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A boom echoed out as Fárbuati burst out of the rubble, his face a mask of fury, and at the same time, confusion and even fear.

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" he grumbled.

"How am I supposed to know, huh? This is the first time it happened!" I replied. "Pangu?"

"I don't know, lad," said Pangu. "This seemed like a divine ability for me, but it was the strangest thing that I ever saw since me birth. Whatever it was, the fluctuations it gave were very powerful, perhaps on the level of an Eternal Emperor!"

"But how can this be?" asked Fárbuati.

"I don't know. But we shouldn't forget the fact that Hasan has a body that might even be better than that of the Dragon King, and is certainly better than yours, Big Guy. Coupled with the back up of Yggdrasil, it is not impossible for it to reach that level.

"But clearly, that ability is still unstable. If you can find a way to stabilize it, then your power might be on the same level as Richard, or even greater!"

"Dude, are you serious?" I exclaimed, completely and utterly astonished.

"Are you going to tell Richard about this?"

"I guess he already knows," I said, then in my mind, "Don't you, Richard?"

"I do," came the reply.
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"Yep, he knows. But I don't want the news to spread, so are we okay to keep this between us? And Fárbuati, these powerful ent.i.ties surely sensed something strange, will you deal with them?"

"Leave that to me," he replied.

"Well then. Fárbuati it was the pleasure as always. See you in the next test."

"A reminder before you go. One of the pieces is located in Helheim, the realm of death, and the other is in Muspelheim, the realm of fire."

"But the map shows that they are in China."

"These two pieces were recently moved, the map has not been updated."

"Well this complicates things. How am I supposed to travel between the realms?"

"A Bifrost is located in Norway, it will allow you to travel through the branches of the world tree. As for the remaining two, they are harder to get than the ones in the outer realms. Get used to the environment there, it will help a lot.

"Before you leave Midgard, go to the mansion."

With that, he handed me the blade piece, turned and left, making me feel sympathy and pity for the ones that live in this land.

Pangu returned to my hand and I left to find both Tulip and Zi, training silently with their eyes closed. I cleared my throat to get their attention, which it did.

They both opened their eyes where Tulip asked me about what happened, since they sensed a powerful aura.

"Oh that's nothing," I said, "I just gave Fárbuati a good beat up."

Tulip raised an eyebrow, clearly not believing me. However, before I said anything else, Pangu was so generous that he stepped up for me,"In reality, yeah he did, but only because he happened to create an unstable divine ability that was so powerful that it injured Fárbuati. So in truth, it was all a coincidence."

"You know," said Tulip, "that's a more believable story."

"Thanks," I said to which Pangu replied generously, "You are very welcome. Just remember that when you need someone to insult you, you know where to find me!"

He sounded so emotional and so generous that I wanted to punch him in the face, only to remember that he doesn't have a form yet, so I had to postpone it.

"Let's go," I said and started to appirate.

"Where to?" asked Zi in my mind.

"The Mansion of Night."

Having finished the business here, we disappeared from Bing Zhi Di.

We reappeared in front of Richard who before we could greet him, he said, "Tulip and Zi, you are not allowed to go with him on these tests. Hasan, take the key to the realm travel room in Norway. Good luck!"

And he sent me. I reappeared in fromt of a huge lake, which smelled like the sea, but was clearly a river.

"Something is off with this lake. Revilio!"

After the spell was cast, the view changed. Now on the surface of the lake, an ancient temple appeared with a total of eight towers surrounding the teme at the sh.o.r.e of the lake.

In the middle, a round hall could be seen, with a broken statue of a soldier atop of it.

I flew onto the temple and entered the room. Before the actual hall, there was something that seemed like a forge, facing some fallen stones. In the middle, there was a bridge that led into the hall, which I walked on.

The room had nine doors, each door holding a rune on its seal, and facing colored crystals. In the middle of the hall was the spectacular scene. There an image of the wold tree could be seen, with no end to its height. At the bottom, there was the table that controlled the travel process.

I put the key that Richard gave me in its place and turned it in the direction of my destination.

"Muspelheim, here I come!"

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