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Chapter 115: Returning To The Marsh Ocean Town

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The Marsh Ocean Town was still as prosperous as it used to be. The robbery involving the local Qi Family’s Commercial Building two years ago had gradually been forgotten. If it was not for the wanted notice with the reward for Di Jiu and Geng Jihua’s capture outside the Marsh Ocean Town, few people would even remember it.

“Big Brother, that is…” Before Geng Jihua could finish his sentence, he quickly stopped. Even though they had put on masks, they were still wanted by the Qi Family’s Commercial Building.

Di Jiu did not care. He would consider the Qi Family’s Commercial Building great only if they did not try to arrest him. When he saw the wanted notice, he realized that the Qi Family’s Commercial Building was not that powerful after all.

If it had been really that powerful, it would not have needed to seek help from others in order to arrest him.

“Everyone knows where Di Jiu is from, pal. Why are they offering such a big reward?” Di Jiu asked casually a pa.s.sing Qi cultivator.

The cultivator glanced at Di Jiu. When he realized that he could not tell what his cultivation level was, he bowed his fists and said, “I heard that Di Jiu and Geng Jihua are from the Galaxy Sect. Those two actually dared kill Qi Shao in the Qi Family’s Commercial Building. I didn’t expect that Qi Shao would be the prolific grandson of Essence Soul Elder Qi Zhishang! Senior Qi went to the Galaxy Sect by himself and exterminated it…”

“The Galaxy Sect was destroyed?” Di Jiu was shocked. He still had some feelings for the Galaxy Sect. Elder Yu had gracefully let him enter the sect after all. It was precisely because he had gotten the Galaxy Manual that he had obtained his current strength.

As long as he did not fail, his achievements would become greater and greater as his cultivation level improved.

The Qi cultivator shook his head. “It was going to be destroyed anyway. However, an Essence Soul Elder emerged at the Galaxy Sect. Senior Qi only killed Yu Jingyan because he recruited Di Jiu. He also killed four other Golden Core cultivators and broke the arm of Galaxy Sect Master Xiang Tianyi before leaving. However, Elder Yu threatened to destroy the Galaxy Sect in the future.”

Di Jiu felt like a basin of cold water had been poured on his head. He had not expected that the Qi Family would be so angry.

“This seems to have little to do with the Galaxy Sect. Why would those disciples’ actions implicate the entire sect?” Di Jiu, who had never experienced such an unreasonable wave of anger, could not believe this.

The Qi cultivator smiled and said, “The Qi Family even killed every resident of Geng Jihua’s hometown, a town called Tress Tranquil Village.”

A strong murderous intent stirred in Di Jiu’s heart. It seemed like his impression of this world had been too idealistic. If he didn’t uproot the Qi Family’s Commercial Building before he died, he would not rest.

The first time he had felt this kind of anger had been when he had heard that the Di Family had been killed by the Ji Nation’s King. This time, when he heard about the Galaxy Sect and Geng Jihua’s hometown, the killing intent in his heart surged like a wild wave.

When the Qi cultivator finished speaking, he walked indifferently into the Marsh Ocean Town.

Geng Jihua was trembling, and his eyes were filled with tears. He had spent his childhood and adulthood in the Tress Tranquil Village. He had grown up there. Although many people in the village had looked down on him, the villagers had at least not harbored any bad feelings for him. It was because his mother had undergone countless hards.h.i.+ps that he had been able to grow up, leave his village and join an immortal sect to learn new skills.

Before Brother Jiu, his mother had been the only person in the world who had really cared for him.

Di Jiu pulled Geng Jihua along. “Let’s go. We will not enter the Marsh Ocean Town for the time being.”

The killing intent in his heart converged. If the Qi Family thought he was a pushover, they had to be blind.

“Brother Jiu…” Geng Jihua could barely stop the tears in his eyes. He had no idea what to do.

Di Jiu looked at the Marsh Ocean Town coldly and said, “We will start from the Qi Family’s Commercial Building in the Marsh Ocean Town tonight. Every branch of the Qi Family’s Commercial Building will become our source for cultivation resources. Remember, a man can cry out of anger, but when he is done crying, he must still take action.”

Given his current strength, he would be able to rob the Qi’s Family Commercial Building. If the Galaxy Sect had been destroyed, he would not even have worn a mask. Although the Galaxy Sect had not been destroyed yet, he and Geng Jihua were no longer recognized as sect disciples. If there was anyone who could guess who he was, he couldn’t let them recognize him.

Di Jiu also knew that, even if the Qi Family did not identify them and he did not touch their buildings again in the future, when the family had sufficient power, it would eventually destroy the Galaxy Sect. He could already tell based on the things the Qi Family had done.

