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Book 8: Chapter 116: Bombing refugee camps

After the formation of the Candra United Federation States, it restored the peace of the land that once belonged to the Candra Empire.

But for the entire continent, this was still far from true peace and stability.

In the east of the continent, the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom used their developed long range Magic Missiles to bombard the eastern alliance, causing heavy losses for them and advancing their own expansion.

However, the eastern alliance was made up of several eastern countries, so even if they couldn’t face them head on, with the backing of these eastern countries, they would still be able to hold on. They continued the intense battle with the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom.

Of course, if they really compared it, what affected the situation of the Sines Continent the most was the battle between the Lampuri Kingdom and the Marlow Empire.

Although the Candra United Federation States had been formed, gathering the Candra Empire’s provinces together again, it was impossible for them to be like the past Candra Empire. They couldn’t really come together and become a top nation.

Therefore, on the current Sines Continent, the only real countries with influence were the Marlow Empire and the Lampuri Kingdom.

There was no need to talk about the foundation and power of the Marlow Empire.

The Lampuri Kingdom in the past decades had first seized the Falk Kingdom, then the Sack Kingdom, and then swallowed the Antila Kingdom. Just in terms of territory, they had already reached the same level as the Marlow Empire.

Then adding in the powerful magic machine industry of the Lampuri Kingdom, as well as the support of the Frestech Chamber of Commerce which allowed their military magic machines to lead all other countries on the continent, their military power wasn’t less than the Marlow Empire.

In these two years, the Lampuri Kingdom and the Marlow Empire had fought many times. Although there were victories and losses, the Lampuri Kingdom won more battles. They had already forced the Marlow Empire out of most of the Candra Empire’s past territory.

But the situation gradually changed over time.

Although the Lampuri Kingdom swallowed several countries and increased their territory, it would take a long time to actually digest those countries.

So in terms of foundation, the Lampuri Kingdom couldn’t match the Marlow Empire with close to a thousand years of inheritance.

Take the long range Magic Missiles. The Marlow Empire had developed this technology just two months after the Lampuri Kingdom, so they were able to resist the Lampuri Kingdom again.

As time pa.s.sed, the foundation of the Marlow Empire showed itself.

As the war between the two countries became more intense, the Marlow Empire completely let go of inhibitions and activated their entire country’s military magic machine industry productive power, producing all kinds of military magic machines.

In the several years of war with the Candra Empire, the Marlow Empire’s military magic machines had always been at the same level as the Candra Empire’s military magic machines.

Now that they faced this pressure from the Lampuri Kingdom, the Marlow Empire’s power was fully used and displayed a shocking ability.

In just a single year, the Marlow Empire’s army went from four thousand Magic Tanks to fifteen thousand and three hundred Magic Airs.h.i.+ps to two thousand and one hundred.

As for the Magic Cannons and Magic Firearms, it was impossible to count.

On the Lampuri Kingdom’s side, because it had only been a few years since they annexed the Antila Kingdom, they couldn’t access all of the Antila Kingdom’s resources. They even had to spend energy and troops suppressing the Antila Kingdom.

AS for the Sack Kingdom, it had been in turmoil for many yeast, so the Lampuri Kingdom had to spend effort there as well.

So when comparing it, the only resources that the Lampuri Kingdom could mobilize came from the Lampuri Kingdom itself and most of the occupied territory in the Falk Kingdom.

When it wasn’t full out war yet, these resources were enough for the one hundred and thirty thousand troops of the Lampuri Kingdom.

But once the Marlow Empire used all their national power, launching an all out war with the Lampuri Kingdom, they were met with problems when it came to supplies.

If the Lampuri Kingdom didn’t have a perfect magic machine industry and military magic machine technology that surpa.s.sed the Marlow Empire, they would have already broken down under the attack of the Marlow Empire.

The Marlow Empire could make all kinds of military magic machines in just a single year, but the Lampuri Kingdom didn’t even need to try to know that they couldn’t match this kind of consumption.

So as the war between the two countries progressed, the absolute domination of the Marlow Empire that the Lampuri Kingdom demonstrated slowly disappeared. The situation even turned to the Marlow Empire pus.h.i.+ng them back a bit.

