The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex Chapter 971 - Wang Lan Had Disappeared

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Chapter 971: w.a.n.g Lan Had Disappeared

In a mansion located south of the city.

Two police cars were parked the gates of the mansion and six or seven policemen disembarked from these cars. They were accompanied by a middle-aged couple who looked like they were in their fifties.

Everyone in the house was roused from their sleep by the sound of the shrill police alarms and they gathered downstairs in the living room, still clad in their pajamas.

“Is Ye Hao here?” a policeman asked as he flashed his badge.

Xia Jingshu immediately tensed when she realized that these policemen for looking for her son and quickly wheeled her wheelchair over.

“What’s wrong? Why have you come to visit us in the middle of the night?” she asked with a frown as she stared at these policemen in confusion. She grew even more anxious because she knew that policemen would not drop by unannounced unless it was a serious matter.

“h.e.l.lo, Madam Ye,” the policeman said as he pointed at the middle-aged couple. “This couple came to the station to lodge a police report and they’ve alleged that they haven’t been able to contact their daughter w.a.n.g Lan in the past four days. Their daughter has been employed as a maid in your household for the past four years, and thus we’ve come to try to gain more insight into the situation and we’d also like to take this opportunity to search her room.”

“w.a.n.g Lan…” Xia Jingshu stiffened and immediately frowned.

“She requested to take leave four days ago and left the castle, so she isn’t here either. Did she not go home? She mentioned that she had to take leave because her mother was ill and had to undergo surgery, so she had to head home to care for her.”

“She did not come home,” w.a.n.g Lan’s mother Chen Meifeng exclaimed agitatedly. “She cut off all contact with us four days ago and we haven’t been able to reach her on her mobile either.”

Chen Meifeng felt extremely anxious at the thought that she hadn’t been able to contact her daughter in the past few days and a layer of cold sweat had already formed on her forehead.

Her husband w.a.n.g Dongming quickly took her hand in his to comfort her.

The police entered w.a.n.g Lan’s bedroom after obtaining permission to enter. The bedroom was around 20 square meters. It wasn’t very big since w.a.n.g Lan had the entire bedroom to herself. There was a bed, a chair, a large closet, and a vanity.

Her makeup products were displayed on the vanity, including her lipstick and eyeshadow palettes.

Several policemen worked jointly to search the room. One policeman was in charge of searching through her closet, the other searched the vanity, and another policeman searched the bed.

The policemen found many skincare and makeup products from her vanity and two diamond necklaces. These were all products from luxury brands such as Chanel, La Mer, and Helena. The other policeman found quite a few LV bags from her closet.

The policemen placed these items on the bed and asked, “Did she carry these out often?”

Xia Jingshu stared at these items in confusion. She didn’t understand how w.a.n.g Lan could afford to purchase so many luxury brands.

w.a.n.g Lan’s parents were dumbfounded. They were shocked to discover that their frugal daughter who had religiously sent money home each month could buy such expensive products.

“I’m pretty sure that these are the gifts that my daughter has received. My daughter is very frugal and she would always wire her entire month’s worth of salary to us,” w.a.n.g Lan’s mother said agitatedly as she gripped the arm of one of the policemen.

The policeman nodded.

“Don’t worry, we’ll definitely investigate further. This is currently a missing persons case, so we will continue to look into her friends,” he said.

There was no concrete evidence, so the police could not conclude that w.a.n.g Lan had met with a tragic end. However, based on circ.u.mstantial evidence, it was evident that this woman showed no suicidal tendencies.

“I’m counting on you. Please help me find my daughter,” w.a.n.g Lan’s mother said.

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The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex Chapter 971 - Wang Lan Had Disappeared summary

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