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Published at 25th of March 2020 04:30:05 PM
Chapter 519: 519

Since the last phase of the selection would soon begin, Tan Luoyou left with a bitter smile because he knew that things wouldn't be able to smoothly proceed if he continued to chat with Su Tao .

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Meanwhile, Su Tao misunderstood, thinking that he had qualms about the bystanders, so he did not continue explaining as well .

After all, the National Healer Selection would soon begin, and it's not appropriate for him to be too close with a judge .

At the same time, Tan Luoyou's condition was rather serious, since the lack of Yang in his body has resulted in sleep paralysis . Since TCM emphasises on finding the origin of the problem before resolving it, it wouldn't be easy to treat his condition .

A few minutes later, Mrs . Han entered with a smile and invited the five candidates to another room .

In that room, ten judges awaited them, and anyone could tell how strict this selection was from this formation .

As the chief judge, Helian Zhen looked at the five youthful faces and smiled . “Firstly, I would like to congratulate all of you for making it so far, which proves your capability . But then again, this will be a cruel selection . Amongst the five of you, two of you will be eliminated while the remaining three will join me as my fellow colleagues . Then again, this is a t.i.tle that comes with responsibility, aside from honour . ”

At this moment, the deputy judge, Tan Luoyou, said with a grave expression, “Now, we will announce the process . There will be a total of three tests, and we will rate all of you with marks based on your performance before we rank the five of you . That also means that the top three in the ranking will receive the t.i.tle of National Healer . ”

“The test consists of three different patients that we've prepared for you guys . The patients that we've selected are atypical cases, which you must provide appropriate treatment . ” The other deputy judge, Shen Bianrong added .

Although the three judges spoke so much, there wasn't “anything usual” . It's just a typical compet.i.tion between medical skills!

Seated in his seat, Helian Zhen turned to look at Tan Luoyou and asked, “I heard that you paid Su Tao a visit earlier?”

“I couldn't hold back my curiosity . ” Tan Luoyou sighed .

Nodding his head, Helian Zhen replied, “We will know in a while!”

As the five candidates sat in their seats, someone handed each of them a photocopied doc.u.ment and Helian Zhen announced, “For the first examination, we will be holding a medical consultation . Every so often, when we treat the leaders, we will conduct a consultation before we discuss amongst ourselves to gather suggestions from all parties and provide the most appropriate treatment . Please look at the doc.u.ments . All of you have to make an a.n.a.lysis based on the data provided to you to tell what illness the patient has, and you only have fifteen minutes!”

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Instantly, Ouyang De, Ji Donghe, and Peng Hanyi inwardly rejoiced in their hearts . Wasn't this a compet.i.tion in their favour?

TCM personally treated the patient, while western medicine treated them through diagrams .

The formidability of western medicine's consultation lies in the apparatuses to detect and a.n.a.lyse the patient's condition .

On the other hand, TCM's four methods of diagnosis didn't consist of any apparatuses nor reports to decipher the patient's condition .

So for this section that required them to a.n.a.lyse the patient's condition through data was more beneficial to the western medicine candidates .

Then again, it was also reasonable . After all, the main force amongst the National Healers were western medicine doctors, so it was unavoidable for them to set questions according to their system .

At this moment, the three western medicine candidates were relieved . Only three people would make it through the selection . So if Su Tao and Ling Yu were both eliminated, then the three of them would be the winners .

Furthermore, both Su Tao and Ling Yu looked young . Thus, the three western medicine candidates couldn't treat the two of them as their opponents .

At the same time, they were feeling baffled as to why the judges allowed them through .

As Ouyang De swiftly read through the doc.u.ment, his brows started to lock together . When he looked at the examination report, his face became even darker .

But he wasn't the only one, the two other western medicine candidates also wore difficult expressions on their faces .

It's not because this report was complicated; on the contrary, it's too simple and even had missing parts .

The various indexes were within the normal range . Even if there were some fluctuations in a few areas, they were still within the scope of control . After all, the index would occasionally show some variation based on the patient's condition .

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Trying to a.n.a.lyse the complicated content from a simple report with missing parts was undoubtedly a huge problem . It's just like a composition exam where the difficulty increased with fewer indicators .

Reading through the doc.u.ments, Ling Yu maintained his composure, since he wasn't a stranger to western medicine, like Su Tao and w.a.n.g Guofeng . As the main focus of the Medical Dao Sect, he wasn't lacking in experience with western medicine . There were common points between TCM and western medicine, but it would be extremely difficult to study western medicine first before TCM . On the other hand, it would be easy to understand if you first learn the complicated and dry TCM before studying western medicine's theory .

After Ling Yu briefly locked his brows, he wrote down his answer, which didn't take him a long time .

As for Ouyang De, Ji Donghe, and Peng Hanyi, they pondered for a long time before they swiftly scribbled their answer .

Lastly, Su Tao studied the report several times before a bitter smile rose on his lips . When he wrote down his answer, he was the same as Ling Yu and did not take a long time .

After the allocated fifteen minutes pa.s.sed, the five candidates submitted their answers .