When night fell, the Marsh Ocean Town gradually calmed down. Although the town was basically in order, at night, many cultivators would stay in a motel or cave abode and cultivate. None of them would come out, even if something happened outside.

Despite its strong presence, even the Qi Family’s Commercial Building could be robbed, and no one was more powerful than the Qi Family’s Commercial Building.

When the Marsh Ocean Town’s Defense Array was about to close, a white-haired man walked into town with a long gun.

The two guards guarding the town entrance were not surprised. The Marsh Ocean Town was visited by many stray cultivators with no storage bags, who carried all their dharma weapons on their backs.

Di Jiu had disguised himself as that white-haired man. When he had visited the Marsh Ocean Town two years ago, the town had not been guarded. It seemed like ever since he had destroyed the Qi Family’s Commercial Building, the management of the building had improved a notch.

However, the business of the Qi Family’s Commercial Building remained prosperous.

Under the huge illuminating Dharma Array, the four characters on the Qi Family’s Commercial Building were even more dazzling. It was already late at night, so the guests of the Qi Family’s Commercial Building were gradually leaving.

Di Jiu did not enter the building. Instead, he quietly arranged a killing array and an Explosion Array around it. The Defense Array of the Qi Family’s Commercial Building was a third-level Defense Array, which Di Jiu found distasteful.

Of course, other people thought that the Qi Family’s Commercial Building did not need any protection.

Di Jiu sent a message to Geng Jihua as soon as he prepared the video crystal ball. Then, he entered the building. He should actually thank the Qi Family. If it had not been for the cultivation jade slip from the Qi Family’s Commercial Building, he would not have known how to record a video crystal ball.

“The building is closing. Come again tomorrow if you need anything,” a guy in the Qi Family’s Commercial Building, who saw Di Jiu walk in, said before stopping him.

Di Jiu noticed that the guests had left, but his mental strength detected that there was at least one mid-stage Golden Core cultivator and two Foundation Establishment cultivators in the building. The rest were Qi cultivators, so they were not out of his league.

“I found a weird crystal in the Marsh Ocean Forest. It has an ancient expansive aura that is hard to fathom. I wanted to confirm its price here.” As Di Jiu spoke, he touched the pink-colored diamond. Thanks to his mental strength, the gray stone in his Spiritual Sea penetrated the colorful diamond with its aura.

“No matter what you are bringing, you must still come again tomorrow…” the man said kind of impatiently.

“Wait!” a voice suddenly shouted inside the building before a man in brown clothes approached Di Jiu. “Show me what you’ve got.”

The man was Golden Core Guard Gao Zhenyong, who was a sixth-level Golden Core cultivator. Golden Core Guard Wanling had become specks of ashes and disappeared from the face of Earth after he had not managed to protect Qi Shao.

Although Gao Zhenyong’s tone was calm, his heart felt like a wave rolling in excitement.

Gao Zhenyong was not an idiot. He could feel an indescribable vibe of heaven and earth coming from the stone in Di Jiu’s hand. As his mental strength studied it for a moment, he felt his understanding of cultivation deepen a lot.

He was sure that if he got this stone, he would be able to attain the Essence Soul Realm even without a Condensing Soul Elixir.

This was a rare treasure on both heaven and earth, so it was most likely something that had been left behind from the beginning of time. He had only heard of such a thing from people’s biographies and old rumors. Now that it was in front of him, it was hard for him to not be excited.

Di Jiu did not hand Gao Zhenyong the diamond in his hand. Instead, he cupped his fist and said, “I came across this thing by accident in the Marsh Ocean Forest. I didn’t intend to sell it, but if you offered me a certain price, I would of course sell it to you.”

Gao Zhenyong raised his hand and closed the Qi Family’s Commercial Building and the Defense Array. Then, he told the other guy, “You go ahead. I will take care of this.”

“Okay.” The other guy bowed quickly and left.

The backyard of the Qi Family’s Commercial Building was very large, so the guy basically lived there.

“You will show it to me first, and then I will propose a price.” After the guy left, Gao Zhenyong’s tone calmed down.

“100,000 top-grade Spirit Stones. When you hand the Spirit Stones over, I’ll let you see it,” Di Jiu said without hesitation.

“I don’t have that many Spirit Stones right now…”

Di Jiu did not wait for Gao Zhenyong to finish. He just turned around and started walking away.

“Stop!” Gao Zhenyong stopped Di Jiu.

“Why? Want to grab it?” Di Jiu opened his hand. Meanwhile, he kept the long gun hidden behind him.

Gao Zhenyong sneered silently. He wished he would put away the dharma treasure so they could have an amicable discussion, as he was determined to get the stone. When he got it, he would immediately leave the Marsh Ocean Town and try to enter the Essence Soul Realm.

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