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Chapter 412 – Athena and Liu Yang's Grudge

March 10th, 192 AD.

Liu Yang and her followers arrived at Ye after they had taken shelter during the harsh winter. Using Khan's token and their envoy status, she managed to obtain an audience with Tong.

However, she did not come here as a diplomat. Her followers, Hua Xin and Huang Wan, acted as the Xiongnu envoys instead and disguised Liu Yang as a follower.

Hua Xin and Huang Wan were former Han Court's officials, who were swept by Dong Zhuo Army when they occupied Chang'An and Hongnong. They were also Lu Zhi's acquaintances and colleagues, who sided in the same faction.

When Lu Zhi saw Hua Xin and Huang Wan, he exclaimed in surprise.

"Ziyu! Ziyan! You are alive!"

Hua Xin turned to Lu Zhi in shock, "Zigan? Wait, are you working here!?"

"d.a.m.n right, I'm working here. I've been here since the Yellow Turban Uprising! Where have you been?"

"We got stuck in Chang'An, and we were forced to work in Chengdu with the Xiongnu. Now that we're here, we-"


Sitting on the throne, Tong coughed to interrupt Huang Wan, Hua Xin, and Lu Zhi's reunion since it was not an appropriate time.

The three stepped back and resumed their position. Lu Zhi returned to his post, while the two visitors adjusted their manner.

Hua Xin was a middle-aged politician and a scholar. In his mid-30s, he looked older than his age because he was a thinker and hard worker. A small portion of white hair mixing in his natural black hair revealed that his job in the Xiongnu Army was stressful. Even his long goatee beard had white lines in it. Hua Xin was also a well-manner scholar, who wore formal clothes like Lu Zhi.

Huang Wan was a senior civil officer of the Han Court, whose age was 52 this year. His hair and his beard were already grey, but his well-dressed scholar robes, neatly tied hair, demeanor, and clear eyes revealed that he was an upright person.

It was unfortunate that these two honest officers fell to the hands of Xiongnu. Ironically, they visited Tong for Xiongnu's business.

The senior Huang Wan kowtowed and stated his business, "My apologies, your majesty. We're a representative of Chanyu Khan of Xiongnu, and we're here to establish goodwill with the Han Empire."

He turned to Lu Zhi and Hua Xin before he laughed, "That's what I wanted to say. That was a joke, your majesty. Honestly, we are using this opportunity to escape from the Xiongnu's slavery. Sir Huang Wan, his daughter, and I managed to get her using the stolen token from Khan. So, we hope that you can shelter us. We will also use our experience and knowledge to help you if you don't mind our old bones."

Hua Xin also explained, "Please forgive us for giving you false information. Without this excuse, we won't be able to meet you and clean our name."

Tong looked at the two with a smile, believing that more talented civil officers were presenting themselves, asking for a post in his ranks. Since they were honest officials who were his master's friends, there was no reason to decline their service.

"Welcome back to the Han Dynasty. Although I'm not surnamed Liu, I hope you will work for me as if you are still serving the old emperor."

The two officers almost cried from this joyous occasion. Still, they did not forget what they had to do to get their promised freedom from Liu Yang.

Currently, their family members were being held hostages, which Liu Yang and her men kept them around in this city.

To get their freedom, both officers had to help her infiltrate into Tong's harem. Once she got his baby, their family members would be freed.

Now, Liu Yang had disguised herself as someone from the Qiang Tribe. Currently, she had the same age as Medusa, but her statue was as short as Dong Bai because she never exercised with her human body. Moreover, Khan's [Create Food] only summoned necessary provisions, such as vegetables, rice, and horse meat. They lacked variety as Khan lacked practical experience, which contributed to her lack of nutrition.

Still, Liu Yang was a loli beauty that could s.h.i.+ne once she got older.

Hua Xin raised his head up and spoke in a clear voice, "Your majesty, there is one thing that weighs my mind, and I have to ask you for a rude favor. I've brought my daughter with me during my journey, and I hope that you can shelter her in your inner palace."

"In other words, you want me to take her as my concubine?"

"Embarra.s.singly, I have to admit my shamelessness. Yes, your majesty. You don't have to bestow my friend or me anything. I just hope that she can find happiness with you."

Tong frowned because his excuse was odd and suspicious. Even Lu Zhi raised his eyebrows and looked at his friend in disbelief.

While Tong's wry smile was apparent to everyone in the throne room, he asked the awkward father, "Do you even understand what you're requesting? You have served the former emperor for years, but haven't you learned that the inner palace is h.e.l.l for new concubines? While we are struggling to unify the land, my concubines have been busy trying to kill their rivals to become my empress. She might suffer worse than death in my palace."

Hua Xin's face paled, realized that he had made a mistake or had picked a wrong excuse. He glanced at Liu Yang, who hid her eyes from Tong.

Huang Wan sensed that his colleague messed up. He raised his voice to cover for Hua Xin.

"My junior has chosen the wrong wordings. I hope that you can forgive him, your majesty. Honestly, we are broke, homeless, and we have no servant. We want to get a good place to start a new life as soon as possible, but my junior worries about his daughter that she might waste her life marrying a lowlife while she has the talent and beauty. Since it is a waste to give her to an unknown man, he tries to give her to you, so at least she can gamble her luck and display her talent in your inner palace."

Lu Zhi sighed a relieved, learning that Hua Xin did not have a hidden motive. Still, it was odd since he could just give his daughter to a promising young official or a general among Tong's ranks.

Young generals and strategists here were all pedigrees with high status. Therefore, Hua Xin's daughter could have a better life being the main wife of a general than being Tong's concubine, where the war of women was still ongoing.

