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Chapter 451: Battle During Capture of the Wyvern

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Dragonborn stood among the trees and lifted his head to look at the sky. He wanted to look for the Wyvern via the gaps among the leaves of the tree crown. However, he couldn’t find any traces of the Wyvern except for the shrill shrieks of the creature. As he was hesitating whether he should dash out of the forest, he heard the gamers at the side shouting, “Look at the left side. The Wyvern’s on the left side!”

Before Dragonborn could make sense of the shouting, he saw the figure of the Wyvern above his head. Then he felt a gust of scalding hot air bathing him. He rolled to the side before a tower of flames descended on his previous spot from the sky.

Dragonborn’s reaction was fast. A few slow gamers, together with their equipment, were vaporized by the Wyvern’s flames.

“The Wyvern discovered us? No! I don’t want my equipment to be destroyed. I don’t want to lose my equipment!”

Some gamers cried in the woods. They experienced the fear of dying at this moment.

“Steady. Don’t be rash. Act according to our plan!” Dragonborn heard Hoodlum shouting.

The Wyvern didn’t stay above their heads for long. It went for the baiting team with the special wood. They were quite successful in luring the Wyvern.

“All members prepare. Pull up our net!” Hoodlum shouted to the gamers.

Dragonborn and his members pulled up the huge net that was prepared by Hoodlum as planned. The net was made from the Underworld’s Spider Silk. It was a mystery how he obtained that much Spider Silk.

To ensure the net was st.u.r.dy, Hoodlum used five layers of Spider Silk to create the net.

The huge net was pulled up from tree to tree. To prevent the net from being damaged by the Wyvern, they used wood from tens of trees to strengthen it. It was like a huge spider web spun around the trees.

Dragonborn wasn’t sure if such a net could capture the Wyvern. They could only try it out.

Hoodlum said, “It was a good idea to strike while the iron is hot. If we had waited for the Plot to capture the Wyvern, the benefits wouldn’t be as good as capturing it on our own.”

Everyone was highly efficient since they were disciplined Guild members.

“Look out! The baiting team is coming over!” a gamer at the boundary shouted. The Wyvern was lured by the baiting team, and it was flying towards its favorite wood.

Dragonborn saw some horse riding gamers outside of the woods das.h.i.+ng over. They had the special wood attached to their backs.

Their strategy wasn’t to put all of their eggs in one basket.

If the special wood was placed on the same carriage, the Wyvern could have destroyed the entire baiting team. Everyone in the baiting team carried the special wood as they scurried towards the target area. This was a more reliable plan.

Dragonborn was able to see the Wyvern clearly.

Compared to the Black Dragon Eggface and his dad, this Wyvern didn’t have the features of a Great Dragon. The Wyvern looked very different from a Black Dragon.

The Great Dragon had four claws and a pair of wings, but the Wyvern only had two claws and a pair of wings. The Wyvern also wasn’t as large as Eggface’s dad.

The Wyvern didn’t look like an intelligent creature.

Dragonborn wasn’t there to examine the differences between a Wyvern and a Great Dragon. He observed the flight path of the Wyvern and prepared for the final showdown.

“After capturing the Wyvern, we’ll use these to knock it unconscious,” a gamer said as he raised his allocated metal bat. It was a weapon brought by Hoodlum to capture the Wyvern.

“You must have played Ark before. It’s normal to capture dinosaurs and animals using a bat. You may want to learn. It has a high chance of capturing the Wyvern,” Hoodlum explained the rationale for using the bats.

It felt lame to use a bat to knock the Wyvern unconscious, but it was a good blunt weapon. In many games, bats were used to knock monsters and animals unconscious. “Dungeon” was also a game. Why could a bat not be used in it? A bat could even knock a person unconscious in reality.

Everyone thought that it was logical.

“Listen to me, I have a bold plan,” TakeASpearHit said as Dragonborn was preparing for battle nervously.

