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t.i.tle: I'm Pregnant with the Villain's Child
Translator: Little Bamboo Spirit
Chapter 27 - Could it be that the villain had a strange hobby of enjoying being cheated on? (4) 

Before coming over, Lu Beichuan had planned on staying the night here. However, Mother Ye was very obvious about not wanting Lu Beichuan and Ye Zhen to sleep in Ye Qing's room, and Ye Zhen's room was hardly presentable. Thus, a guest room had to be prepared for them.

Ye Zhen was running hot water in the bathroom to prepare a bath for Young Master Lu.

Lu Beichuan turned the wheelchair, blocked the bathroom's doorway, and suddenly asked, "Aren't you the one that Lin Zhan likes? Why did he run off with your younger sister?"

Ye Zhen had leaned over to check the water temperature. Her back suddenly stiffened. She did her best to conceal her emotions before turning around and deliberately said in a shocked voice, "You had me investigated!"

"I woke up and suddenly had a wife. Of course I had to investigate your background to gain a clear understanding. Besides, this isn't is a secret."

Miffed, Ye Zhen rambled on as if she had been provoked. "That doesn't mean you can investigate my personal affairs. If you want to know something, you could have directly asked me!"

"Sure, then I'll ask you." Lu Beichuan languidly leaning back on the wheelchair as he watched her. "Lin Zhan likes you and you like him, so why did he run off with your younger sister?"

Ye Zhen silently looked at him.

This was practically a.s.signing her an essay topic!

How should she answer him?

Right now, she was suppose to be Ye Qing, and the real Ye Qing had ran off with Lin Zhan. The Ye Family were using Ye Zhen's name to covertly look for Ye Qing and Lin Zhan. But, if anyone casually asked any of Ye Qing's friends, they would find out that it was Ye Qing and Lin Zhan that were crazy in love with each other.

How do you explain why someone that was deeply in love with the older sister would run off with her younger sister instead?

And, based on Lu Beichuan's att.i.tude, he was going to insist on getting to the bottom of the matter.

Ye Zhen thought it over, but she couldn't figure out a good explanation. Would she have to cut off her escape path to move forward? Biting her lip and acting as if she had been silently enduring heart-sticken pain, she quietly said, "Actually... I don't have a good relations.h.i.+p with my younger sister. Even though my younger sister is the type to not say much since we were kids, she's always liked to s.n.a.t.c.h my things. Lin Zhan and I are truly in love with each other, but... my younger sister also likes him. She repeatedly got between Lin Zhan and I. In the end... in the end..."

During those last few words, Ye Zhen was crying so much that she couldn't get remaining words out.

"I truly love Lin Zhan, but Ye Zhen is my younger sister. I can't harm her. Since she also likes Lin Zhan, I can only step back and support them. But, what shocked me was how much my younger sister loves Lin Zhan. I can't believe she ran off with Lin Zhan just because our parents didn't approve of their relations.h.i.+p." Ye Zhen looked at Lu Beichuan with eyes full of tears. "I discussed this with my mom before dinner. My parents are now willing to support my younger sister and Lin Zhan. Can you help me find Ye Zhen and bring her back?"

"Your younger sister s.n.a.t.c.hed away your sweetheart and you still want to help your parents find her?"

Ye Zhen sorrowfully said in a quiet voice, "She's still my younger sister. No matter what happens between us, I should still forgive her, right?"

A double meaning, ah.

Ye Zhen felt that she was quite resourceful and quick-witted.

Not only did she put a green hat on Lu Beichuan, she had disparaged herself and raised up Ye Qing. She also found an escape path for herself!

After all, she had told the truth. "Ye Zhen" really did like Lin Zhan.

Lu Beichuan looked at her from his seat in the wheelchair. Although he was sitting down and lower in height than Ye Zhen right now, his imposing manner hadn't diminished. Below his straight, black eyes brows, his eyes slightly narrowed. His lips were half-curved up in a smile. Being looked at like this was bound to make people apprehensive. He looked at her as if he was watching a play.

"You like Lin Zhan that much?"

Ye Zhen gritted her teeth and nodded. She added oil to the fire as she said, "I like him. In this lifetime, I'll never be able to forget him!"

A normal man wouldn't be able to sit still if his wife was so blatant about her affections for another man.

This was a matter of his dignity and face. Even a turtle wouldn't be able to keep enduring, right?

Not to mention, he was an extremely ruthless great villain, who was the Lu Family's successor too.

Lu Beichuan smiled. Starting from his throat, he started unb.u.t.toning his s.h.i.+rt. "Put down your thoughts of your sweetheart for now and come over to help your husband undress so I can take a bath."

"?" Could it be that the villain had a strange hobby of enjoying being cheated on? 

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