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Chapter 199: Because We Are Collaborative Partners

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The three Magic Cannons on the Airs.h.i.+p aimed at the Dungeon Core Main Hall.

After acc.u.mulating Mana, the Magic Cannons fired at the Dungeon Core Main Hall below.

Ma.s.sive explosions ensued, and towering flames licked the sky. The Magic Cannons flattened the Dungeon Core Main Hall within moments.

In the middle of the incinerated ground was a prominent red hot Dungeon Core.

The surrounding gray Mana became thinner and thinner.

Sherlock walked on the burnt ground and looked at the huge Winterfell Dungeon Core. He extended his hand and pressed on it, and Winterfell quaked.

“I didn’t expect that one day I’d be able to swallow the Winterfell Dungeon Core. What level is the Dungeon Core? Level 3? Level 4?” Bru asked excitedly.

“I estimate it to be Level 4. The gray Mana is starting to disperse.” Sherlock continued to transfer his Mana to the Winterfell Dungeon Core.

“Was the place that you destroyed just now the actual stronghold of the Ancient G.o.ds in Winterfell?” Bru asked.

“No, it should be Octopus Ball. His body was contaminated by the Ancient G.o.ds to such a degree, I suppose he had even betrayed his soul. After using the Winterfell Dungeon Core’s power, if he couldn’t broadcast the Murmurs of the Ancient G.o.ds, then he was really useless,” Sherlock said.

“Tsk, tsk, Lord Sherlock is indeed resourceful to be able to dispose of Lord Octopus Ball like trash. Lord Sherlock indeed has the makings of a hero,” Bru said thoughtfully.

Sherlock had the bright red Dungeon Core in his hand. Soon, Winterfell would descend into darkness when the Mana simulated sunlight vanished.

The gamers took some time to adjust to the darkness. Only a few magical vines were providing some illumination.

Sherlock had the Winterfell Dungeon Core firmly in his hand.

He extended his bats wings and took off towards the Airs.h.i.+p.

Sherlock flew in front of the Airs.h.i.+p while holding the ball-shaped Dungeon Core. Then, he landed on the bow of the Airs.h.i.+p and said, “We imprisoned the Ancient G.o.ds for tens of thousands of years…”

He walked towards the Rune Mana Formation. “And exiled the Ancient G.o.ds from the Underworld…”

Sherlock wrapped the Dungeon Core with an anti-Mana cloth and threw it into the Rune Mana Formation as he said, “They dared to invade our territory. They’re tired of living!”

The gamers cheered wildly.

“For Eggface!”

“For the cleansing of the World Savior!”

“Awesome! Sherlie!”

“Isn’t that the Dungeon Core? Are we going to have the Third Beta or the Open Beta?”


When Sherlock sent the Winterfell Dungeon Core to Eternal Kingdom via the Rune Mana Formation, some gamers received missions to bring the Dungeon Core to Bru’s location.

In the dark Winterfell, the Dungeon Lord Onionhead, who was wearing an Onion wig, opened his eyes slowly. He saw a Goblin with green words taking his wig. The Goblin didn’t expect Onionhead to wake up. He was taken aback and said, “Bro, you’re awake? You have no more equipment in your home!”

Onionhead saw many Goblins, Gnomes, and Houndhead Men in his home. Only Eternal Kingdom had Houndhead Men as servants.

When Onionhead was wondering if he had been robbed by Eternal Kingdom, Lord Sherlock appeared before him and explained solemnly, “Aiya, I saw Ancient G.o.ds believers broadcasting the Murmurs of the Ancient G.o.ds here. I gathered my servants to rescue Winterfell, but it was too late. Winterfell had already sustained many losses.”

Sherlock didn’t lie. He brought many witnesses like Yoda, Yoda’s wife and children, and other dispersed inhabitants on the outskirts of Winterfell. They witnessed Eternal Kingdom flying an Airs.h.i.+p to Winterfell and fighting with the Ancient G.o.ds believers at the Northern Gate. There were various booming and explosion sound effects. After that, the gray Mana dissipated.

The Underworld inhabitants who were affected by the Murmurs of the Ancient G.o.ds were saved.

Of course, Winterfell had to pay a price. For example, the Dungeon Lord Main Hall, equipment shops, and the Winterfell Dungeon Core were looted. It was a small price for being saved.

“Wait a moment, the Dungeon Core is gone?”

Onionhead grabbed his wig, and his mind went blank.

“Yes, the Ancient G.o.ds believers were using the Dungeon Core to summon the Ancient G.o.ds. I didn’t think you would want the Ancient G.o.ds to descend upon the Underworld, so I had my Airs.h.i.+p blow the Dungeon Core to bits. Don’t thank me, this is what a righteous Dungeon Lord should do.”

Onionhead knew that Sherlock was most likely speaking the truth. Ancient G.o.ds believers did appear in Winterfell, and the Murmurs of the Ancient G.o.ds engulfed the entire Dungeon. If they didn’t use the Dungeon Core, it wouldn’t be possible. Eternal Kingdom waged a difficult battle against the Ancient G.o.ds believers, and more than tens of thousands of troops perished on the battlefield.

Onionhead was overloaded with information and needed time to a.s.similate it. Sherlock wasn’t in a hurry. He patted Onionhead on the shoulders and said, “You have to take notice of internal administration. Later, I’ll cooperate with you to investigate. I’ll bring the Airs.h.i.+p back. Yes, I’ll calculate the death compensation and military expenses at a later date. Don’t worry, I’ll give Merchant Alliance a 1% discount because we’re collaborative partners!”

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