“Bro, don’t tell us your plan. I feel that your plans never succeeded. They are always realized by Dragonborn. You’re helping him be awesome,” SealHeadLingChong said to TakeASpearHit. From SealHeadLingChong’s expression, he was sympathetic to TakeASpearHit.

TakeASpearHit couldn’t take it. He shouted loudly, “This time, my plan will not be usurped by Dragonborn. n.o.body can steal my perfect plan. I’m confident in completing the plan!”

TakeASpearHit said loudly, “First, once the Wyvern is trapped, I’ll climb up his back and grab the scale on his head, then I’ll knock his head using my wooden bat. I can only tell you this much. I ain’t divulging more!”

TakeASpearHit spoke proudly.

His plan wasn’t popular with the rest of the gamers. SealHeadLingChong smiled and said, “Your plan is too common compared to your previous plans. Aren’t you going to demonstrate your plan with your actions? Perhaps Dragonborn can do that!”

SealHeadLingChong was teasing TakeASpearHit mercilessly. However, TakeASpearHit wasn’t bothered by it.

Dragonborn observed the Wyvern flying over and reminded the other gamers to focus their attention on the Wyvern.

A few horse riding gamers dashed towards them. The Wyvern was longing for the special wood, so it didn’t breathe fire at the horse riding gamers. The Wyvern locked onto its targets and dove down rapidly, grasping the gamers before dislodging the special wood from their backs. Then the Wyvern released the gamers, who fell to the ground.

This kind of death was considered good, as the gamers could preserve their equipment. The gamers who were incinerated grieved as pieces of their equipment were destroyed.

The Wyvern didn’t notice the net awaiting it in the forest as it chased the gamers with the special wood.

It flapped its wings and charged towards the trees. The Wyvern wasn’t afraid of the densely populated trees. The trees at the front were knocked down by the Wyvern, and the loud cras.h.i.+ng sounds reverberated in the woods.

Dragonborn’s palms were sweating. He grasped a metal bat anxiously while focusing on the Wyvern.

The Wyvern flew right into the Spider Silk net prepared by Hoodlum. The gamers on horseback were also trapped in the net. If the gamers changed direction, the Wyvern might follow suit. Hence, sacrificing the gamers was part of the plan.

The Wyvern was entangled by the Spider Silk net and came to a stop. The net was being pulled apart as if it was bubble gum being pulled to the sides.

The Wyvern struggled wildly, but it was unable to get free of the net. Hoodlum immediately shouted, “Quick, knock the Wyvern out while it’s trapped!”

The gamers charged out and hammered the Wyvern with their bats.

With the Wyvern’s height, normal Humans, Elves, and Fairies were unable to hit its head with a bat.

They could only hit its nose.

Even if the Wyvern was trapped by the Spider Silk net, it could still breathe fire at its foes.

The Wyvern opened its mouth, and flames shot out. The fire engulfed the nearby gamers.

The flames spread within the woods rapidly. Soon, thick smoke was billowing from the forest.

“Before we manage to knock the Wyvern unconscious, we will die from the smoke and fire!” SealHeadLingChong coughed and said.

The gamers were about to be incinerated by the Wyvern’s breath. They hadn’t considered this point.

Though the gamers didn’t feel pain from the smoke or fire, the smoke caused the gamers to cough, run out of breath, and become weak.

“Let me try this!” TakeASpearHit shouted. He climbed up a tree, then, using the height advantage, aimed at the Wyvern below.

He leaped while smas.h.i.+ng down at the head of the Wyvern with his metal bat.

He screamed loudly, “Ah—!”

It was an inspiring scene.

The gamers were uplifted by the descending TakeASpearHit. They hoped that TakeASpearHit would take out the Wyvern with his metal bat.

The Wyvern that was lowering its head to breathe fire at the gamers suddenly looked up and opened its mouth at the leaping TakeASpearHit.

He jumped right into the Wyvern’s mouth and became silent.

The Wyvern was choked after TakeASpearHit went into its mouth. It wanted to breathe fire but coughed violently. Even its nose started emitting black smoke. It seemed as though its flames were stuck in its nose and mouth. The Wyvern was in great pain.

