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Chapter 1230: The Story of Ling and Heng (493)

If it weren’t for the fact that Elder Li was waiting for her, Feng Ling would have taught them a lesson.

In any case, the worst case scenario was that she would be kicked out of the base again. If she really wanted to leave, she didn’t mind taking revenge for both old and new grudges and taking these members of Team Three with her.

She looked at their expressions and smiled indifferently. She suddenly swept her feet forward, and two of them stumbled to the side and almost fell. She tapped the ground with the tips of her toes and easily picked up a balance pole that someone had placed beside their feet. With a light push of her leg, the long pole fell steadily into her hand.

Feng Ling only made a simple turn of her hand. The pole swung forward and almost hit their heads. A wind brushed past their heads. Although she didn’t touch them, she seemed to want to kill them.

This was Feng Ling’s silent warning.

They did not speak but looked at each other with ugly expressions.

If they really wanted to fight, they might not be able to defeat Feng Ling who had a “weapon” in her hand. There were many men in the base, and they often fought in private because they were unhappy with each other. However, as long as they didn’t use guns on their own people, the higher-ups would turn a blind eye to it. After all, fighting was also a man’s habit. It was just like how women were used to gossip.

Feng Ling was well aware of how to avoid breaking the rules of the base. The steel rod in her hand was enough to beat them all down.

Those people were smart. They never liked her, so they didn’t want to cause any trouble. They backed away, turned around, and said, “There’s no need to waste time with someone who is leaving. Let’s go to the base hall to watch the show.”

Feng Ling expressionlessly threw the steel rod in her hand forward which instantly landed about half a meter in front of those people. The lower part of the rod was directly inserted into the ground, which was originally firm and flat. It was so stable that it did not even tremble.

By the time they came back to themselves and turned around, Feng Ling had already left.

When she arrived at the base hall, she found that there were many familiar old members and important leaders in the base. She didn’t look around but saw Grandfather Li, Li Nanheng’s grandfather, Li Junyan, sitting in the middle of the base hall.

He was the one who had driven her out of the base.

Although her relations.h.i.+p with Li Nanheng was stable and he was Li Nanheng’s grandfather, Feng Ling didn’t show any expression when she walked in.

Li Junyan was still talking to Ah Feng. Ah Feng stood by the side and answered politely. When he saw Feng Ling, he paused and turned to look at her. He sized her up and said indifferently, “You’re here?”

Although Li Nanheng was the boss of the base, Ah Feng was Elder Li’s subordinate, so Ah Feng treated Li Nanheng like a brother and a subordinate, but in front of Elder Li, he was clearly a respectful junior.

Seeing Grandfather Li’s indifferent att.i.tude toward Feng Ling, the people in the base who were waiting to see Feng Ling make a fool of herself had already foreseen Feng Ling’s ending. They guessed that she would still be driven out and would definitely not be given any face. They felt that Elder Li must be angry. After all, the person he had chased away had actually dared to come back.

Feng Ling stopped about seven or eight meters away from Li Junyan and answered calmly, “Elder Li.”

The other three elders of the Li family also sat by his side. They looked at her coldly and did not speak, but it was clear that they were dissatisfied with her return.

In Li Junyan’s eyes, no one could tell what kind of att.i.tude he had, but looking at the expressions of the other three elders, he felt that this matter was very likely. They wouldn’t let Feng Ling stay.

“Yes, she has grown up. She is taller than three years ago, and she looks much more mature than she was three years ago.” Li Junyan looked at her. Although his expression did not change, he suddenly said this.

Everyone: “…?” That’s not right. Shouldn’t he smash his crutch in anger and ask her how she had the nerve to come back?

Feng Ling raised her eyes to scan the crowd. In the end, she found that Li Nanheng was not standing in the crowd but casually leaning against the railings at the corner of the stairs. His arms were crossed, and his eyes were calm.

Seeing Li Nanheng’s expression, Feng Ling looked back at Li Junyan. She saw that Grandfather Li had been staring at her, but this time, he was not as disgusted as he was when he chased her away. He was distant and full of denial.

Right now, in his eyes, he was sizing her up and observing her carefully. There was also an inexplicable emotion.

Feng Ling didn’t speak, and Li Junyan didn’t ask her to speak either. He just looked at her and said, “I already know that you’re serving as an instructor for those newbies in the base. How about it? Are those newbies doing well? Do you have anything to worry about? If you’re not disciplined enough, just ask Han Jin to help you. After all, he was the one who led the elite team and the members of Team One. He has some experience.”

Although Han Jin was dumbstruck, he quickly said, “Yes, if Drillmaster Feng needs anything, I’ll do my best to help.”

Everyone: “… ”

Did Grandfather Li… change?

Even the other three elders of the Li family looked a bit confused. Didn’t they… come here with Big Brother to take this little girl away? What was wrong with Big Brother? Why did he become more and more amiable as he spoke, as though he was speaking to his granddaughter-in-law? This… did he make a mistake?

Feng Ling stood there for a long time before replying stiffly: “All right.”

“I’m really old.” Li Junyan ignored everyone’s gaze and casually put his hands on his crutch. “In the past, I was very concerned about the gender difference. However, after I looked up some information about your missions, I found that although you’re young and a woman, your actions are no less than those of the men in the base. I’m old, so don’t hold it against me because of what I did. Now that I’m back, I’m fine.”

Feng Ling stood in a daze and didn’t know what to say. Li Junyan suddenly said, “If you have time, come to the Li family for dinner.”

Everyone: “???”

d.a.m.n, was the sun rising from the west?!

(Elder Li: Cough, cough. In order to be able to hold my great-grandson soon, I will temporarily put aside my face, including the faces of my three r.e.t.a.r.ded brothers! Hehe, haha, I beg you ~)

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