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430. Who Is the Real One (2)

Translator: Guy Gone Bad

“…” After a moment’s silence, the patriarch opened his mouth again, “Fortunately you showed up in time, otherwise I am afraid I can’t pretend it before the Tong family any more. Hum! It’s really a big trouble that the patriarch’s phase of cultivation is lower than me. I have to consider this and that when doing things, so I wouldn’t expose my true ability.”

“You have been identified,” Si Ze said.

The patriarch was surprised, “I always do things secretly, how can someone find it?”

“But the divination told me that someone has found out who you are, and those people came to kill you because of that.”

Then the patriarch remembered that those people used moves of ghost cultivation, he patted on the table angrily, “It’s Yin Jinye, right? He tries to kill me, right? I’ve never offended any ghost cultivator but him!”

“I can’t work it out, but it should be him.”

“This unfilial son! Always goes against me! I should have killed him that year.!” The patriarch took out a healing elixir and took it, “No way, I can’t let my efforts of several hundred years fail. I’ll quit the centennial meeting, the plan to kill Rong Yi will also postpone temporarily. I have to get out of here before I got exposed, otherwise I can’t keep on as the patriarch of the Tong family.”

Si Ze did a divination, but couldn’t calculate the result, so he let the patriarch out first.

As soon as he went out, he told the elder who just came back, “Elder Danhong, gather all the family member. We are going back to Dongtang.”

Those people in the yard looked up at him with a sort of surprise.

Elder Danhong looked at him in astonishment, then turned to those people in front of him, and then back at the patriarch upstairs.

Patriarch Tong darkened his face, “What? Didn’t you hear me?”

At this moment, the man in front of Elder Danhong turned to look up at him and snarled, “Who are you? Why do you pretend to be me and give orders to my people? What is your motive?”

As Patriarch Tong saw an exactly the same face as him, he was stunned.

‘Patriarch Tong’ downstairs gave the order, “Everyone catch that man who disguises as me.”

Patriarch Tong snapped, “Who is the disguised one?”

He took out the magic weapon with the enchanted rune and showed it to everyone, “Take a look at this magic weapon, then you will know that I am the patriarch of the Tong family. I am the only one who has the magic weapon with the enchanted rune!”

Elder Danhong nodded repeatedly, “Yes, yes, he is the patriarch.”

Everyone hurriedly stay away from ‘Patriarch Tong’.

‘Patriarch Tong’ took out the same magic weapon and said, “His is fake. The real one is here.”

The crowd froze again.

Who the h.e.l.l is the real one?

They’re not going to know the difference.

Someone whispered, “What’s going one, Elder Danhong? Why are there two patriarchs?”

It gave Elder Danhong a bigger headache, “How would I ever know?”

“Then who is our real patriarch?”

“I want to know it more!”

Patriarch Tong said, “Elder Danhong, you…”

He wanted to talk to elder Danhong about something that only the two of them had done, so that he could expose the other side. But before he could finish his talk, the other ‘Patriarch Tong” immediately interrupted him and said, “Elder Danhong, don’t you have the Shapes.h.i.+fting Water? As long as you spray some in our face, you’ll know who is the real one and who is the fake one!”

Patriarch Tong narrowed his eyes.

“Yes, yes, I do have that.” Elder Danhong quickly took out the water. As he was about to spray some on the face of ‘Patriarch Tong’, ‘Patriarch Tong’ pressed him down.

Patriarch Tong gave a cold hum, “You proposed that, what? Why having no b.a.l.l.s now?”

‘Patriarch Tong’ said, “It’s not that I have no b.a.l.l.s. I want you to come down, then Elder Danhong could do it to both of us at the same time. If you are the false one, I can instantly catch you.”

Patriarch Tong, “…”

Elder Danhong thought that that was very reasonable, so said to Patriarch Tong upstairs, “Patriarch Tong, come down please.”

“Patriarch Tong” said quietly, “Who do you call Patriarch Tong? Are you sure he is the real one?”

Elder Danhong, “…”

“Patriarch Tong” said, “Dare you come down or not?”

Si Ze who was hiding in the room said through sound transmission, “Go now! If they find that you are Yin Houyao, they will hunt you down through the six prefectures!”

Patriarch Tong, “…”

‘Patriarch Tong’ pointed to Patriarch Tong upstairs and said, “You see? He dare not come down. He must be fake. What are you waiting for? Go catch him!”

Elder Danhong also found that hi momentum weakened a lot, so he immediately ordered, “Everyone catch him!”

The Tong family flew upstairs.

Patriarch Tong glared at ‘Patriarch Tong’ downstairs’, before leaving, he said, “He is also a fake one, your real patriarch has died long ago.”

Elder Danhong quickly sprayed the Shapes.h.i.+fting Water onto the face of ‘ Patriarch Tong’, and he immediately showed another strange face.

‘Patriarch Tong’ waved his hand, “Rest a.s.sured, I have no interest in this position. I am here only to expose him!”

Elder Danhong was so mad, “Someone! There is another fake one here!”

“I won’t play with you. I’m leaving.” After flying out of the window, ‘Patriarch Tong’ left some words, “Patriarch Tong may have died hundreds of years ago. You are so pathetic that you have never found out.”

He left the inn and flew quickly to the north.

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