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Published at 25th of August 2019 07:57:19 PM Chapter 39

Hi! I know that I might look like I've become too lacks after I took a break from writing, but it is not true . Right now, I have finals approaching (and I'm bad with basically any science and math), I'm seek and sometimes my day is way too messed uo . At such days I have no time to write . I'm sorry .

I'm sorry to disappoint you guys in those few days . . . . I'm really sorry . Thank you for staying with this incompetent thing for an author . I will post us much as possible: however, sometimes I won't be able to and since I don't want to litter the novel with this kind of "Chapter", this will be one of the few that I'll ever write in the future .
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Hey, wanna guess what will the G.o.d say to our MC? What will happen to the Bijus? What is the deal with MC being able to travel to other universes? If there will be at least one right guess in the comments, I'll either post two chap, or spill the beans on some of the future plot .

Once again, thank you all for reading this book . Thank you for your reviews, comments and power stones . You don't want to know how happy I am when I see another review or more stones .

Thank you and see you all soon! @@

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