It started to struggle more violently than previously. The Spider Silk net emitted straining sounds, but the Wyvern was unable to break free of the net.

Dragonborn feared that it was only a matter of time before the Wyvern broke free of the net.

“The Wyvern is choked. Everyone, attack!” a gamer shouted loudly. The gamers charged towards the Wyvern, wanting to knock it unconscious before it recovered.

Though the Wyvern wasn’t breathing fire, its powerful wings, its sharp claws, and the spikes on its body were dangerous weapons.

With its vicious struggling, the gamers were unable to get close.

“Climb up the tree just like TakeASpearHit, then jump down to its head or back!” Hoodlum ordered loudly.

The gamers climbed up the nearest trees before leaping off towards the Wyvern.

As the Wyvern was struggling to swallow TakeASpearHit, who was stuck in its throat, it didn’t bother with the gamers leaping off the trees.

Some unfortunate gamers fell to the ground, while others landed on the spikes on its back. The rest of the gamers landed safely on the Wyvern’s back and head.

Dragonborn was one of them.

The Wyvern felt many unwanted pests on its back and shook its body violently. Due to the restraint of the Spider Silk net, it was unable to flip its body. The Wyvern remained on its back while it kicked viciously. This allowed the gamers to hit its back and head with the metal bats.

The plan wasn’t smooth sailing. The strength of the gamers was limited, so the wooden and metal bats didn’t have much effect on its head.

Some impatient gamers took out their weapons and stabbed the Wyvern, but they were unable to penetrate the tough scale armor. The swords broke in half, but the Wyvern’s scales were intact. There were only scratches.

The Wyvern was feeling more pain from the gamers’ attacks and struggled more viciously. It wanted to shake the gamers off its body.

The Wyvern opened its mouth and tried to breathe fire a few times. It failed the first two times, but on the third try, hot flames shot out from its mouth as it struggled around and lit up the entire forest.

The fire in the woods became larger. Even Hoodlum, who was directing the gamers, was engulfed by the fire.

He was most likely killed by the fire.

To make matters worse, the Wyvern used its claws to rip the Spider Silk net.

After a long time, the Spider Silk net was unable to withstand the Wyvern’s damage, and it started to rip apart. The Wyvern’s claws broke free of the net’s restraint and started clawing the net surrounding its wings.

The Wyvern breathed fire to kill the gamers who got too close. The number of gamers started to dwindle rapidly because the Revival Point was too far away. Moreover, there were only about 800 members from the two Guilds.

Dragonborn didn’t care about such things. He grabbed the spike on the Wyvern’s head tightly to prevent himself from being flung off. Many gamers were flung off of its head and back and were killed by the Wyvern’s stomping or fire breath. The Wyvern was furious with the audacity of the Humans, Elves, and Fairies.

When Dragonborn felt he was unable to hold on any longer, the air around him started flowing. The Wyvern broke free from the Spider Silk net and flapped its wings.

The gamers didn’t inflict much damage, and its wings were intact. The Wyvern flapped its wings, and the strong wind almost extinguished the burning trees. After the wings of the Wyvern stopped flapping, the flames became more ferocious.

The Wyvern flapped its wings a few times, and its body lifted off towards the sky.

It shook its huge head and body while using its wings to balance its lateral tilt.

Most of the gamers who held onto its head and back were flung off after the Wyvern shook twice. Only a few gamers were hanging on for dear life.

When the Wyvern flapped its wings and flew vertically up into the sky, the rest of the gamers slipped off of the Wyvern. Even Dragonborn was being thrown off.

Dragonborn thought that he was going to fall to his death. It was then that he felt his shoulder armor hanging onto something. He looked back and saw that his armor was hooked by one of the Wyvern’s spikes. The spike penetrated his armor, fastening him to the Wyvern.

The Wyvern gained alt.i.tude, while the gamers and the burning forest below grew smaller in size.

Dragonborn was dazed. What should he do?

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