right beside Yellow-tooth’s face.

Although the sharp blade was less than half a centimeter away from Yellow-tooth’s neck when it came down, it had still missed Yellow-tooth.

It was natural that the strike did not empty the almost-cursing Yellow-tooth’s remaining five percent HP.

“What?” Phoenix saw a message notification, and her expression changed completely.

It was not only Phoenix whose expression changed. In fact, Feng Luo’s expression was the worst, cold sweat had even appeared on his forehead.

After he noticed that something was wrong with Yellow-tooth, and when he aimed the Wings of Death toward the dark forest, his eyes locked with an odd pair of human eyes that had a green glow.

Feng Luo encountered people with green glowing eyes in the dark before. Many of the beast warriors of the Rebel Army had this trait which allowed them to see in the dark.

However, this pair of eyes were at least ten times weirder than the Rebel Army beast warriors.

When their eyes locked, Feng Luo felt as if an explosion had occurred inside his mind.

Immediately after that, his finger, which was fully prepared to press down on the trigger, suddenly became incredibly heavy, and he could not move it at all.

Not only his finger, in fact, after he locked eyes with the weird person, Feng Luo’s entire body became stiff. Even his legs, head, arms, and even his mouth could not move. To put it simply, at that moment, Feng Luo had lost control of his character’s body.

[You’ve received a Mental Force attack. Since you’ve awakened the Beginner Level Force, the effects of the Mental Force attack has been reduced by 50%.

[Since you have 13% negative affliction resistance, the effects of the attack has been reduced by 6.5%.]

[Since you’ve been attacked by the Force, your Evolution Talent has been activated. Your resistance to Mental Force attacks has been temporarily increased: 5%… 10%… 15%…]

Three continuous system popup notifications appeared almost simultaneously in front of Feng Luo and helped him understand something.

Mental Type Force.

He had heard those words not that long ago.

Earlier, My World said that when they were defending the lab, they lost control of their characters after the person familiar with Lin, “Aike” glanced at them, and the system also told them that they had been attacked by Mental type Force.

Clearly, the person was not Aike; instead, he was most probably a high-level NPC who possessed the Mental Type Force disguised as Aike.

However, from the lab’s surveillance footage, the NPC was chased out of the lab by Special Agent White Wolf, who was resting and recuperating at the lab. When he was chased out, he ran in a rather wretched manner.

Additionally, Feng Luo felt that facing almost 20 enemy players for this mission made the difficulty rating very high. Theoretically, it was impossible that they were still required to face a high-level NPC like this who had a Force ability that could be considered “Imbalanced,” or “Imba” in short. This was also why he was not that vigilant.

However, unexpectedly, the mission was really that difficult.

Just as the enemy players were about to be wiped out, a Boss Grade high-level NPC entered the fray at the last minute.

Moreover, the peculiar Mental Force was really that “Imba.”

“I got careless, I should have summoned 24K.” Feng Luo felt regret.

Earlier, he thought that victory was within grasp, and he was worried that 24K would be instantly killed in a team battle like this, which was why he did not summon his pet like Phoenix during the battle.

Otherwise, with 24K’s AI and the beetle squad that he had acc.u.mulated over the past few days, even if he were to lose control of his character, he would still have ways to deal with the situation.

After all, from the system notifications, one could tell that the control loss was not permanent.

Moreover, his Evolution Talent was activated, so he only needed to delay the enemy a bit and he would most certainly get out of this safely.

“I just hope that Phoenix and Big Pineapple can get out of this unscathed…” At that time, Feng Luo could only hope like that.

Unfortunately, when he lost control of his character, he could only barely move his eyes, and at that time, he had no way to remind the other two.

“F*ck, what’s this…”


However, before much time elapsed, Feng Luo heard Big Pineapple’s surprised and unfinished sentence, as well as the sound of Phoenix’s sword falling on the ground.

At that time, Feng Luo could only smile bitterly.

Clearly, Phoenix and Big Pineapple were also targeted. This time, they were probably going to

fail the last part of the mission.

“Cough. What a bunch of useless things. To lose even when it’s 10 against three…”

After all three of Feng Luo’s party team members fell prey to the ability and had lost control of their unmoving characters, a young NPC man with a scar all clad in black walked quickly from the shadows. He was pale, like a person who had suffered from an injury, and his outfit was also a complete mess, and it even had trails of blood.

It was clear that he spent quite a lot of effort before successfully running away from the pursuit of the White Wolf special agent.

“Major Clear Silver, you’re finally here… Hurry! Give me a blood coagulant! Otherwise, I’m going to die!” Yellow-tooth shouted with an excited and delighted expression while seated on the ground, panting heavily.

He had multiple wounds created by Phoenix’s attacks that were still bleeding profusely. As he was under the Heavy Injury status, which decreased his HP recovery rate, if he did not receive treatment soon, he would still die of blood loss even if he was not attacked.

However, the NPC with the scarred face called Clear Silver by Yellow-tooth did not pay any attention to him at all.

After he walked out of the dark forest, his shadowy outfit gradually turned into a white doctor’s robe. His eyes did not even glance at Yellow-tooth, completely ignoring him. Instead, he stared straight at Feng Luo’s immobilized group.

“Are you the adventurer special agents that the Federation Government recruited? You’re really different. Compared to these pieces of s.h.i.+t, you definitely look more reliable. If you agree to join us, I might consider sparing your lives… Otherwise…” the NPC said with a cruel expression on his scarred face.

Since Feng Luo’s group could not actually move, there was no way they could have responded.

By just looking at how this NPC treated his allies, there was no way they would be stupid enough to actually join the Rebel Army Camp.

“F*ck… s.h.i.+t…” After being ignored by the scarred NPC, Yellow-tooth cursed as he gritted his teeth.

If it were not for the benefits, who would ever want to help a guy like this on missions.

The Rebel Army Camp had a lot of NPCs with bad att.i.tudes like this. They were definitely a group of beast people.

It was a good thing that Big Pineapple could not move at that time, this allowed Seven Kills, who had extended a hand, to get a blood coagulant potion on him, which pushed his HP to the threshold before it started to recover naturally.

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