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Published at 5th of November 2019 07:15:06 PM Chapter 52

I won't lie to you, I entered a paradise the moment I stepped in the Land of Ice . The cold wind hit my face, and it was wonderful .
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I turned to look at Tulip and Zi, who were both trembling from the icy temperature . Tulip conjured a small flame that she used to warm herself . As for Zi, the fur on his body grew long enough to warm him a bit . After doing that, they were still trembling .

I smiled and extended my hand, which caused the wind around the two to lessen greatly . Being the Lord of Wind, I could do that without any problem . Once I did that, they stopped trembling and their bodies warmed once again .

"This wind is not ordinary," I said . "In fact, one can use it to temper his body and strengthen it . Even I can benefit from it, considering the toughness of my dragon body .
"Tulip, being a cultivator of fire, I think that using an opposing element can help your flame to get more powerful . As for you Zi, I honestly have no idea how it can benefit you .

"The choice is yours, I can reform the wind around you, and I can leave just like that . What do you choose?"

Zi looked at me with his eyes and his voice echoed in my mind, "You are right, boss . This wind is definitely not normal . I can sense that it can increase my spead if I attempt to fly in the opposite direction of the wind . It can even make my body equally tough to yours, boss! No, wait, almost like yours . "

As for Tulip, she looked at me and said," I will go with your suggestion, Hasan . "

I nodded and replied," I will start with only a little bit of pressure . "

I waved my hand causing a chunk of ive to form, which then floated toward Tulip . " Once you want to increase the pressure, use this chunk of ice . As for me, I won't waste time and go to the tower immediately . "

I took off my upper clothes, leaving me bare-chested . "Good luck, both of you . I hope that you will achieve what you want . "

Tulip hugged me and said, "Same to you, my love . "

Zi roared as I disappeared between the trees .

I walked for an hour and stopped, because I saw a hord of tiny icy humanoid pixies, which were blocking the way .

They were all in a mess, but when they sensed me, they stopped and all eyes turned to me, or to be more precise, they were looking at the rune tattoo on the middle of my chest .

One after the other, they bowed and stepped aside, causing a path to appear . I bowed slightly in return and stepped on the path .

None intercepted my way, and I pa.s.sed normally .

But when I stepped past the last pixie, I turned and said in a strange language that even I didn't know that I can speak, but I guess that was because of my ident.i.ty, and that was confirmed as the Isaz rune was glowing, "I, the Lord of Ice, would like to request your kind to become an army under my command . If you do, I will make sure to bless your kind for all eternity . You have the ability to refuse my offer . "

I bowed again and waited for them to make their decision . Most of them looked hesitant, but when one of them stepped forward, the others followed . In the end, all of the hord was following me .

I smiled slightly and said in the same strange language," You have my eternal blessings, ice pixies . "

Stretching my hand oht again, I cast a technique that Merlin had taught me . It could create another dimension where other creatures can live in . In this dimension that I created, it was just as Bing Zhi Di .

"You may live there," I said, causing them to express their thanks in their own language .

After the hord completely entered, I put the dimension in a bag of holding and continued in the direction of the tower .

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