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Chapter 452

"Long ago, a creator was tasked by his Primordial to create a new universe, the creator dutifully took to his role and made a universe . As happenstance dictated, this creator was a rather peculiar one, he was fascinated by dreams and the Law behind such a phenomenon . This creator made a decent universe and populated it with the kinds of beings that best conformed to his fancy, basically, sentient and upright walking fauna and flora"

"The creator took to delving into the dream Laws in his spare time, and when he was fully done sculpting his universe, he took to sleeping for aeons on end, wondering the world in his dreams, until he perfectly understood the Law that governs dreams: Somnium . From that point, every moment he spent sleeping influenced the universe and infected it with dream energy, until he perished along with most life forms under the effect of pure dream energy" .

"During his sleep, the creator came across a being who was wondering the world as a dream, born with especially sensitive perception and weakness that allowed it to be taken by dream energy, the being found solace in its loneliness and perceived imperfection . it followed the creator in his dream journeys and adventures, becoming partners not long later" .

"The being was Cattolu, a feline with an exquisite personality and surprising pureness, its unusual defect made it the best companion to the creator, a being who could roam the dreamlands along with the creator, it soon became a G.o.d of dreams, one that had no followers or religion, but one that could link to the ever-changing universe like no one else . "
"For Cattolu, his powers grew every moment, with each time the dream energy transformed the universe, he grew more linked to it, and eventually, he became the universe itself . When the creator's last embers of life were extinguished by the unmatched purity of the dream energy, he left a test, an imprint and a task" .

"Cattolu, who became the will of the universe, its fate and the universe itself, was instructed to only follow the one who obtains the recognition of the test, that was the task left behind by an eccentric creator who was too fond of dreams, and so the will of the creator was allowed to be pa.s.sed on to other generations" .

"In the void, few universes would never be allowed to partic.i.p.ate in the culling events, they would be spurned by the Primordials, set to drift for the rest of time, some mature, some don't, some last, some are cut short, some die out naturally, some continue, eternal . "

"These universes were created by eccentric and odd creators, each of these creators would be interested in a facet of Laws, each one of them followed the paths of their favourite Law to the point it was beyond the Primordial of said Law and domain, each of these creators would create a universe that is in itself a Law, or for the feeble and unlearned minds, a representation of a Law . "

"Usually, a creator would use all the Laws of creation to create, hence being a creator . as creators, the Laws of creation were not hard for them to understand, and thus, they could reach at least a minor attainment in all Laws, resulting in their ability to create, but the odd, aberrant and anomalous creators used only one Law to create, or used it much more in comparison to the other Laws, to the point that using other Laws was useless . "

"That kind of creation usually ended with the death of the creator . as beings born in universes with a myriad of Laws, the creators would not survive where only one Law dominates, it was therefore concluded that only one of these universes can exist at a time, there can never be two universes created with the Law of sharpness as there can never be two sharpness Laws . "

"These universes were discarded as faulty due to their uniqueness and lethal pureness, any Primordial who already solidified a domain could never digest such creations, after all, the purity of these Laws had surpa.s.sed that of the Primordials . for the Primordials who focused on a domain would supplement it with other domains, hence impurity of the domain and consequently, the impurity of Law" .

"You who have won the favour of this old man and succeded in this test, you shall be unparalleled in the Law of Somnium, with the imprint as a power source, you may create a domain of pure dreams and usurp the current Primordial… . " by this point no one was conscious to hear the rest of the message, Yunan could no longer help himself and dove into deep sleep and consequently a rather strange dream .

"Took you long enough, is that oldie still prattling on?" greeted Effort as he sipped on his teacup before taking a whiff of the fragrance, just like a connoisseur .

"You dare sit here, in my dream, sipping daintily on your … sniff sniff… oh, that is some good tea, can I have some… what was I saying? Right! How dare you leave me alone to listen to that endless tale, that was torture to bear alone, I feel betrayed" . Said Yunan without any hint of either anger or disappointment in his voice

Yunan too sat with the group and sipped tea as well, the atmosphere was gentle and the people around the table were more focused on their teacups than on their company .

"Can you believe such calming tea actually exists? Such spirituality is too absurd, can we keep the cat? He made the tea" Ignis was rather enamoured with her cup, she refilled it a few times in succession, looking like it she was drinking a tonic of life and eternal happiness .
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"Sure, the cat can stay, but the main problem is not the tea, what I am wondering about is, what in tarnation are you people doing in my dream, other than brewing tea, and since when you three get along so nicely, I get the cat, forgive me nut . . . although you three sitting on the same table; so peacefully at that; is not so bad, it is too peaceful for this party, also where is Tasha?" .

No response came, Drogon pretended that it was not his problem, Ignis was too focused on refilling her cup and Effort was studying everything around, then the table vibrated, looking down, a pair of pleading eyes met Yunan's .

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