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By the time Su Tao drove to the Jade Moon Court, it was already dark outside. Although the place only had five to six tables laid outside, there were quite a number of customers. Every table practically sat seven to eight customers with charcoal burning. Little Wen's parents had small frames, but under their control, the woks were dancing in the fire with aromatic dishes swiftly being served.

Aside from Little Wen acting as a waitress, Yan Sha was also helping out. However, Su Tao did not immediately walk over, but observed Yan Sha from a distance. He could notice a smile on her lips. Seeing Yan Sha, Su Tao realised that his Junior Sister was sensible and compa.s.sionate.

When Yan Sha saw Su Tao, she was briefly startled before she asked, "Senior Brother, why are you here?"

Su Tao's appearance was indeed a surprise to Yan Sha.

"You didn't even give a notice when you left the house. You nearly scared your grandfather to death!" Su Tao threatened with a solemn expression.

"Pfft, my grandfather has given me absolute freedom since I was ten!" Yan Sha exposed Su Tao's lie and continued, "I was worried that Xu Ran might bring people over to cause trouble, so I came to look."

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao replied, "How will it look for a girl like you to be involved in fights?"

However, Yan Sha gave a serious response to his question, "Grandfather taught me that a pract.i.tioner of martial arts must help the weak and fight injustice."

"Then let me ask you, have you ever fought in your life?" Su Tao asked with a smile.

Shaking her head, Yan Sha admitted, "No. But there's always a first for everything. If those thugs dare to come today, I definitely won't go easy on them!"

Hearing those words, Su Tao sighed. "Don't worry about it. I'll wait for them with you."

Yan Sha was ultimately still a student, so how could he allow her to face danger alone?

When Little Wen's parents saw that an acquaintance of Yan Sha came, they immediately started to find a seat for Su Tao. However, the latter waved his hand and smiled. "You guys don't have to be so polite. I'm also here to help!"

Watching Su Tao, a sweet smile crept on Yan Sha's lips and Little Wen whispered into her ears, "Shasha, I think your Senior Brother is really das.h.i.+ng!"

Hearing those words, Yan Sha immediately looked over and warned, "Don't fall for him! Otherwise, we won't be friends anymore!"

With a blush, Little Wen sourly replied, "What nonsense are you talking about? I'm not a lovestruck girl like you!"

Yan Sha secretly peeked at Su Tao from the side. He had a tall figure, blessed with das.h.i.+ng features and had a warm smile hanging on his lips. Su Tao could only blame himself for being too outstanding. It was no wonder why girls would fall for him.

With two more helpers today, Little Wen's mother could focus on cooking and the whole process was much faster. Although customers quickly filled up the place, they also finished their meal swiftly and left.

At about eight to nine at night, the business finally calmed down with only one or two tables being occupied. As Little Wen opened her bag, she sat in a corner and started on her homework, in which Yan Sha was watching Little Wen from the side and would occasionally knit her brows. Evidently, she must have made many mistakes, since she had done them in a hurry.

As Su Tao looked at Little Wen, he inwardly sighed. Children who come from poor families tend to be independent at an early age, and this saying is completely true! Although Yan Sha did not have her father at an early age, she was considered well-off. Hence, she wasn't too focused on her studies.

Little Wen's father did not have a towering build and even wore a black-framed spectacle. If it wasn't for his greasy ap.r.o.n, he might look like a professor! As he took out a wrinkled cigarette box, he handed a stick to Su Tao.

However, Su Tao smiled and gently pushed it away, then explained, "I don't smoke."

As Little Wen's father awkwardly withdrew his hand, he stowed the cigarette box, in which Su Tao could tell that the latter wasn't highly addicted to cigarettes. "Earlier, Little Wen told me that the reason why you and Yan Sha came to help today is to deal with those thugs who have been eating for free lately! But don't step out later. Let me handle the matter."

"Don't worry about it, Uncle. I won't create any trouble for you." Su Tao sighed, realising that Little Wen's father was truly an honest man. Glancing at his right hand that was wearing a glove, he pondered for a long time before he asked, "Can I take a look at your injured hand?"

After a brief stun, Little Wen's father awkwardly smiled. "What is there to see? It's pretty terrifying, and I wore a glove because I'm afraid of scaring the customers."

"I'm actually a physician, and I just wish to see how your injuries are!" Su Tao explained.

As Little Wen's father sighed, he removed his glove. It was no wonder for his dejected expression. The wound on his middle finger, index finger, and thumb had formed into a diagonal line. "After my fingers were crushed, half of my palm was also destroyed, and it's not possible to sew it together. However, the heavens were still kind to me by leaving me with half of my palm. I can still carry stuff and do ordinary!"

Nodding his head, Su Tao examined Little Wen's father for a long time before he smiled. "Uncle, come look for me at the Three Flavour Hall when you're free starting tomorrow. Although I can't restore your hand to how it was before, I'm confident to restore at least 90% of your hand's function!"

Looking at Su Tao in perplexion, Little Wen's father exclaimed, "Are you lying to me?!"

Just when Su Tao wanted to go into details with Little Wen's father, four vans drove and blocked the entrance of the tent.

Letting out a sigh, Su Tao's expression sank, since he knew that the troublemakers are finally here!

