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Chapter 301: Grandson!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Peasant felt his heartbeat thumping faster. Though it was a game, he had normal physiological reactions.

Ten other gamers who were Tanks were in place.

Lord Sherlock had grabbed Samael’s skull and was smas.h.i.+ng it into the ground.

A ray of light shot out from where Sherlock was smas.h.i.+ng and sent Sherlie flying out.

“It’s now! This is our chance!”

The gamers thought that it was a new stage of the BOSS fight.

Peasant charged forward. In the pit smashed out by Sherlock’s fist, the b.l.o.o.d.y Samael stood up.

A few naked Gnomes with s.h.i.+elds walked over and shouted vulgarities.

“D*mn you! Grandson!”

“I’m your dad! You silly dude!”

“Hit me! Come and hit me!”

“Catch me, and I’ll give you some intelligence syrup!”


Samael’s clothing was completely destroyed. His damaged flesh and muscles were vibrating, and his wounds sealed up. His body looked lacerated.

Samael emitted black Mana as he opened his mouth and bellowed in a non-human voice.


With his bellow, his mouth was opened in an exaggerated manner. Even his cheeks were torn into shreds.

The charging gamers stopped in their tracks at this terrifying scene, but after a pause, they continued their charging.

Samael widened his stance and aimed his Pike at the gamers.

A figure flashed by and hit Samael’s body. Sherlock’s knee smashed into Samael’s chest, then he raised his sandbag fist and pummeled Samael’s face.

The gamers were now beside Samael.

The Tanks weren’t of much use as Sherlock had restrained Samael under him. The close combat DPS gamers charged in and inflicted as much damage as possible.

“Horizontal slas.h.!.+ Berserker strike! Horizontal slas.h.!.+ Berserker strike!”

The double Dagger BurningChestHair rolled to Samael’s side. He stabbed in a frenzy at Samael’s upper body as though he was drawing an intricate picture.

Compared to BurningChestHair’s ineffective attacks, Peasant’s attack was more powerful.

Peasant stabbed deeply into Samael’s ribs with his Pike. The shaft was immediately dissolved by the black liquid Samael was bleeding.

The weapons of the gamers were corroded once they touched Samael’s body. The better the quality of the weapon, the less the corrosion.

The gamers inflicted damage in a frenzy while Sherlock held down Samael. Then, Samael bellowed so furiously that the gamers scampered away.

Samael got up.

The BOSS was extremely powerful. Without Lord Sherlock, none of the close combat DPS dared to get near him.

“Close combat DPS, retreat! Ranged DPS, attack! Tanks, get ready! Ranged DPS, don’t injure Sherlie!” the commanding NotWearingPants shouted. The close combat DPS retreated rapidly, and a volley of arrows was fired.

Sylvanas and the archers shot arrows at Samael at a fast pace.

Samael was facing a pincer attack from Sherlock and the gamers.

The damage inflicted by the gamers was negligible, but the hara.s.sment was effective.

Samael’s muscles bulged out. He wanted to deflect Sherlock’s attacks, but he was unable to focus his attention on Sherlock.

While Sherlock and the gamers were damaging Samael, the muscles on his body became larger and larger. The serpent-faced servants who were fighting the gamers collapsed to the ground, their blood flowing towards Samael.

Some gamers attempted to stop the blood, but they failed unless they had jars with them. Some gamers even attempted to drink the blood, but it flowed out from their b.u.t.tocks and proceeded towards Samael.

The restrained Samael exploded with a ton of energy, forcing Sherlock to back up. Samael then sucked in all the blood flowing towards him.

The blood streams acc.u.mulated in Samael’s body.

The archers fired arrows at Samael, but the arrows didn’t have their previous damage.

Samael’s body became distorted after the acc.u.mulation of the blood and the expansion of his muscles. A second bald wing sprouted out from his shoulder with a loud tearing sound.

Samael’s aura became more dominant with the growth of the second wing.

“Gosh, Lord Sherlock, your superhuman punch isn’t effective against Samael,” Bru said worriedly.

“Shall we try the Magic Cannons? I’m curious as to why we didn’t use the Magic Cannons and why you prohibited the gamers from using them. If you’re worried about draining Mana, as long as the cannons are able to blow Samael into smithereens, it will be worth it.”

“Don’t worry, I’m still in control of the situation,” said Sherlock as he observed the expanding Samael. The two bald wings started to become black, and feathers started appearing. Sherlock pondered for a while and said, “More or less.”

After his transformation, Samael flapped his wings and shot into the sky. The huge black wings extended in the air. Then, he dove at the gamers. His goal was to annihilate them.

“Tanks, prepare for battle!” NotWearingPants shouted.

At the same time, Peasant came forward and braced himself courageously against the diving Samael as he shouted, “Grandson!”

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