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Chapter 454

"Cattolu, we don't use this kind of corporeal punishment", Yunan gently said, "especially things like transfiguration and nightmares, alright?" Although Yunan was half scolding the cat, he was slowly undoing whatever he did to Tasha . The sentient tea table turned back to her gorgeous self, she had this hostile gaze locked onto Cattolu, she was ready to pounce on it and swing it by the tail .

Yunan nonchalantly lectured Cattolu on how to punish for half an hour, teaching him about how things should be done; from the experienced viewpoint of a torturer; as well as gently placate the furiously frightened Tasha, as for the other three party members, he said nothing to them .

He knew that if all of them agreed to punish Tasha, they; against the natural order; somehow agreed that she deserved it .

In the dream, the unnatural meeting continued, as Yunan attempted to explain to Tasha that, as soul fragments, Drogon and Ignis were sleeping and resting, well until they were forcibly woken and "extracted" from his mind .

Advertis.e.m.e.nt"Look, they were my pets before, now they are parts of my soul, that is as easy as I can put it, in order to stay by my side, they merged their souls with mine, as for their bodies, they were used to strengthen my bloodlines, and yes, before you ask, I have both Phoenix and Dragon bloodlines somehow, that is how it goes" .

Cattolu who was listening to the conversation could not help but twitch the feline ears, having multiple bloodlines with two beings of such potent bloodline each was not common for a human, let alone the strange case of both beings merging their souls with a human's .

"Human souls are not that strong are they? Can you even handle the extra weight of two premium souls, not to mention anything about your body handling both high-end bloodlines, how did you even convince them to like you that much? at the same time!" .

"Nothing much, I am just lucky that way, as for my body handling the bloodlines, well, let's say I got so lucky with my food, it was ridiculous to say the least, anyway, my soul has been strengthened during my ascension, so yeah, "I was lucky" kinda sums up my entire journey up to this moment in my life" .

Cattolu just shrugged and lost the drive to pursue this line of questioning, he hated lucky people with a pa.s.sion, being the unlucky things he was all his life, he had nothing but hatred and disdain for those who rode their luck to the hights of the world .

"What is up with this place anyway? It's like your own dream domain inside your mind, neat, for a lucky b.a.s.t.a.r.d, that is, how much luck do you have left after you got this?" Cattolu was more interested in the dream city; the unconscious world that Yunan had .

"The thing is, my luck is dependent on karma, so the more good things I do the luckier I get, for example: killing a few G.o.ds to save a universe worth of souls would grant me some decent amounts of luck, doing bad deeds reduces my luck, and my luck activates on its own, so I can't control it, just direct it towards the end goal, everything else depends on how much luck I part with" .

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This explanation made Cattolu hold in its steps, Luck alone was not enough for this particular lucky piece of bovine waste, it had to work in conjunction with karma, this was just making the already overpowered lucky trait even more impossibly overpowered, just being nice makes this guy luckier by the moment, as long as he does not do anything too evil, his luck would never end .

"This sucks, why did I have to join up this squad?!" the cat dejectedly lost all interest in everything and chose to just curl around and seek comfort in the metallic cold of the newest cookies jar he got his paws on .

"Well anyway, you two get back to sleep and rest, see you when you are fully merged with my soul and well-adapted, better leave your consciousness sleeping as well, things may get weird if you move about, as for you furball, get out of my brain, otherwise things will get ugly, unless invited, never ever do that again, got it?"

Yunan turned around after giving his orders, he pointed at Effort and Tasha "you work on your dream energies, no one is to do anything else unless I say so, I have a universe to deal with" . Then with those words expelled everyone from his dream .

Waking up alone, Yunan sat cross-legged and brought out his soul bound sword, connected his mind and the imprint of the dream universe and started exploring what it could do .

Other than being the fully matured Fate, the imprint also contained the pure Law of the universe, giving Yunan full control of the place, unfortunately, all living beings have died away and everything they left was now tainted by dream energy, hence, no artefacts or other things can be gained .

Yunan was not greedy enough to scour an entire universe for an artefact or two, he could just use the resources to make his own so he was not too perturbed .

Taking a moment to think things through, sighing a few times, then finally getting to it, he split the Fate and the Law from the imprint, and left the control on the sword, he decided to use the universe as an energy core for Dreamscape after it was upgraded fully .

The Fate was added to the other imprints, and the Law was to be studied slowly .

Under the might of a pure Law, Yunan sank into meditation, he tried to comprehend the pure Law while still feeling that his karmic luck was still about to trigger .

Since the reason to trigger the karmic luck was outside of this universe, Yunan was sure that he was comparatively safe, Cattolu was on his side now, and anything that would trigger his luck would have to wait until he started his journey again,

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