After Helian Zhen read through the answers, he nodded his head in satisfaction and said, “All of you are truly specialists with unique and precise answers . But the answers are separated into two different factions, with Ouyang De, Ji Donghe, and Peng Hanyi indicating that there's a decrease in white blood cells . From the declining kidney functions, you guys managed to a.n.a.lyse that the patient must be taking medicine like Chlordiazepoxide and concluded that the patient must have a sleep disorder condition . On the other hand, both Su Tao and Ling Yu gave out the conclusion of the nightmare condition, which is also known as demonic suppression, or sleep paralysis in western medicine . ”

After a brief pause, he continued, “From accuracy-wise, the answer of sleep paralysis is more precise . ”

The meaning in his words was apparent, he meant that the two young physicians had the advantage .

Thus, Ouyang De, Ji Donghe, and Peng Hanyi's expressions instantly turned ugly when they realised that they had underestimated their opponents!

Then again, they were also feeling reluctance in their heart .  Can it be that the two of them were just lucky?

After Helian Zhen finished, Tan Luoyou said, “I'll not keep it from all of you . This medical report is mine, and all of you are truly capable of a.n.a.lysing my condition, despite the missing parts in the report . ”

Hearing those words, Ouyang De, Ji Donghe, and Peng Hanyi looked at each other, while Su Tao and Ling Yu did not have any change in their expressions . Evidently, both Su Tao and Ling Yu already noticed that the report belonged to Tan Luoyou .

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The report might be lacking, but the two of them could easily notice Tan Luoyou's condition from his complexion .

His complexion was yellowish and he made sluggish and unusually wide movements .

These meaningless pieces of information in the eyes of a doctor were informative to physicians to a.n.a.lyse that he's suffering from a lack of Yang .

At the same time, the decrease in white blood cells and decline in kidney functions that were indicated in the report, showed that there's a high possibility that the patient was taking hypnotic medication . Thus, they could surmise that the patient was suffering from a nightmare condition caused by a lack of Yang .

Standing up from his seat, Tan Luoyou bowed . “Next, I would like to ask the five of you to treat me as a patient and provide treatment for me . ”

At this moment, the five of them noticed that the a.n.a.lysis was just the appetiser, and this was the main course here .

At the same time, Su Tao now realised why Tan Luoyou would suddenly leave earlier, it's because he's the question for them to answer in this phase .

Although he knew Tan Luoyou's condition beforehand and was also prepared, he still had to put some work in the treatment method to provide a solution .

After all, Ling Yu had also showcased his outstanding eyesight, which was not at all inferior to his own .

Su Tao knew that he's not only competing with the three western medicine specialists, but he also had to contend with Ling Yu . Hence, he wrote down his answer after a brief pondering .

At the same time, Ling Yu also wrote down his answer .

A minute later, Helian Zhen's expression became weird when he looked through the five answers and fell into a brief silence before he shook his head and smiled . “I never expected that it would be the same situation again with two different factions . Ouyang De, Ji Donghe, and Peng Hanyi suggested several new hypnotic and calming medications, which I have also seen these medications from international medical magazines . Although the production of these medicines is low, the effects are extremely good without any side effects . On the other hand, both Su Tao and Ling Yu suggested stopping all medication!”

A huge divergence appeared!

Western medicine suggested new medication while TCM suggested stopping the medication .

Turning to look at the surrounding judges, Helian Zhen sighed, since they had two TCM specialists amongst the judges . It's common for a divergence of opinions between TCM and western medicine, and this year, it has also occurred .

But generally, the divergence was usually on the difference in medicine, since a physician would prescribe herbs, while a western medicine doctor would prescribe western medicine .

But the divergence this time was much more intense .

“What a joke!” Ji Donghe emotionally bounced up from his seat and laughed, “Not taking any medicine when you're sick? You want the patient to stop taking medicine? What a hilarious joke!”

Hearing those words, Helian Zhen frowned due to his dissatisfaction for Ji Donghe . But in his heart, he shared the same view as the latter . The treatment method suggested by Su Tao and Ling Yu cannot be taken seriously .

From western medicine's angle, medication was necessary when sick to intervene in time .

Earlier, when Ji Donghe heard the answers, he lost his composure . But it was mainly due to Su Tao and Ling Yu taking the lead, which made him feel extremely humiliated .

The three of them were candidates for western medicine, so he looked down on TCM the most .

The reason was simple, his family doctor company was now facing a formidable compet.i.tor who had some experienced physicians .

Physicians were general pract.i.tioners . Although western medicine doctors also had general pract.i.tioners, they're still in a disadvantageous position when compared to experienced physicians . To the general public, TCM was more popular, since its concepts revolved around preventive treatment .

The so-called “preventive treatment” meant nouris.h.i.+ng and maintaining one's health through diet and daily activities to improve the body's resistance to illnesses .

Seeing that the judges were discussing amongst themselves, Su Tao slowly stood up and explained, “Stopping the medication doesn't mean no treatment, it means using other methods as a replacement, such as acupuncture or ma.s.sage! I believe both Ling Yu and I have mentioned this in the treatment methods . ”

Although he did not look at Ling Yu's method, he believed that Ling Yu's treatment method wouldn't be too far from his own .

Hearing his words, Ling Yu nodded his head and felt a feeling of encountering a close friend .

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