Xu Ran first brought Deng Feng and the rest to Fragrance Seeking Pavilion to have a meal before bringing them over to the Jade Moon Court's street food stall. However, Xu Ran did not get out, but was in the van playing with his phone. In his view, it's more than enough for those professional thugs to deal with Little Wen's family, in which he planned to head for the Three Flavour Hall after smas.h.i.+ng the street food stall.

No matter what, he had to take revenge today!

When the four vans arrived, the customers could smell trouble. Hence, they immediately left their money on the table and left.

Little Wen's father wore a fawning smile on his face as he greeted, "h.e.l.lo, can you please move your vehicles aside? We're just a small business, and we don't earn much a day."

Deng Feng was walking by the front and he reeked of alcohol since he drank earlier. "Boss, we're here to eat and take care of your business! What are you trying to do by chasing your customers away?"

Little Wen's father immediately knew that this bunch of people were here to eat for free again. Hence, he immediately wore a smile. "You guys are here to eat? Then please, have a seat!"

As Deng Feng took the lead and sat at a table, Little Wen's father gave his daughter an eye signal. "Take orders for the customers!"

Little Wen immediately left her homework aside and came to Deng Feng with the menu. "May I take your orders?"

As Deng Feng examined Little Wen, he smiled. "For such a young lady to work as a waiter, how rare."

After taking over the menu, Deng Feng ordered everything from the top to the bottom of the menu and instructed, "Same for the three tables. Don't skimp on the job. We want large sized dishes, and don't try to trick us!"

When Little Wen handed the order to her mother, her mother weakly sighed. Although this street food stall makes some profit, what they've done today would go down the drain if they did not pay for the three tables.

Although there were some who occasionally came to eat for free, they still managed to make some money. But the three tables today posed a great burden to the street food stall.

Little Wen's parents would rather keep the peace, so they immediately got themselves busy. Fearing that those people might find another excuse to make things difficult for them, they gave their 120% when they were cooking.

"Senior Brother, look how arrogant those people are, they're surely here with ill intention. They must surely have been sent over by Xu Ran, so let's chase them away!" Yan Sha raged.

"They're the customers now, and it's unreasonable for you to make a move against them at this moment!" Su Tao knew that these people were here with ill motives. Otherwise, why would anyone block the entrance with vans if they came for a meal? However, Little Wen's parents made a living with this street food stall, so it was best if they could reduce the negative influence the best they can.

After a brief pondering, Su Tao took out his phone and sent an address to a person along with a message. "I'll treat you to a meal, coming?"

A brief moment later, he soon received a short reply, "Wait there!"

Roughly twenty minutes later, Little Wen's parents were done with the dishes for the three tables, in which Deng Feng ordered three carts of beer and everyone started drinking and eating.

See how those people ate happily, Little Wen's parents were helpless and could only wish for those thugs to finish and leave quickly. Since it still wasn't too late into the night, they might still be able to get some business done.

At that moment, a red sports car rumbled and parked beside the vans. A woman in modern clothing came out of the car. When she looked around, she helplessly smiled and cursed Su Tao in her heart. She initially thought that Su Tao was genuinely intending on treating her to a meal, but looking at the situation now, there's probably a story behind this matter.

That woman wore white fur clothing that made her look as ethereal as a fairy. Her pair of brilliant eyes dazzled in the night and her vaguely seen collar bone could be seen under her neck. Her graceful figure even attracted everyone's attention.

Although she wasn't showing much skin, her tight-fitting clothes wrapped against her body, outlining her voluptuous figure. When she walked, her booty would sway from the left to right. She had a stunning appearance, even models in magazines would lose out to her.

She's the Venomous Widow, Yan Jing, and only a weirdo like Su Tao would invite her to have a meal in a street food stall. However, Yan Jing wasn't really bothered about it. Although she's successful now, she has experienced life as a common folk in the past, so it wasn't embarra.s.sing for her to eat in this sort of place.

Wearing a smile on her face, Yan Jing slowly went in. When the thugs who were seated at the three tables saw such a beauty, they instantly started whistling in her direction.

With a helpless smile, Yan Jing walked over to Su Tao and asked, "Have you ordered?"

Shaking his head, Su Tao replied, "I'm waiting for you to make the order!"

Letting out a sigh, Yan Jing took the menu on the table and casually ordered a few dishes before she glanced at Yan Sha and smiled. "So, you're here too!"

"h.e.l.lo, Aunt Jing!" Yan Sha greeted with manners. Yan Jing and Yan Wujin have a good relations.h.i.+p, and she also knew her ident.i.ty. Hence, her worries immediately disappeared and she explained, "This street food stall is owned by the parents of my cla.s.smate, and the food here is delicious!"

"Then I really have to give it a try!" Yan Jing smiled.

Although those thugs were glaring from the side, Little Wen's parents still served Su Tao and his friend a few dishes.

When Deng Feng saw that this stall actually dared to serve other customers, he locked his brows together. The Young Master was watching, and his objective today was to prevent the stall from operating. But someone actually made an order now. So how was he going to explain to the young master later? Hence, he immediately gave an eye signal to someone, which a beer bottle was smashed on the ground shortly after.

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