When the Lampuri Kingdom was at its strongest, they had pushed the Marlow Empire out of the territory that once belonged to the Candra Empire and had even stepped on the Marlow Empire’s land.

But as the Marlow Empire launched their full scale attack, the Lampuri Kingdom’s army couldn’t take a single step forward.

Then after this, the Lampuri Kingdom started showing problems when the battlefronts increased, they had a lack of soldiers, and it took them too long to bring in supplies, so they started showing signs of retreating.

Two years after the war between the two countries started, the Lampuri Kingdom army showed the first signs of retreating.

Once they retreated, it was like a dam that broke and they couldn’t keep it up anymore.

The Lampuri Kingdom army was defeated again and again, being pushed back again and again.

In just three months, the two northern provinces that once belonged to the Candra Empire were given back.

The Marlow Empire became stronger and stronger. Relying on the more abundant supplies and military magic machines, they kept advancing forward.

Based on this trend, the Marlow Empire might seize the Candra Empire’s territory again in a few years. They might even attack the Lampuri Kingdom and they might even be able to seize the Lampuri Kingdom.

Of course, that was based on the premise that nothing happened.

Wars were filled with surprises.

On July 6th of year 4333, it was a very normal day.

But an accident happened that made this day no longer normal.

On noon of July 6th, the armies of the Marlow Empire and the Lampuri Kingdom engaged in fierce combat in the northern Candra Empire.

This was a normal fight that had happened many times during the past years, but because of a mistake by the Marlow Empire’s Magic Airs.h.i.+p squad, this fight was recorded in the history of the Sines Continent.

The Marlow Empire’s third Magic Airs.h.i.+p squad had moved to bombard the Lampuri Kingdom’s supply base, but because they weren’t familiar with the terrain and because they encountered the Lampuri Kingdom’s Magic Airs.h.i.+p squad that came as reinforcements, they could only throw out their prepared Magic Bombs in a hurry. They didn’t blow up the Lampuri Kingdom’s supply base as intended, but rather they bombed a refugee camp that was a distance away from the battlefield.

If it was just a normal refugee camp, the Marlow Empire would just be condemned by the other countries of the Sines Continent.

But this refugee camp was set up by the Frestech Chamber of Commerce. There were also three hundred Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards that were stationed at this refugee camp.

This bombing had not only resulted in five thousand refugee casualties, but many of the workers that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce and the other companies sent had died from these bombings. The Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards even suffered a hundred casualties from this.

After this matter happened, the entire Sines Continent was in an uproar.

Bombing a refugee camp was something that everyone looked down on and condemned, but the Marlow Empire didn’t just bomb a refugee camp, they had even blown up a hundred Frestech Chamber of Commerce guards!

This was simply provoking the Frestech Chamber of Commerce! It could even be considered declaring war!

In the past twenty years, although the Sines Continent had been filled with war and couldn’t be considered peaceful, every country had a tacit understanding which was, do not provoke the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

The Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s past chairman Xu had already made his wishes clear, which was that he didn’t want to manage anything for the Frestech Chamber of Commerce anymore. This also made the Frestech Chamber of Commerce’s stance clear, which was that they wouldn’t partic.i.p.ate in any country’s war.

In the past twenty years, Xu Yi had always been on the Magic Cloud Continent and didn’t meddle in the Sines Continent’s matters.

Although the Frestech Chamber of Commerce ‘not meddling in any country’s affairs’ could be debated, their principle of ‘not interfering in any country’s wars’ had been strictly kept.

Even if many people suspected that the Frestech Chamber of Commerce was secretly supporting the Lampuri Kingdom, the Nozdormu Business Union Kingdom, the Rudson Kingdom, the Drake Kingdom, and the other countries they were close to, the Frestech Chamber of Commerce didn’t publicly supported them in the past few years. It wasn’t like thirty years ago where they invaded the Candra Empire with the Rudson Kingdom.

So even whether they believed it or not, there wasn’t a country that was willing to provoke the Frestech Chamber of Commerce.

No country would be dumb enough to provoke a powerful enemy for no reason.

However……such an event had happened. Would the Frestech Chamber of Commerce insist on their policy from before and not interfere in the war between the Marlow Empire and the Lampuri Kingdom?

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Magic Industry Empire Book 8: Chapter 116: Bombing refugee camps summary

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