Tong also had the same thought as Lu Zhi.

'Too suspicious. Heck, my schedule is full after Medusa and Friday have come here. I don't think I have the time to take care of another woman. I should decline and introduce the daughter to one of my generals. Come to think of it, most of them are still virgins, right? I should get them to marry someone, so they can have a family.'

Liu Yang had been sensing Tong's fluctuate with her instinct. Although she could not use her power, her sixth sense was sharper than ordinary immortals.


In ancient times, the mother of Medusa was once a human with peerless beauty. Even young G.o.ds fell in love with her.

However, one of the G.o.ds was driven by l.u.s.t and ravished Medusa's mother in Athena's temple, which enraged the G.o.ddess. Athena cursed Medusa's mother into an ugly Gorgon as in the legends, but she did not punish the a.s.sailant.

As for the a.s.sailant G.o.d, he scotched free, using the faulty justice system in Heaven, testified that the cursed Gorgon seduced him first.

It awoke conflicts between angels and demons as demons wanted to punish the a.s.sailant, while the angels protected their G.o.d.

Unfortunately, the victim, Gorgon, was killed later by humans and immortals. Still, she had given birth to a child before her death, a daughter between her and the rapist G.o.d. Afterward, her child continued her bloodline, which was the current Medusa, aka Diaochan, in the current world.

Morning Star found Medusa first and sheltered her in his h.e.l.l Realm. For the sake of her safety, he sealed her divine power, inherited from her father. Instead of allowing her to use angelic cultivation, Morning Star taught her to cultivate demon wings, which guided her until she gained eight demon wings.

Athena found out about the Gorgon and the rapist G.o.d's child later. The deities did not want the child to exist since it sullied their reputation, so both of them attacked the h.e.l.l Realm, tried to kill Medusa.

In retaliation of the injustice, Morning Star led his h.e.l.lsp.a.w.n and archdemons to repel the G.o.ds and Athena Army. As Morning Star was stronger than the majority of G.o.ds, he killed the rapist father. He also crippled Athena, forcing her to stay away from h.e.l.l Realm for good.

Since then, Athena held a grudge against Morning Star and Medusa.

Time pa.s.sed, Athena adopted an archangel as her daughter, who was the present Liu Yang.

Among all eight-winged angels, Liu Yang had the most solid foundation, vast knowledge, and experience.

Being taught by the G.o.ddess Athena, who was a mother figure to her, Liu Yang's power and status rose. Liu Yang had obtained the status of a G.o.ddess with only eight wings because of this relations.h.i.+p.

One day, Athena a.s.signed her a task, telling her to kill Tong, who was treasured by Medusa and Morning Star.

As a reward of this job, Liu Yang inherited her foster mother's name as [G.o.ddess Athena II], which was the honor for an archangel for getting such a successor t.i.tle.

Because Liu Yang was under the influence of Athena, she inherited her grudge against Morning Star and Medusa. She plotted against Morning Star when she found out about Tong and their relations.h.i.+p.

However, an accident occurred, and Liu Yang got stuck here because of her own scheme. She had to find a way to kill Medusa as her first primary objective. If possible, she planned to kill Tong and others as well, since Tong was Morning Star's favorite.


In the throne room, Liu Yang planned to fix Hua Xin and Huang Wan's scheme.

'At this rate, Zhang Tong is going to chase me away! I have to do something to seduce him or tempt him! What to do?'

She looked into Tong's eyes for the first time. Upon seeing the depth within his eyes, she got more confident.

'It's still shallow. He should believe my bulls.h.i.+t if I do something unexpected.'

Liu Yang made the decision to take risks. She opened her mouth, "Your majesty, I hope that you can forgive these two seniors. I'm not Hua Xin's daughter."

Tong squinted his eyes, but he raised his eyebrows and looked at Hua Xin in amus.e.m.e.nt. Now, his interest piqued.

"What's your real name, and what's your purpose, then?"

"My real name is w.a.n.g Yi. Chanyu Khan has ordered me to seduce you and tempt you to make errors in the military. He killed my fiancé and captured my real parents as hostages. If I don't become your concubine, he will kill everyone. Everything that senior Hua Xin said was my idea, so I hope you can forgive them."

Hua Xin and Huang Wan were shocked.

'This isn't in our script. What is she doing?'

'Well, if she dies, we'll be free, right?'

'We have to report his majesty about that, Hu Che-er. If he learns that she dies, our family will be in trouble.'

'Don't overthink. We're safe the moment we're in Ye! We have Zigan here, so we have a backing.'

'True. Let's find a chance to ask for help later.'

The two veteran politicians whispered among themselves while they observed the situation.

Meanwhile, Tong frowned and sighed. Had his radar map not been given to Zhang He, he could have inspected this girl's name to check if she was authentic.

Tong knew that w.a.n.g Yi in history was Zhao Ang's wife, and her hometown was somewhere in Liang Province, which was former Dong Zhuo and Ma Teng's territory.

w.a.n.g Yi was a heroic woman. In the 210s, she even fought alongside with her husband against Ma Chao. With her brain, she repelled Ma Chao's invasion with her strategies.

Her character was known to be an upright and steadfast person, which could be useful to Tong.

'Is she really w.a.n.g Yi, or is she a liar? What to do?'

Tong hesitated if he should take her in.

Then, he had an idea.

'There is a way to verify this. I can still use this.'

Tong used his clan recruitment quota to invite Liu Yang into his clan. If she were real, her name would display in the clan chat.




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