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Chapter 1393: The Story of Ling and Heng (656)

“Oh my G.o.d, what is this?”

In the past month, Feng Ling had been used to cooking by herself, so she decided to make a few more dishes. After placing them on the dining table, Lei Peng jumped up in surprise and directly dragged Tam and Lin Cheng over. “Our Little Feng Ling is showing off!”

“Women are indeed different. If you study cooking carefully, you’ll learn it quickly.” Tam reached out and quietly picked up a piece of meat and stuffed it into his mouth. He clicked his tongue for a long time from the fragrance. He quickly picked up a tissue to wipe his hands, in case Feng Ling would glare at him when she came out to eat.

In the end, when Feng Ling came out, she saw that Li Nanheng was still sitting on the sofa, complaining about K’s various organs. From his eyes to his neck to his mouth, even his fingernails were despised. Facing the Boss he had always admired and the Boss who had saved his life, K was still touched.

The dishes that were originally full on the dining table had strangely become a little less. One plate was missing a few prawns, while the other was missing a few pieces of meat. However, it seemed like the cutlery had never been used. The others also stood by the table with serious expressions.

Feng Ling’s expression was somewhat strange. She carefully looked at them.

Tam smiled and waved at her. “Ha, what time is dinner?”

“Soon, soon.” After speaking, Feng Ling turned to bring out the last medicinal soup she had learned. When she walked to the table, she saw that there seemed to be two more prawns missing. She turned to look at Tam, the culprit, and watched as he secretly held a piece of tissue in his hand.

She was both angry and amused. “Sit down and eat if you’re hungry. Why are you standing by the side?”

“I’m waiting for you to serve the dishes. Although I’ve eaten your food before, it’s rare for it to be so sumptuous.” Seeing that he couldn’t hide it anymore, Tam chuckled and quickly sat down.

Lin Cheng and Lei Peng turned back to look at the sofa and gave Tam a look, indicating that Boss had yet to sit down.

Tam paused and turned to say, “K, help Boss over for dinner!”

Hearing this, K quickly stood up like a lackey and quickly helped Li Nanheng up.

Li Nanheng raised his brows: “Your legs sure are agile.”

“Hehe.” K looked pleased. “Boss, let me help you over.”

Li Nanheng could actually get up and find the table himself, but K’s att.i.tude was too warm. Li Nanheng’s expression was filled with disdain, but he didn’t say more and allowed K to support him.

Afterward, the lackeys acted as though they had seen the emperor arrive. They supported him, pulled the chairs, and prepared the cutlery. They only heaved a sigh of relief when Li Nanheng sat down properly.

In this world, aside from Li Nanheng, no one understood Feng Ling’s cooking better than him. Li Nanheng smelled the various dishes on the table and was not in a rush to eat. Instead, he raised his brows as though he was praising himself for his wife. “How is it? The taste isn’t bad?”

“Not bad, not bad, really not bad! Not only is it not bad, but it’s simply too delicious!” Tam had already begun to pick up the cutlery to start eating the various dishes on the table. He stuffed a prawn in his mouth and said, “I remember that when I ate Feng Ling’s food in the past, it was still barely edible. Now, it’s really delicious!”

K also sat down. “It seems like I’ve tasted Feng Ling’s cooking more than you guys.”

Tam and the rest immediately gave K a “do you want to die?” look.

K’s expression faltered. He turned to look at Boss Li’s unfocused eyes, and his expression immediately faltered. He hurriedly said as though he was trying to save himself, “Cough, I mean, in the past, I haven’t even eaten a few times. Among all of us, only the Boss has eaten the most, hahaha…”

Li Nanheng coldly glanced at him. K quickly lowered his head to pick up the cutlery to eat.

After taking a few bites, Lin Cheng said, “In fact, Feng Ling put in very little oil, salt, and seasoning. This is all because Boss isn’t suitable for food with too much oil and salt right now, isn’t it? To be able to cook so well in such a situation, it can be seen that Feng Ling really put in a lot of effort to satisfy Boss’s appet.i.te while also maintaining his body.”

“Earlier, I saw that in the kitchen, there were several small pieces of paper pasted on the lighter. I took a glance at it and saw that it seemed to be some recipe and seasoning method.”

“Yes, I saw that the iPad was still lit up. There seemed to be a recipe inside.”

“Feng Ling is working so hard now. Boss will be really lucky in the future…”

At this moment, Li Nanheng’s expression was very satisfied. He sat by the table and picked up the cutlery. In fact, his movements were very smooth. It was only because he gradually got used to life that no matter what he did, he did not seem to be affected by his eyes.

Seeing that Boss was in such a good state, the four lackeys naturally didn’t dare to mention his eyes again. They said whatever they were happy about. They also mentioned that when Boss had met with an accident in Israel, because the people sent by the base couldn’t find him, Ah Feng had sat alone in front of the little silver plates of his deceased brothers in front of the base hall on the day he announced that there was no need to go to Israel. He cried for an entire night. The next morning, when everyone found him, he was still lying on the ground with a few bottles of alcohol he had gotten from Han Jin in his hand. He reeked of alcohol, and when he was supported back, he kept saying, “Boss, when are you coming back?”, “Boss, come back to see me”, “Boss, help me to sleep”. He had completely destroyed his usual calm image.

Li Nanheng was expressionless as he listened: “The base isn’t filled with unlimited resources, especially the elite rescue team. If there’s an official mission, we still have to do it. They can’t mobilize all of the firepower in the base just because they didn’t know if K and I were dead or alive. It’s not easy for him to hold on for so long, but for the sake of the base’s overall situation, it’s understandable for him to stop sending people to search and rescue us. If I were him, I would have made the same decision.”

Speaking up to this point, Li Nanheng said mildly: “Aren’t you guys allowed to return to the base because you’ve made amends?”

“Yes!” Tam immediately raised his eyes. “Boss, you know?”

Li Nanheng was calm and composed. “At the very least, it was you and Feng Ling who brought me and K back. If he don’t give this opportunity to redeem yourselves, Ah Feng, the current head of the base, can also scram.”

“Hehe, I knew that Boss is cold on the outside but kind on the inside. You’re really loyal to us…”

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Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 1393 - The Story of Ling and Heng (656) summary

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